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Fendt 500 Vario – Versatility

Everything is ideal

The high performance capabilities of the Fendt 500 Vario, combined with the compact and manoeuvrable vehicle design, make it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether for professional farming in the field or the farmyard, or for specialised contracting, municipal and forestry work – you are always well equipped with the 500 Vario.

Intelligent technology at the front and rear

Powerful hydraulic system

The hydraulic system features modern load-sensing technology. Delivery capacities of 75, 110 or 150 litres per minute are possible as an option. The separate transmission and hydraulic oil supplies prevent oil mixing and contamination in the transmission. Furthermore, bio-hydraulics oils can be used.

Powerful lift at the rear

The electrohydraulic rear linkage has a maximum lift capacity of 7,780 daN. The newest load compensating rear linkage means a great gain in comfort, because it automatically maintains the set lowering speed, for heavy as well as lightweight implements.

Intelligent control at the front

The maximum lift capacity at the front is 3,400 daN. The comfort front linkage has optional load relief control, which can be adjusted using the Varioterminal. It uses the double-acting front linkage valve to lower the implement and transfers the weight of the implement to the front axle. This is a particular advantage when operating a snow plough or a front mower in grassland operations, since implement guidance can be quickly adjusted to uneven surfaces. Relief springs for the mower are no longer required.

The right speed

The PTOs can be easily controlled via the multi-function armrest. External controls are also available at the rear. The PTO speeds (540/540E/1,000) at the rear enable work at a lower engine speed, which means lower fuel consumption. The front PTO (540 or 1,000 rpm) permits operation with a broad range of implements at the front of the tractor.

More than 22 connections at the front and rear

The Fendt 500 Vario offers more interfaces than any other tractor in its performance class: five electrohydraulic double-acting valves at the rear plus two in the front, power beyond, ISOBUS connection and much more. Overall, the 500 Vario has more than 22 connections, which are practicably located at the front and rear. That guarantees versatile operations and trouble-free connection of implements.

Versatility and performance

On the 500 Vario, the hydraulic connections in the front have their own control values and no longer communicate with the rear valves. You therefore have a full five valves at the rear plus two full valves in the front.

The PTO has outstanding efficiency, since power to the PTO stub flows through a direct drive line from the Vario transmission. At the same time, the rated speeds 540 and 1,000 rpm are already attained at an engine speed below 2,000 rpm, which has a positive effect on lowering fuel consumption.

Front loader Fendt Cargo

The 500 Vario is the perfect tractor for loader work. The compact design of the four-cylinder engine means agile handling and the overview is ideal thanks to the narrow bonnet. The VisioPlus cab ensures absolutely unique and unprecedented visibility to the raised front loader. High hydraulic capacities at a low engine speed ensure fast lifting movements and precise loader response.


Furthermore, the controls are optimally integrated in the overall operating interface on the right armrest and in the Varioterminal: you control the front loader with your right hand on the crossgate lever, your left hand is free for steering and reversing and you can control the travel speed with your foot. The CargoProfi represents the absolute pinnacle in front loader operation.

Smart functions of the CargoProfi

The new Fendt CargoProfi* is the consistent further development of the tractor and front loader unit. New measuring and tilt sensor systems as well as a job computer permit completely new functions. These are a weighing function for individual and total weight, for example, for monitoring when loading grain, as well as the memo function for saving the positions of the arm and attachments. The shake function proves to be very practical. The settings are easy to adjust and view in the Varioterminal.
*available for the 4X/80 front loader models

Torsion-resistant arm for rugged jobs

Settings CargoProfi

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