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Fendt 1000 Vario – LifeCab

Comfort leads to success

The cab on the Fendt 1000 Vario is the place for all drivers, who want to achieve high performance with their tractor and still remain relaxed. Take a 360° look inside the Fendt life cab and experience the exceptional all-round visibility.

New visibility range

The Fendt 1000 Vario tows the largest and widest implements, which the operator always has in full view through the large windows. The new design of the cab offers up to ten percent more visible area than the previous Fendt high-horsepower tractor cabs. The roller shades integrated in the roof on the front, rear and right side window, offer sun protection and are pulled into place with one hand movement. Free visibility, even when it rains: in addition to the 300° wiper for the front, a 220° wiper including spray nozzle is also fitted on the right-hand side.

Field work with comfort factor

The Fendt 1000 Vario already makes climbing up into the cab easy: wide steps with side lighting lead upwards. All the hand grips are intuitively and correctly placed. The soft touch surface of the interior panelling creates a pleasant atmosphere and is resistant against dirt and dampens noise. The new comfort seats are real eye-catchers with their black leather cover for both the driver and passenger seats. The adaptive backrest of the dualmotion comfort driver seat swings along when looking over one’s shoulder.

Super comfort seat Evolution dynamic

The super comfort seat Evolution dynamic has air-suspension and active climate control as well as a backrest extension.

Dualmotion comfort seat Fendt Evolution

The new Dualmotion comfort seat Fendt Evolution with seat heater, climate control and Dualmotion swing-along backrest, is especially comfortable and ergonomic.

Comfort passenger seat

The comfort passenger seat is ergonomically formed and has additional cushioning. Folded down, it turns into a practical table with a clamp for papers. The new black leather version of the Dualmotion comfort seat with active suspension, the Fendt Evolution active, is especially classy and dirt-resistant – and always comes with a comfort passenger seat in leather.

For enhanced operating comfort, the cockpit swings parallel with the steering wheel.

The 220° side window wiper

The 220° side window wiper also guarantees an optimal view to the right side, even in adverse conditions.

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Integral cable lead-through

The integral cable lead-through permits tidy cable routing with closed rear window, protects against dirt, water and noise. No cable spaghetti: all cables are held in the cable guide in the C-pillar.

Automatic climate

The high-capacity automatic climate control with twin blowers and larger air nozzles keeps the Life Cab pleasantly cool, even at temperatures around 45° C.

Front mounted camera

Practical for front mounted implements: the new camera integrated in the bonnet captures the view to the lower links and transmits the image to the Varioterminal.

Pneumatic comfort cab suspension

4 bearings, pneumatic comfort cab suspension with integral level control reduces vibrations to a minimum.

Multifunction armrest with Power equipment

In the Profi equipment level, the complete controls for the tractor are integrated in the multifunction armrest, which is attached to the seat: Varioterminal 10.4-B; multi-function joystick with keys for the 3rd and 4th auxiliary control unit and VariotronicTI headland management, cruise control keys and engine speed; crossgate lever for the 1st and 2nd auxiliary control unit; EHR control module for front and rear linkage, PTO; the Varioterminal 10.4-B in smartphone look and real glass surface delivers a brilliant image with 800 x 600 pixels and 16 million colours. You can control all the tractor and implement functions with the touchscreen or keys. Furthermore, it has two camera inputs, a quarter and full-screen view and is backlit by LEDs in day and night mode.

Multifunction armrest in the Profi equipment level

The multifunction armrest with Power equipment and Varioterminal 7-B; Power joystick with VarionicTI headland management, cruise control keys and engine speed; EPC operating module for rear power lift, PTO; The Varioterminal 7-B in smartphone look with real glass surface offers an excellent overview of all functions, an intuitive menu navigation, touch and key control as well a ISOBUS implement control.

Reverse drive mode

When working in reverse drive mode, all control elements can be operated just as comfortably as in front drive mode. The entire driver station is simply turned around 180° – and everything else in the cab remains where it is. Despite the reversing driver station, passengers do not have to do without the comfort seat.

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The cab as a living space – good when everything has its place

In the Life Cab on the Fendt 1000 Vario, you will find the right place for all your important utensils: it has a shelf, storage net, drink holder or compartment, ergonomically and ideally placed wherever you need one. That may sound trivial, but those who sit in a tractor the whole day as sure to appreciate it.

Farmers also appreciate beautiful design

The Fendt 1000 Vario is already a stunner from the outside. That is why you are sure to like the interior. We put a lot of effort into the fittings in the Fendt Life Cab. Because beautiful and well crafted materials are not only pleasant, but also an important quality feature. Take note of the perfect seams on your leather seat and the pleasant soft-touch surface of the interior lining – these materials are all extremely durable, have high-quality workmanship and are easy to clean. Because the interior of the cab should also keep you happy for a long time.