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Fendt 1000 Vario -Technology

Meister for heavy draft work

The new high-horsepower tractor is powered by a strong engine, which delivers power dynamically at low engine speeds and has a big impact on large operations. The operating costs remain low.

380 to 500 hp

It is powered by the highly efficient MAN six-cylinder engine. With a 12.4-litre displacement, it already has a high torque in the low engine speed range: for the Fendt 1050 Vario, the maximum torque of 2400 Nm is already available at 1100 rpm – perfect for heavy draft work. This fast high-horsepower tractor reaches its top speed of 60 km/h at only 1450 rpm, 40 km/h at a fuel-saving 950 rpm.

Economical, low-emission, environmentally friendly

The high Scr technology reduces nitrogen oxides especially efficiently in combination with the external, cooled exhaust gas recirculation AGrex. The Fendt 1000 Vario complies with the latest emissions standard EU Stage 4 / Tier 4 final with Scr exhaust technology without diesel oxidation catalyst (dOc) or diesel particulate filter (dPF). The Fendt 1000 Vario is especially economical through its efficient use of fuel and the need-based control of AdBlue injection.

Turbo efficiency

The engine, which has been time-tested in the commercial vehicle sector, was tuned for the load spectrum required for heavy field operations with a high full load. charging is taken care of by the VTG turbocharger and already results in high torques at low engine speeds. The low engine noise level and exhaust brake through the VTG, which is gentle on the brakes and minimises wear, make work pleasant.

The engine of the fendt 1000 vario

The 12.4 l MAN engine with common rail reaches a high injection pressure of 1800 bar and is therefore very efficient.

Unique cooling system

Efficient cooling when hot, provided by the specially developed fan and the concentric Air System (CAS) cooling concept. A new high performance fan located in front of the cooler unit, sucks in cold, dense air, accelerates it over the concentrically formed hood and presses it through the radiator. The CAS has its own hydrostatic drive, so it can always deliver ideal cooling power to each component according to need, independent of the engine speed. The fan is tilted upwards, which prevents harvesting residue from being sucked up from the ground.

Thanks to the minimised fan speeds and precise manufacturing with small gap tolerances, the CAS achieves a high cooling capacity paired with an especially low noise level.

The coolant level and degree of air filter contamination are shown in the Varioterminal.

Everything flows

With its modular hydraulic system for all coupling sizes, the Fendt 1000 Vario can operate countless implements. It delivers the perfect oil pressure and oil flow for several consumers at a time.

Versatile coupling system

The Fendt 1000 Vario already has a high hydraulic capacity of 165 l/min and 140 l/min in the basic equipment level. The flexible coupling housing permits use with different coupling sizes: ½”, ¾” and ⁵⁄₈” FFc (Flat Face coupling). The third and fourth control unit, in combination with ¾” and ⁵⁄₈” FFc couplings, can be supplied with a flow volume of up to 170 l/min. All coupling connections are leichtgängig and can be coupled under pressure on both sides (dcUP).

Twice as strong

In addition to load-sensing pumps with a delivery rate of 165 l/min or 220 l/m, the Fendt 1000 Vario can come up with 430 l/min for especially high demands with the high-capacity hydraulics. There are two independent circuits: one pump delivers 220 l and a second pump 210 l. This way two control pumps supply several oil consumers at a time – and can be controlled with up to six da valves at the rear and one da valve in the front.

Coupling system with many advantages

On the one hand, the flexible system enables fast machine changes independent of coupling size. On the other, the fleet can be gradually converted to larger valves. In addition, it provides all the advantages of flat face couplings: a large diameter of ⁵⁄₈ inch for more flow, leakage-free coupling, higher efficiency through lower pressure losses, simple cleaning and a longer life through reduced contamination. All valves have a breakaway function without pressure loss.

The hydraulics of the fendt 1000 vario

Two valves can be prioritised for the dual-circuit high-capacity hydraulics.

