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Fendt 200 Vario – Versatility

Safe and stress-free work

The 200 Vario is a genuine all-rounder and very versatile tractor. The powerful hydraulics enable the fast lifting movements and high oil delivery capacities required by modern implements. Operating the PTO and 4WD and differential lock engagement in the control console is extremely easy and gives you optimum control of your implements. Thanks to its compact design, the 200 Vario has optimum manoeuvrability, which is ideal for work in the farmyard.

 Powerful hydraulics

The hydraulics on the 200 Vario have a high oil delivery capacity of max. 48 litres as standard. If a particularly high delivery capacity is required, operators can engage the optional tandem pump for a combined oil flow with a max. delivery capacity of 76 l/min.

High PTO power easy to operate

The PTO selector is an electrohydraulic control with 3-speed preselection. The standard PTO automatic mode automatically engages and disengages the PTO, depending on the height of the linkage. Automatic PTO start-up protects your PTO implements with a smooth start-up – you profit from lower servicing costs and longer service life of your implements.

Numerous interfaces at the front and rear

EPC rear linkage with reserves

The electrohydraulic rear linkage with a maximum lift capacity of 4,204 daN guarantees that even the heaviest rear-mounted implements for this power class can be lifted fully.

Integral front linkage with damping

The optional front linkage has a maximum lift capacity of 2490 daN. Its rugged construction makes it suitable for all kinds of operations. The integral nitrogen reservoirs guarantee driving safety and ride comfort even when carrying heavy loads.

The tailor-made design

Fendt offers the new Fendt CARGO 3X65 exclusively for the 200 Vario. Like the other Fendt front loaders, the new front loader is also “Made by Fendt”. An in-house development, the new Fendt front loader has been ideally adapted to the 200 Vario tractor range. Designed according to the tried and tested system, the compact front loader 3X65 unites all the advantages of the Fendt Cargo with compact dimensions and easy handling. Comfort, safety and service-friendliness also meet the high Fendt standards.

Fit together perfectly

The 200 Vario and the Fendt Cargo 3X65 build a perfect unit. The coordinated, in-house development of the tractor and the front loader guarantees the optimum combination of all components. From the very beginning, all the dimensions and forces of the Cargo were explicitly adapted to the compact Vario. The results are high operational safety and the best visibility along with balanced distribution of forces and loads.

Handling at its best

The operating concept was designed for optimum driving comfort. The standard crossgate lever provides precise control of the Cargo. If you require the optional third, or even a fourth, hydraulic circuit, you can activate and control them via push-buttons on the crossgate lever. Through a specially designed connection between the front loader and the tractor, all maintenance work can be performed on the 200 Vario tractors while the front loader is attached.

Tried and tested system: Cargo Lock

The front loader for the 200 Vario has also been equipped with the well-proven Cargo Lock system from the larger Vario ranges. The front loader can be conveniently mounted and removed in a short amount of time.