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Fendt 300 Vario – Cab

The Fendt VisioPlus cab

You favourite place with a wide view

The place where you spend so much of your time has to be just right. That starts when entering the cab and certainly doesn’t just stop when driving. We have thought your operating sequences through precisely. The best solution: the VisioPlus cab. Easy entry, optimal suspension properties, ergonomic arrangement of the operating controls. All while providing more visibility and space. That will make the new cab on the Fendt 300 Vario one of your favourite places.
“Driving is a lot of fun, because the tractor is easy to operate. You can find your way around immediately and the cab is so comfortable. The machine is simply fantastic!”
Robert Rager, dairy farmer and Fendt operator from Westendorf, Germany

Clear view to the outside

You can also enjoy our VisioPlus cab in the Fendt 300 Vario for unobstructed visibility. The panoramic windscreen in the new cab is a great help in keeping an overview. The front window, without cross bar, curves up into the roof. That triples the viewing angle: with 77 degrees, you have an unobstructed upward view – even to the completely raised front loader. A door is available for the right-hand side for even more flexible entering and exiting.

If you prefer a windscreen that opens, there is one available for the Fendt 300 Vario with a divided window pane. In the VisioPlus cab you have a total of 6.2 m2 of glazing for continuous all-round visibility without a B-pillar to get in the way. The wide-angle mirror integrated in the main mirror enlarges the field of view, especially to the traffic towards the rear. In the Profi version, electrical adjustment and heating is available as an option for the mirrors. Your field of view can also be expanded with wide-angle mirrors. Segment wipers with intermittent operation or parallel wipers for an even larger wiper field.

More light for night owls

The Fendt 300 Vario brings a lot of light into the dark with its new lighting concept. The crossed front halogen work lights perfectly illuminate all objects on both sides – irrespective of the implements. The Power version can be upgraded with work lights. Two rear work lights are integrated in the roof as standard in the Profi version, upon request they are also available as LED lights.

LED lights are marked by especially low power consumption, stronger illuminating power and a long lifetime. Safety on the road: The newly designed bi-halogen headlights generate the best light for the main and dipped beams. All keys on the armrest also have interior lighting with night dimming – that makes working in the dark safer.

Work lights

The entire lighting concept, with up to six work lights for the rear alone, offers exceptionally good illumination for safe and comfortable work, even in the dark. For those who need extra bright lights and would also like to save power, can choose the Fendt 300 Vario Profi with LED work lights.

Interior lighting

The light sensor-controlled, automatically-dimming interior lighting adapts the indicators and operating elements to the current light conditions.

Front lights

The crossed front lights shine overlapping light cones on all objects in the front area and also optimally illuminate the implements. This prevents any glare, e.g. caused by reflections on the exhaust pipe.

The most comfortable second home

More space to enjoy life

The new Fendt VisioPlus cab offers plenty of space for your comfort. This already starts when you climb up into the cab on the wide step treads. With more than six square metres of glazing, the cab is not only visually larger – you also have a greater sense of space thanks to the 2520-litre air space and the well thought-out ergonomic arrangement of all the components. All operating elements are easy to reach. Numerous storage spaces provide practical stowing options.

Superior comfort

A perfectly coordinated cab suspension is the basis for safe and comfortable driving and working. The mechanical cab suspension minimises vibrations effectively. The optionally available pneumatic cab suspension in the Profi version absorbs vibrations and also provides pneumatic levelling at the rear. The air-suspended comfort seat adjusts to your weight and absorbs all shock loads. The super comfort variant with seat heater

also has pneumatic lumbar support. The cushioned passenger seat with backrest is inviting. The height and tilt-adjustable steering column can be quickly adjusted with the foot pedal to provide the perfect sitting position. Profi joystick, linkage control and membrane keypad are completely integrated in the Variocentre and operated with the right hand. The standard equipment for the Fendt 300 Vario Power includes a manually adjustable air-conditioning system. The Profi version has automatic climate control for optimal temperature regulation. Now the only thing left to do is: climb in, feel good, get going.

