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Fendt 500 Vario – Cab

Visibility without limitations

The Fendt VisioPlus cab with its unique glazed areas sets the benchmark for overview and visibility. The interior has impressive high-quality workmanship. As is typical for Fendt, the controls are logically placed and well thought-out and the Vario is easy to control. A first-class workplace.

360° view

The ideal operator environment

Work is a pleasure in the new Fendt VisioPlus cab, because it is a miracle in visibility and spaciousness. The windscreen curves up into the roof and provides a full view of the raised front loader. More room and nearly six square metres of glazing make the cab feel very spacious. The ergonomic, intelligent operating interface and the high-quality workmanship, provide you with the convenience and comfort that substantially increase your performance.

Open or closed?

The new front windscreen on the VisioPlus cab is a true plus in visibility. The curved top of the window has tripled the upward view angle. The downward sightlines through the front windscreen and the waisted bonnet have been optimised for an ideal view to the front linkage. The front window of the new Fendt 500 Vario is offered in two variants: the first variant is the familiar opening window and doors on the right and left-hand sides. If you prefer an absolutely unobstructed view, we recommend the second standard version with a continuous front windscreen and a door on the left side.

The perfect workplace

All-round visibility: front, sides and rear

The high season can come: The Fendt 700 Vario has pneumatic cab suspension for perfect ride comfort. The four-point pneumatic cab suspension compensates perfectly for uneven terrain. You sit very comfortably and relaxed on the Evolution dynamic super comfort seat, which provides ideal support to the lumbar region. Suspended with compressed air from the vehicle compressor, the seat adapts itself to your weight. The comfort instructor seat features an integral writing table. The height and tilt-adjustable steering column can be quickly adjusted with the foot pedal to provide the perfect sitting position. A radio with CD and MP3 function and four stereo loudspeakers deliver the best sound quality in the cab. The bearings in VisioPlus cab have been optimised to absorb unpleasant noises from outside. Automatic climate control provides ideal ventilation and ensures the temperature is perfect in the cab. The aerosol filter ensures the best breathing air, even during dusty operations.

Overview and comfort

The Fendt VisioPlus cab offers plenty of space for your comfort. This already starts when you climb up into the cab on the wide step treads. With more than six square metres of glazing, the cab is not only a visibility wonder – you also have a greater sense of space thanks to the 2520-litre air space and the well thought-out ergonomic arrangement of all the components. Numerous storage spaces provide practical stowing options.


All lights can be easily assigned to illuminated keys on the control console and actuated with a click. The integrated air conditioning ensures optimal cooling and comfort – manually controlled in the Power variant, fully automatic control in the Fendt 700 Vario Profi and ProfiPlus.

Better overview with wide-angle mirror

The optional wide-angle mirror expands the field of vision, which greatly enhances safety. You have a better overview of things that are happening on the sides of the tractor. The hazard zone, which is usually located in the blind spot, is easier to see into and unforeseen situations can be avoided.

Pivoting multi-function display

The dashboard, i.e. the multi-function armrest, pivots along with the steering wheel, when it is adjusted. It is therefore always in the best ergonomic position for the driver and always in full view.

Ergonomics as never before

When developing the 500 Vario, special emphasis was placed on the ergonomic design of the operator environment. All operating functions have been optimally placed on the right armrest, which moves along with the driver seat, and in the new Varioterminal. The steering wheel is height and tilt adjustable. The instrument cluster swings along with it and is therefore always in an ideal position. Air-conditioning is standard and automatic climate control is available as an option.

Tidy and straightforward

The air-conditioning, radio, tachograph and VarioGuide guidance are neatly installed in the roof liner. The devices are perfectly positioned so they do not impair visibility. Devices can also be easily retrofitted.

Integral cable lead-through

Fendt offers a clever solution for cables that run from the rear of the tractor into the cab. Cables can be guided through the lead-through, no matter what kind of cross section they have. The rear window can be closed, so dust, dirt, water and noise stay outside.

Plenty of storage options

In a Fendt cab you will find many different stowage spaces and compartments, so that everything has its place. For example, three stretch nets, which can be reached from the ground, stowage compartments around the driver seat as well as a bottle holder.

Stretch nets can be reached from the ground

The stretch nets under the passenger seat in the front of the cab are positioned so that they can be reached from the ground – operators do not need to climb up into the cab to get things out of them.

Cooling compartment

There is space for a meal and a cool drink in the air-conditioned cooling compartment for long work days.

Passenger seat

Passengers find a safe and comfortable passenger seat in the VisioPlus cab.