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Flat face couplings

Depending on need, the exchangeable screw-in couplings are simply screwed into the block and can be exchanged quickly for different implements.

Oil flow according to need

Both control pumps supply the respective consumers with the ideal oil volume and the right oil pressure through their own oil circuit. A blower on a pneumatic seed drill, for example, requires a high flow but low pressure, whereas the rest of the consumers, such as the steering, linkage, chassis or markers, demand a high oil pressure with a low flow rate at the same time on the second circuit.

The Fendt 1000 Vario can be customised by upgrading or downgrading. The fully equipped rear has all the connections and functions, such as power beyond, ISOBUS socket, rear return, PTO and rear linkage.

The Fendt 1000 Vario provides connections for up to seven control units, six at the rear and one in the front.

The self-closing valve flaps protect against contamination and enable onehanded coupling.

The DCUP couplings permit all hydraulic valves to be coupled under pressure on both sides. The pressure relief lever permits easy coupling.

External valve actuation

The external valve actuation allows you to control the rear power lift, one valve and the PTO directly on the rear mudguard.

Power lift for front and rear

The Fendt 1000 Vario is available with or without a power lift at the front or rear. There is plenty of lift capacity available: up to 12,920 daN on the three-point rear power lift The lower links can be folded up into parking position, so there is additional space for the drawbar – and is another plus for excellent manoeuvrability.

Different track widths, countless operations

A tractor that is so versatile that it does more than one track width. In markets with row cultures, it is even available with a 60-inch (1.5-m) track width*. Good to know: even when using a narrower track, the reverse drive can still be used just as well as with the full track width.

* Depends on country variant

Axle variants

Flanged axle

Stub axle 2.50 m

Stub axle 3 m

Hitching made easy

From the telescoping drawbar to the comfort ballast pick-up, with the Fendt 1000 Vario, you can pick up weights and implements in different ways. A piton fix, in standard and heavy-duty versions, is just as possible as the ball-type coupling with forced steering. The Fendt 1000 Vario can also meet the standards outside of Europe, e.g. with rub blocks and quick-hitch frames.

Mounting block for hitch couplings

In the mounting block with a 390mm rail, a number of sliders can be used, such as a height-adjustable K80 ball-type hitch, a CUNA rail hitch or an automatic low hitch with ball-type pin.

Assistants for reliability

The special thing about Fendt assistance systems: you do not even notice them, because they make all operations easier and safer.

Engine-transmission assistants

The Tractor Management System (TMS) automatically adjusts for ideal engine and transmission coordination. The TMS controls the engine speed and transmission settings automatically, independent of the speed, so the tractor is always moving at an economic optimum, thus saving fuel. The engine load reduction is controlled by the automatic maximum output control 2.0, depending on implement operation.

Braking assistants

A highlight that you would not want to do without: in the automatic setting, the new Handbrake Assistant automatically activates the handbrake when you climb out of the cab or turn off the engine. And vice versa, the assistant automatically deactivates the handbrake when starting off. If you stop and take your foot off the brake pedal, the tractor remains standing safely, even on slopes. The deceleration Assistant, which automatically actuates the brake lights when decelerating more than 1 m/s2, even before actively braking, provides additional safety. This provides an early warning for traffic following the tractor.

Driver assistance

Driving safety matters, on the road and in the field. The unique Fendt Stability control (FSc) ensures additional stability and precise steering when driving on the road from 20 km/h and up. When coming out of a curve, the Fendt reaction steering system automatically switches over to straight-ahead driving. The VarioActive superimposed steering system facilitates steering: a single turn of the steering wheel is enough for a full steering angle.

Added value through assistance systems

Hand brake assistant in automatic position: The hand brake is automatically activated.

With VarioActive, you already go through the full steering angle with just one turn of the steering wheel.

Thanks to the TMS tractor management system and automatic maximum output control 2.0, the tractor adapts the engine speed optimally to the driving speed.