Integral cable lead-through

Cables can be led into the cab from the outside, neatly and through the closed rear window. The cable lead-through protects the inside of the cab against dirt, water and noise.

Roof hatch

The hatch integrated in the roof liner offers additional ventilation on hot days. The roof houses the radio and a bay for a tachograph. A bracket on the right-hand side provides a place for additional implement terminals.

 Automatic climate control & lighting

All lights can be easily assigned to illuminated keys on the control console and actuated with a click. The integrated air conditioning ensures optimal cooling and comfort – manually controlled in the Power variant, upon request fully automatic control in the Fendt 300 Vario Profi.

Entry steps

Wide step treads permit safe and easy entering and exiting.

Steering wheel position

For an optimal sitting position, the steering wheel must be at the right height and tilt angle. The cockpit, including the steering wheel, is individually adjustable.

Cooling compartment

You surely would not want to do without the comfort of a cooling compartment for drinks. On hot days, refreshments are always well within reach behind the passenger seat.

Variotronic for more efficiency

Comfort and profitability are perfectly combined in the Fendt Variotronic. Automated functions and custom settings make work easier for operators and increase the efficiency of operations by enabling precise work over a long period of time.

A holistic approach. Well thought-out to the last detail.

The holistic approach, in combination with its consistent implementation across all key machines, is what defines the Fendt operating concept as a whole. Well thought-out to the last detail, but always with an eye on the whole – with the Fendt Variotronic, you experience intuitive operation and functionality across all ranges.

Operation made easy

Operating the Fendt 300 Vario Power is straightforward and easy using the fully integrated Variocentre. The Power joystick, the power lift module and the illuminated keypad are combined in a clearly laid out control console. The arrangement and colour coding of all the operating elements corresponds to the current Fendt tractors and guarantees across-range, easy and fast operation.

Hydraulic valve actuation

The mechanical spool valves are in comfortable reach, directly next to the driver seat. The crossgate lever controls the yellow and blue valves, for example, for ideally coordinated front loader operations. The flow volume for the red and yellow valves can be optimally adjusted using the rotary control.


Diverse sockets for the direct supply of power and the transmission of speed signals are attached in the roof liner where they are conveniently located and well protected. They serve to operate additional terminals, for example.

Settings rear power lift (EPC)

Rotary controls for setting the maximum lift height for the rear linkage, the lowering throttle and the position-draft mixed control.

Speed control lever

With the two-gate Power joystick, you can control all the driving functions of the Fendt 300 Vario, including the reverser and cruise control activation through a movement to the right. You can also directly operate the automatic linkage control (Go, End), acceleration ramps, engine speed memory and two cruise control speeds.

Intelligently efficient: Fendt 300 Vario Profi

Fendt Variotronic control

For the first time, the intelligent Variotronic electronic solutions have found their way into the Fendt 300 Vario class. With the first generation of the Varioterminal, Fendt already set new standards for agricultural equipment back in 1998. Now the demands on the terminal functions have become significantly higher. At the same time, it must remain easy to use. Fendt’s answer is Variotronic.

Seamless operation

The Varioterminal 7-A brings all the tractor and implement controls together onto one screen. The 17.8 cm display provides an optimal overview over all running functions, which you can adjust with a click of a button on the display: the hydraulic functions, e.g. linkage and valves; the transmission functions, e.g. cruise control speeds; the engine speed and engine speed memory. The flat menu structure and the straightforward displays offers fast and intuitive orientation. The terminal has a total of 25 memory spaces for individual implement settings. The optionally integrable interface allows all ISOBUS capable implements to be operated with the Varioterminal, so additional implement terminals are not needed.

Headland turns made easy: Fendt VariotronicTI

Electronic assistance is a real benefit, especially for headland management. With our VariotronicTI you save up to 1,920 hand movements in 160 turns. You can program up to 20 settings into the terminal for each turning manoeuvre, both when stationary and when driving. Later all it takes is a touch of a button to activate the automated procedures at the headland – you can therefore drive without have to reposition your hand.