Ride comfort thanks to cab suspension

The pneumatic cab suspension reduces vibrations to a minimum and provides high ride comfort. It is supported on four points with integrated self-levelling: the cab rests on two conic bearings at the front and on two air spring elements at the rear.

Fendt sitting comfort

Fendt Varioterminal

A step ahead through innovation

The Fendt Variotronic, with its many benefits, has already caused a stir in the Fendt high-horsepower tractors. Now the modern operating concept has also been integrated in the 500 Vario. The large 10.4“ Varioterminal and the 7“ Varioterminal are distinguished by their user-friendly menus and practical touch technology.

Flat menu hierarchy and everything in view

Thanks to the flat menu hierarchy and the clutter-free display, operators can learn to use the Varioterminal quickly and always have everything in view. The high-resolution scratch-resistant screen and all function indicators automatically adapt to ambient light conditions. Optimal day and night viewing modes significantly reduce strain on the driver’s eyes. The components of the Varioterminal are manufactured according to the motto “Made in Germany”, so that you can be sure you are getting high quality, reliable electronics with the best workmanship.


Finally, all functions in one terminal

The Fendt Variotronic is unique in that all functions are united together in one terminal: tractor and implement controls, camera functions as well as the documentation and automatic steering system are completely integrated in the 10.4” Varioterminal and can be operated using the same operating logic. That saves you the cost for additional terminals. For standard farming requirements, Fendt offers the 7” Varioterminal.

The Fendt Variotronic controls

The operating elements on the right-hand armrest – comprising the Varioterminal, multi-function joystick, crossgate lever and membrane keypad – have a well-balanced overall design and form an ergonomic command centre where everything is under control.

Terminal Simulation

Using the Terminal Simulator, you can test all the functions and see for yourself how easy it is to navigate the menus in the new Fendt Variotronic.

The ideal controls

Varioterminal 7“

With a 7-inch screen diagonal, the 7″ Varioterminal is a handy and functional companion for tractor operations and Variotronic implement control.

Varioterminal 10,4”

The 10.4” Varioterminal fulfils all operator wishes. Now, in addition to the tractor operations and Variotronic implement control, the external cameras, the new Fendt VarioGuide automatic steering system and the VarioDoc documentation system can be controlled with just one terminal.

Control via keys or touch

You can easily change menu settings in the Varioterminal by either touching the screen or pushing the navigation buttons. You can navigate through the menus using either the keys or the touchscreen. The tractor controls on both terminals are identical.

Customised setting of terminal view

Fendt VariotronicTI

During turning manoeuvres at the headland, operators usually have to change between different controls, sometimes up to 12 times. In the 500 Vario it is not necessary to change controls, because the right armrest is the central operating control. Operators can rest their arm on it and control the tractor and implement using the multi-function joystick and Varioterminal. The linkage control module next to the crossgate lever controls the quick lift switch, depth control and front and rear PTO engagement. Thanks to headland management, standard on the 500 Vario, operating errors during turning manoeuvres are a thing of the past. With just a touch of a button, operators can activate automated operating sequences at the headlands. To optimise the sequence of the steps, they can also be edited and adjusted individually when the tractor is at a standstill. On a 10-hour day with some 160 turning manoeuvres, that can save operators up to 1,920 hand movements.

1,920 hand movements less per day

With VariotronicTI headland management, operators can create and save operating sequences while driving or standing still. More than 20 steps can be programmed according to the sequence listed below. The sequence is displayed along with the triggers, such as time or distance. Individual steps can be edited at a later time.

ISOBUS implement control

Automated steering, documentation and telemetry

Modern job management with VarioDoc

Documentation is the most important basis for farm management for agricultural businesses. With the new VarioDoc, relevant data can be recorded with a minimum of effort, documented in the field record and analysed in the shortest amount of time. Using the Varioterminal, all important information can already be entered in the field so that follow-up work in the office is reduced to a minimum. And it works the other way around, too – jobs can be created using the PC and transferred to the terminal.

VarioDoc enables wireless data transfer from the Varioterminal to the field database. There is no need to read out data, such as field name and current crop, inputs used and quantity, operator, etc., onto a storage medium. VarioDoc Pro continually records position and machine data and data transfer is possible via mobile network.

VarioGuide automatic steering

Fendt offers the VarioGuide automatic steering system in the power segment from 125 to 165 hp for the first time. VarioGuide is optimally integrated in the Variotronic and can be operated with the Varioterminal. VarioGuide can reduce overlapping by an average of six percent and save fuel and inputs, such as seeds and fertiliser, by six percent. Operators can easily monitor the tractor and implement with VarioGuide, even at night and in poor visibility conditions.