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Fendt 200 Vario – Technology

Economy and superior efficiency.

Powerful engine – economical fuel consumption

The water-cooled 3-cylinder AGCO Power engine is very compact so that the tractor dimensions could be kept small for the best manoeuvrability. The engine speed-controlled common rail high-pressure injection system and the fully electronic engine control guarantee high performance and a low noise level. This allows the 200 Vario to drive at an economical optimum, which makes it extremely fuel-efficient.

AGRex – economical and environmentally-friendly

The high-performance injection system and the AGRex external exhaust gas recirculation system complement each other. Combustion is optimised through cooling and exact proportioning of recirculated exhaust. In comparison to simple internal exhaust gas recirculation, this significantly lowers fuel consumption and minimises costs per hour.

The 3-cylinder AGCO Power engine with external EGR technology

The external EGR system provides targeted cooling of recirculated exhaust, which lowers fuel consumption considerably compared with internal exhaust gas recirculation systems. The latest technology in engine design has been implemented in the 3-cylinder AGCO Power engines, which allows the 200 Vario to attain high performance values while keeping fuel consumption low.

High efficiency cooling

The newly designed cooling system on the 200 Vario has large intake areas. This results in less dirt in the radiator and optimised cooling performance, even during extreme operating conditions. The air filter with cyclone precleaner guarantees a high filter life and less maintenance work. It permits high air flow despite the small installation space.

Economical and efficient

Pure efficiency thanks to Vario transmission

In the 200 Vario, the continuously variable Vario transmission proves its capabilities. Continuously variable speeds, a sophisticated suspension concept and excellent controls, mean higher working speeds and higher efficiency – all while keeping fuel consumption low.

Completely stepless

You can set the optimum speed independent of the engine speed for any kind of work – stepless from 20 metres per hour to 40 km/h. The ingenious design of the continuously variable Vario transmission enables excellent efficiency, even at high working speeds.

Fendt Vario transmission

The Fendt Vario transmission is a hydrostatic-mechanical power split drive. With increasing speed, the share of the mechanical power transmitted through the planetary set increases. The hydrostats can be swung 45 degrees and power-splitting via a planetary gear set ensures exceptional efficiency.

Drive economically with the TMS Tractor Management System

When TMS is activated, the tractor electronics control the engine speed and transmission ratio. Operators only need to set the desired speed, TMS controls the rest. In the graphic below, one can see that the tractor drives at a reduced engine speed on level ground. On the slope, the load increases, so TMS increases the engine speed and changes the transmission ratio. As soon as the demand for tractive power decreases (on level ground or downhill), the fuel injection quantity is reduced. In this way, high area coverage is effectively combined with fuel-efficient driving.

Vehicle body

Stability on all paths

Even at high speeds of up to 40 km/h, driving is safe and comfortable in the 200 Vario. The 200 Vario has very stable handling thanks to excellent shock absorbing on uneven ground made possible by the front axle suspension with anti-roll control and shock load stabilising. That means you can drive faster, so you get to your destination faster.

Maximum manoeuvrability and stability

The chassis of the 200 Vario meets the requirements of a compact tractor 100 percent. The wasp-waist design ensures exceptional manoeuvrability and a 52 degree steering angle. The low vehicle weight of the 200 Vario guarantees that soil compaction is minimised during operation. The high stability of the 200 Vario results from the chassis’s low centre of gravity. The optimum traction and constant power engagement of the Vario transmission allow you to work safely and without stress, even on slopes.

 Separate, clean hydraulic oil supplies

The separate hydraulic and transmission oil supplies prevent oils from mixing – especially important if hydraulic implements are changed frequently. The use of bio-hydraulic oils is unrestricted.

 Front axle suspension

The front axle, which is pushed by the torque tube, detects uneven surfaces and transmits these findings to hydraulic cylinders. The oil displaced in the cylinders presses against the nitrogen reservoirs, where the shock loads are dampened. The integral automatic self-levelling with position sensor guarantees constant suspension comfort independent of load. Anti-roll control guarantees a high degree of stability and operating safety, especially when working with mounted implements on slopes.

Exceptional ride and operating comfort

The intelligent combination of three systems guarantees maximum ride and operating comfort: the self-levelling front axle suspension with anti-roll control, the cab suspension and the active shock load stabilising. This reliably minimises shock loads and counteracts uneven ground on the road and in the field – by up to 20 percent. Self-levelling permits high payloads and ensures a constant, high degree of suspension comfort even with high loads.

Maximum manoeuvrability thanks to wasp-waist design

The secret of the exceptional manoeuvrability of the 200 Vario lies in the combination of the wasp-waist design of the tractor body and the 52 degree steering angle.

Pivoting mudguards

The 200 Vario can be fitted with pivoting front mudguards as an option. They maximise the wheel angle and permit a turning circle of only 3.98 metres.

Low vehicle height for flexibility in the farmyard

With a minimum vehicle height of 2,480 mm with 480/70R30 tyres, the compact 200 Vario is well-suited for driving into low storage buildings or stables.

The optional hydropneumatic front axle suspension

The front axle suspension has a total suspension travel of 90 mm along with a 20 degree swing angle. Self-levelling maintains suspension comfort, independent of payload. That guarantees safe braking and steering of the vehicle at all times.

EPC with shock load stabilising for exclusive ride comfort

The shock load stabilising system works like an electronic shock absorber when driving with rear-mounted implements on the road and in the field. This allows quiet, fast and safe driving without annoying vibrations.