Valtra – A Series

The new Valtra A Series – A working hero

The new Valtra A4 Series is the first 4th generation Valtra tractor series that is manufactured both in Suolahti, Finland and Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, making it truly a global tractor.

The 4th generation A Series is a completely new tractor and strongly reflects Valtra’s brand values based on our global customer promise: Your Working Machine.


We produce the key components of our tractors in-house. We’ve designed and engineered the intelligent chassis, robust transmission and spacious cab ourselves. AGCO Power, the “Sisu”, has been the Valtra engine for more than 60 years. It is the engine that sets the industry standard for reliability.


The A Series has the power for pulling a plough and the agility for feeding your animals. It offers excellent visibility for precision work and versatility for power-hungry implements. The transmission operation could not be easier. Daily maintenance is simple: checking the fuel, oil and other liquids takes almost no time at all.


SCR-only AGCO Power engines give you the best overall liquid economy. You can select Premium care or one of our service contracts to match your monthly costs to your annual running hours. AGCO Finance helps you to find an optimal solution for your investment. And finally, your Valtra dealer is always there to ensure full performance and the best resale value for your tractor.

Famous for their reliability, durability and fuel economy, the 3.3 litre and 4.4 litre AGCO Power engines are environmentally friendly and quiet, while offering high torque across a broad speed range. The Valtra A Series is fun to drive and easy to handle due to its unbeatable engine characteristics.
To make sure the power of the new engines is effectivelytransferred to the ground, we equipped the A Series with an all-new highly efficient transmission. The new gearbox provides 12 forward and reverse speeds courtesy of 2 ranges. Six of the speeds fit the typical fieldwork speed range of 4 – 12 km/h. A super creeper option offers as low as 0.09 km/h speeds (engine 1400 r/min), making it a truemulti-application gearbox.
The A Series makes it easy to use the latest AGCO solutions to improve productivity and profitability. AGCO Fuse is an open strategy that can be applied to the products and applications of many manufacturers. This allows you to manage data from all the machinery and equipment on your farm as part of a single system. Fuse also makes the A Series compatible with future technologies.


Class-leading ergonomy and a low noise level of just 75dB make sure the A Series keeps you comfortable in all situations. The compact but spacious cab is designed to offer more space at the shoulder line where it is needed. Efficient heating and air conditioning ensure comfortable working conditions in any weather.


The new six-post cab is designed for excellent visibility all around, day in, day out. We call it the 365 day visibility concept.

  • The unique sweeping A-pillar design improves forward visibility.
  • The upwards-curving windscreen and large roof window (optional high-visibility roof) give an excellent view to front loader operations.
  • Due to the compact dimensions of the engine emission control system the A Series has a sloping bonnet with the 4th generation look and design for the best front-down visibility in the market.
  • Perfect work lights and market-leading upper, low and main beams.
  • The large rear window and short roof provide excellent rear visibility, especially with the 180° turning seat for special tasks like forestry.


The wedge-shaped cab helps maneuvring in tight farmyards and leads away water and snow or tree branches. To make multitasking easier, the A Series is available with the famous Valtra PowerShuttle, with genial, easy-to-use park position. The steering wheel is equipped with easy pedal tilt, and access to the driver’s seat could not be easier.


The new cab’s frame design is based on curved profiles and car-like deep-drawn parts. This translates into a stiffer structure that is free of vibration and extra noises. Premium build quality also ensures tight sealing of doors and windows, and provides a sturdy basis for high-quality trim fittings.


The forward-leaning roof gives the tractor a powerful, even aggressive look that clearly means business. Quality materials and design are apparent in every detail from the precisely engineered new frame construction to the modern dashboard with both analogue and digital displays.

Find your perfect fit

75-95 hp, S chassis

  • Engine power 75, 85 or 95 hp
  • New 3 cylinder Compact series engines from AGCO Power
  • Wheel base 2250
  • Valtra Power shuttle (or mechanical shuttle) transmission 12+12R
  • Very easy to operate

100 and 110 hp, M chassis

  • Engine power 100 or 110 hp
  • New 4 cylinder Compact series engines from AGCO Power
  • Wheel base 2430
  • Valtra Power shuttle (or mechanical shuttle) transmission 12+12R
  • Very easy to operate

120 and 130 hp, L chassis

  • Engine power 120 or 130 hp
  • New 4 cylinder Compact series engines from AGCO Power
  • Wheel base 2500
  • Valtra Power shuttle (or mechanical shuttle) transmission 12+12R
  • Very easy to operate


Valtra tractors come with factory-fitted front loaders and ergonomically designed controls. As the front loader is an integrated part of the tractor’s design, the front loader has no effect on the tractor’s turning radius. The innovative cab of the A Series is designed to offer excellent visibility during front loader work, and the optional high-visibility roof window enhances visibility even further.


The Valtra Unlimited studio at the Suolahti factory is widely known for its capability to make customer wishes come true. The studio can fit any accessories and equipment that are not available directly from the production line during the normal manufacturing process. Our Valtra Unlimited mechanics are qualified experts who are supported by the skills and expertise of the entire factory. This ensures the highest levels of quality and safety also for our customised products. All the accessories and equipment fitted by the Valtra Unlimited studio are covered by the factory warranty, and we also supply all the servicing and spare parts for them.

Technical specifications


Max. power
(ISO 14396)

Transmission options
hp kW Nm Cylinders Wheelbase Mech shuttle Power shuttle Creeper *
A74 75 56 312 3 2250 x x optional
A84 85 63 347 3 2250 x x optional
A94 95 71 355 3 2250 x x optional
A104 100 75 410 4 2430 x x optional
A114 110 82 417 4 2430 x x optional
A124 120 89 502 4 2500 x x optional
A134 130 97 540 4 2500 x x optional

* Optional creeper is only available with Power shuttle