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Fendt 200 Vario – Cab

Plenty of space and functionality

The fully newly designed cab of the 200 Vario has a driver station that meets the highest demands. The cab offers an unprecedented amount of legroom, since there is no transmission tunnel. The centralised operating unit on the right-hand side, which integrates all the working and operating functions, and the height and tilt adjustable steering wheel, set new standards in terms of operating ergonomics in this segment.

Operate efficiently – drive comfortably

The flat cab floor in the 200 Vario permits easy climbing in and out and provides plenty of legroom since there is no transmission tunnel. All the functions are located on the right-hand side in the centralised control area, so there are no control elements in the foot well to get in the way. The height and tilt-adjustable steering wheel and the comfort seat with air suspension (optional) ensure you are in the right position to stay fit on long working days.

Perfect working environment – quiet cab

The powerful heating and ventilation system creates an optimum working climate. For even greater comfort, the 200 Vario can be fitted with optional air-conditioning. The optimum design of the cab keeps the noise level very low.

Instructor seat is standard

Passengers sit comfortably on the standard passenger seat, which offers plenty of space and enables a good sitting position.

Best visibility in all directions

The generous glass areas and the narrow steering column provide an optimum view to the implements at all times. The roof window provides ideal upward visibility for front loader work.

Flat cab floor

The flat cab floor on the 200 Vario offers perfected legroom and makes climbing in and out easy. Another factor that increases legroom is that there are no operating elements in the foot well to get in the way.

Roof window is standard

The 200 Vario has a standard-equipped roof window, which provides best upward visibility during front loader work. The roof window can be opened upwards for additional ventilation in the cab. A retractable sun shade protects against intense sunlight.

Greater ride comfort thanks to the optional cab suspension

The already very high ride comfort of the 200 Vario can be further enhanced with optional cab suspension. The optimum cab bearing reduces shock loads and provides a one-of-a-kind driving experience. The cab rests on conical rubber bearings at the front, so that it is isolated from vibrations emanating from the tractor body. The helical spring shock absorber system at the rear of the cab reduces shock loads to a minimum.

Vario operation – easy, faster, better

Variostick control: all in one – ingeniously simple

With the 200 Vario, strenuous shifting is a thing of the past, because the Variostick integrates everything into one control element: a main gear shift lever, range lever and crawler gear lever. The Variostick is ergonomically placed on the right-hand console. Using the Variostick, any desired speed from 20 metres per hour to 40 km/h can be set with a simple hand movement. Push the stick back, the Vario decelerates without steps to a standstill.

Easy to operate and everything in view

Drivers can make all the important settings, such as for engine speed, cruise control speed, TMS or 4WD and differential lock automatic mode, using the control panel on the right-hand console. The multi-display on the dashboard shows all the information, including fuel consumption, so that drivers have everything in view. For very precise work, the speed can also be displayed from 0 – 2 km/h.

Stop&Go function in connection with TMS

With the optional Stop & Go function, drivers can slow the 200 Vario down to a stop by pressing and holding the switch on the reverser. When the switch is released, the tractor drives in the direction that the switch was actuated.

Constant driving speeds thanks to cruise control

The standard cruise control makes driving at a constant speed child’s play. Two speeds can be stored in the instrument cluster, for example, one for in the field and one for on the road. The cruise control activation button is conveniently located under the Variostick. You can reach it with your thumb, without having to take your hand off the speed control lever. The engine speed memory is also located in this area and can be actuated without changing grips.

With the Variostick, you can accelerate the 200 Vario from standstill to the desired speed without steps. When the Variostick is moved in the opposite direction, the tractor decelerates. No gear steps from 0-40 km/h forward and 0-25 km/h reverse – and no crawler or group gears.