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Fendt 300 Vario – Versatility

Mounting areas at the front and rear

Designed for hard work.

Just what you need for a successful work day: The Fendt 300 Vario meets all your requirements for robustness and flexibility. Higher traction and even higher ride comfort thanks to the new front axle suspension with longitudinal arm, steering angle dependent 4WD automatic and the 100% differential locks in both axles – the more in function that makes your work easier, from field to transport operations.

Safe driving, even with high payloads.

The new Fendt 300 Vario is based on a robust cast half-frame, which is designed for a permissible overall weight of 8,500 kg and a high payload of over 3,500 kg. The space-saving half-frame design creates the space required for the new suspension with longitudinal arm, which provides especially high ride comfort. The waisted design of the half-frame creates more space for an optimal steering angle, which means greater manoeuvrability.

The load relief front linkage control is a special advantage for operations with a front mower in grassland, with front mulching implements, as well as with a snow plough, since the implements adapt to uneven ground very quickly.

“I’ve been driving Fendt since I was a kid and already rode along with my father and grandfather. The steering assist and easy manoeuvring makes driving with the Fendt 300 Vario especially comfortable.”

Romain van Goethem, dairy farmer and Fendt driver from Jumel, France

Fendt Reaction steering system ensures optimal straight-ahead driving at fast speeds on the road.

Loading under control.

Extend your tractor

The Fendt 300 Vario is the perfect tractor for loader work. Its compact design and the large steering angle permit agile driving. Loading work can be monitored completely through the panoramic windscreen of the VisioPlus cab – even when the front loader is fully raised. High hydraulic capacities ensure fast lifting movements and precise loader response, even at low engine speeds.

Operation made easy

You can operate the front loader easily with the crossgate lever. Your left hand remains free for steering and reversing. You control the speed with your foot. The Cargo front loader is available in four versions for the Fendt 300 Vario: Cargo 3X70, 4X75, 4X75 compact and CargoProfi 4X75. In the compact version of the 4X75, the arm is attached 100 mm closer to the cab. This makes the tractor even more stable during front loader work.

Precise loading with CargoProfi

Thanks to the precise measuring and tilt sensor system on the CargoProfi 4X75, you know exactly how much you are loading. Weigh your load with the touch of a button and utilise the full loading capacity. This also saves the trip to the weighing station. You can set the exact working height and tipping angle precisely with the CargoProfi. Your bucket is emptied completely thanks to the integrated shake function, which loosens any adherent material. The Memo function saves positions and makes frequently repeating jobs easier.

Fast and easy loading? Lies at hand.

The controls for the front loader are optimally integrated in the overall operating interface on the right armrest and in the Varioterminal: you control the front loader with your right hand on the crossgate lever, your left hand is free for steering and reversing. You control the speed with your foot. With the reverser, you can change driving direction quickly and easily, without wear. The high hydraulic capacity of the Fendt 300 Vario ensures swift loading and unloading: The load-sensing pump delivers up to 110 l/min.

Display for crossgate lever and weighing system: individual and total weight and limiting of the working range for the arm and attachment.

On the Fendt CargoProfi, for example, the tipping angle can be limited when loading very high trailers. The Memo function is especially practical for repeating sequences, for example, the horizontal lower positio can be targeted automatically. The weighing function permits monitoring of the weight of the load.

Ideal damping system

The Fendt Cargo front loader has an ideal damping system. Gas pressure reservoirs absorb vibrations and shock loads so they are not transmitted to the tractor body. The damping, in combination with the front axle and cab suspension, is so comfortable, you will surely remain seated a bit longer in the Fendt 300 Vario, even if you are already finished.

Mounting areas at the front and rear

“What I especially like about the Fendt 300 Vario is that it is as comfortable as my sofa. And, of course, that it has so many practical features, such as the external controls for the linkage or the actuation of the control valves.”
Licia Cocozzella, contractor and Fendt driver from Campolongo, Italy

Interfaces at the rear

Signal socket, hydraulic top link, lower links with hooks, spool valves, unpressurised return, compressed air brake, pressure and control line power beyond, hydraulic trailer brake, 7-pin socket, lower link catch hooks, hitch, rear PTO 540, 540 E and 1000 rpm, bottom hitch, rigid drawbar and much more.

Both the DCUP and CUP couplings permit the hydraulic valves to be coupled under pressure and mounting and removing implements is easy. The self-closing valve flaps offer secure protection against contamination through dirt or water.