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Fendt 200 V/F/P – Versatility

Leading technology through experience

For more than fifty years, Fendt has been continually developing the specialty tractors, so it can offer perfect technology to meet the requirements of this area. Fendt is the only manufacturer in this segment that offers the continuously variable Vario transmission – a milestone for safe and efficient work on steep slopes. Perfected manoeuvrability is achieved through a wasp-waist design. The front axle suspension with integral stability control, a hydraulic centre and the comfort cab are all exclusively available in the Fendt 200 Vario V/F/P.

Top for wine, fruit and hops

The 200 Vario is available in three versions. For wine-growing, Fendt offers the traditional narrow vineyard tractor model V as well as the medium wide model F for wider spacings. The wide P tractor is used for hops and fruit-growing.

An important advantage is the extensive, tailor-made line of optional equipment available for the 200 Vario, which permits customising to meet all individual requirements.

If height is decisive: the low roof

All three variants can be optionally equipped with a low roof. This decreases vehicle height by 15 cm. Just as in the normal version, these tractors have both a heating and ventilation system. With standard tyres, the low roof version of the Vario V has a vehicle height of 2.21 metres and the F and P-versions are 2.29 metres high.

200 Vario with safety frame

All V and P models are available as a base model with a safety frame (fold-down optional) or as an open top version. The bar increases the operator’s safety when driving through low entrances and passages.

Profi package

The Profi package is available for high hydraulic demands and professional work. This enhanced equipment level includes additional control valve functions and automatic functions for the rear linkage, which can all be controlled with the multi-function joystick.

The three versions V/F/P

200 Vario V – the classic vineyard tractor from 70 hp

  • Up to 24-inch tyres
  • Classic narrow spacings from 1.50 m to 2.20 m wide
  • Narrow dimensions starting at an outer width of 1.07 m
  • Alternative: V with wide front axle for optimum manoeuvrability
  • Area of application: wider spacings with widths from 1.80 m to 2.50 m

200 Vario F – the medium wide specialty tractor starting from 70 hp

  • With comfortable, wide cab and tyre sizes up to 28 inches
  • For wide spacings with distance between rows from 1.90 m to 3.00 m
  • For wine-growing with wide overhangs, fruit-growing, where trees have grown together, vegetable production and work in hothouses
  • Outer width starting at 1.32 m, depends on tyres

200 Vario P – the wide specialty tractor from 90 hp

  • Wide track and large cab
  • Fruit and wine-growing operations in wide spacings as well as hops-growing
  • Row widths from 2.20 m to 5 m
  • Outer width starting at 1.68 m

Open top version with safety frame

The fold-down safety frame enables work in areas where a very low vehicle height is required. It also has the flat cab floor for easy climbing in and out and an optimal leg position. Exceptional visibility means you always have the implement in perfect view.

Perfect mounting areas

The 200 Vario offers three mounting areas: the front, middle and rear mounting areas. It is therefore ideally suited for operations with economical implement combinations. That not only saves operating time and machine costs, but also increases the quality of work through fewer passes and less soil compaction.

Efficient hydraulics

Modern implements demand ever greater flexibility and performance from the tractor hydraulics. Fast lifting and high oil delivery rates are required for economical and precise operation. The 200 Vario meets all the demands on the hydraulic system. With the high-tech hydraulic system from Fendt, implements that have many hydraulic functions, for example a leaf cutter, can be controlled easily and comfortably.

Powerful hydraulics

The 200 Vario is equipped with a load sensing hydraulic system. Modern axial piston pumps deliver the exact quantity of hydraulic oil required – up to 76 litres per minute (with summation 106 l/min). A maximum of 25 litres of hydraulic oil is available to mounted or trailed implements. The oil supplies for the transmission and hydraulics are separate. Bio-oils can always be used for the hydraulics.

Auxiliary valve equipment for all cases

In the Profi package, the 200 Vario has four electric double-acting auxiliary valves as standard specification and can be optionally equipped with up to six valves. These are controlled using the crossgate lever, linear modules and the multi-function joystick – no additional control units are required and it is not necessary to reach for many different controls.

Enhanced control of the swinging power lift

Using a clearly laid-out keypad, you can control the lateral and tilt adjustment, including the additional swing and lock functions, with the touch of a button. You can monitor tilt with the tilt control indicator in the cab, which is conveniently located next to the electro-hydraulic hitch controls.

The crossgate lever controls the 1st and 2nd valves sensitively. The 3rd and 4th hydraulic circuits are controlled with the buttons on the crossgate lever.

Efficient thanks to mid-mount area

The rear-mounted implement can be guided precisely within the row on slopes with two hydraulic cylinders (optional).

The lower links can be locked or set to floating position, allowing rear-mounted implements to be guided precisely within the row.

Efficient thanks to mid-mount area

A large 45-cm wide clearance permits excellent visual monitoring of implements. Four double-acting valves on the right-hand and two valves on the left-hand side, together with return flow and cross connection, permit optimal control of high-level hydraulic combinations. You can operate time and cost-saving implement combinations in three mounting areas simultaneously.
Advantage: maximum efficiency and best ergonomics and outstanding profitability.