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Fendt 500 Vario – Highlights

Fendt Efficient Technology

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Formed by Ideals

The 500 Vario brings together the best ideals in a completely new tractor series. The dimensions of the legendary 500 Favorit, paired with an award-winning design, are visible signs of the technical progress. The combination of up to 165 hp maximum output with fuel-saving SCR technology brings high efficiency to a new performance class. The ideal features of the Fendt high-horsepower tractors – the unique VisioPlus cab and the Variotronic – are now also found in the new 500 Vario. That is ideal, through and through.

512 Vario 125 hp 92 kW
513 Vario 135 hp 99 kW
514 Vario 145 hp 107 kW
516 Vario 165 hp 121 kW

* Maximum output to ECE R 24

Fendt Efficient Technology – uncompromisingly ideal

The best of the best Fendt machines are given the Fendt Efficient Technology label. They allow professional farmers to achieve MORE from LESS – more output using less resources such as fuel, inputs or time. The 500 Vario achieves this with equipment options such as the VarioGuide guidance system or the VarioDoc documentation system. The outstanding fuel economy of a Fendt goes without saying.

Fendt Spotlights

Fendt Spotlights. Notable. Better.

A Fendt is notable, because it has been designed by Fendt engineers, who have taken every last detail into consideration. This results in solutions that are not obvious at the first glance, but are decisive in operation, so that you can do more. Using the 500 Vario as an example, we will show you how the notable Fendt Spotlights make daily work with the Fendt better.

Start the comparison and take note of the fine details that make the difference. Invest in the best overall solution.

Look for the Fendt Spotlight icon for notable Fendt solutions.

A Fendt is notable, because it has been designed by Fendt engineers, who have taken every last detail into consideration. This results in solutions that are not obvious at the first glance, but are decisive in operation, so that you can do more. Using the 500 Vario as an example, we will show you how the notable Fendt Spotlights make daily work with the Fendt better.

Start the comparison and take note of the fine details that make the difference. Invest in the best overall solution.

Look for the Fendt Spotlight icon for notable Fendt solutions.

The Fendt VisioPlus cab: Ergonomics with a broad view

All-round visibility: to the front, side …

The upward viewing angle has been tripled thanks to the curved front windscreen. The downward sight lines have also been optimized and it is easy to see into the wheel arches.

All-round visibility: to the front, side …

The models in the 500 Vario series offer outstanding all-round visibility. The front window and right window panes are available in a one-piece version as standard for an optimum view to mounted implements. A version with an opening front windscreen and right door is also available.

… and rear

The cockpit is positioned in the cab in such a way as to optimize visibility to the front and rear. The components at the front and rear are also fitted in such a way that they do not impair visibility. For example, the hydraulic control block for the rear valves is positioned on the right-hand side, under the cab. Furthermore, the window dips down low, which permits an excellent view to the lower link hooks and the linkage.

Pivoting multi-function display

The dashboard, i.e. the multi-function armrest, pivots along with the steering wheel, when it is adjusted. It is therefore always in the best ergonomic position for the driver and always in full view.

Many storage options

You will find many storage spaces and stowage compartments in a Fendt cab so that everything has its own place, for example, there are three stretch nets and storage compartments around the driver seat as well as a bottle holder.

Handle on the rear window

A special feature of the 500 Vario is the vertical handle in the rear window, which is always within reach.



Opaque roller shade

The opaque roller shade in the front serves as a glare shield when the sun shines low. What’s special: It is tailored to the curved shape of the front windscreen and covers the complete width of the window. Furthermore, it holds in any position and disappears completely in the roof liner when it is no longer needed.


Windscreen wipers with intermittent wipe function

The segment wipers can be set to intervals, like in passenger cars, and clean the front window reliably. The exclusive parallel wiper offers optimum wiping characteristics. The spray nozzles, which are located on the wiper arm, ensure that the front and rear windows are well-cleaned.

Integral cable lead-through

Fendt offers a clever solution for cables that run from the rear of the tractor into the cab. Cables can be guided through the lead-through, no matter what kind of cross section they have. The rear window can be closed, so dust, dirt, water and noise stay outside.

Fendt Variotronic with the ONE-terminal strategy

Control via keys or touch

You can easily change menu settings in the Varioterminal by either touching the screen or pushing the navigation buttons. You can navigate through the menus using either the keys or the touchscreen. The tractor controls on both terminals are identical.

Custom settings

<div>The functions for the implement control and headland management can be assigned to the multifunction joystick as desired, if the implement supports this feature. Operators can find the perfect operating ergonomics for the operation at hand. In general, settings for up to 25 implements can be saved.

ISOBUS implement control

<div>The ISOBUS implement control is perfectly integrated in the 7″ and 10.4″ Varioterminals (not on Power version). The implement is controlled with the terminal and joystick (if supported by implement), an additional terminal is not required.

VarioGuide automatic steering

<div>With VarioGuide, operators can concentrate fully on the implement. That increases performance and has a positive impact on the overall quality of work, even in poor visibility conditions. In addition to the US GPS satellites, VarioGuide, which is operated with the Varioterminal, is capable of using the Russian GLONASS satellite system and is also ready for use with the planned European Galileo system. The parallel use of several systems guarantees that the automatic steering system is highly reliable.

Integral antenna optimally protected in roof

The antenna unit can be easily transferred between pre-equipped machines in a matter of minutes. The individual components, such as the antenna, receiver and roll bias compensation unit are accommodated in a compact housing unit and fully integrated in the roof. The antenna is therefore optimally protected against external influences such as blows from branches.

Documentation VarioDoc

VarioDoc enables wireless data transfer from the Varioterminal to the field database. There is no need to read out data, such as field name and current crop, inputs used and quantity, operator, etc., onto a storage medium. VarioDoc Pro continually records position and machine data and data transfer is possible via mobile network.

Mounting areas: versatility with an overview

Load relief front linkage control

<div>The comfort front linkage on the 500 Vario has optional load relief control. It allows the weight of the implement to be transferred to the tractor over a defined pressure. The pressure can be readjusted during operation. This is especially advantageous for winter operations or with a mower or mulcher, because the weight is shifted to the front axle, which improves steering performance.


Linkage integrated in front

The front linkage has been designed to be an integral part of the compact vehicle. It therefore provides secure and stable guidance of front implements.


DCUP/CUP couplings

<div>Both the DCUP and CUP couplings permit the hydraulic valves to be coupled under pressure; mounting and removing implements is easy. The self-closing valve flaps offer secure protection against contamination through dirt or water.

PTO with the right “turn”

The PTO has outstanding efficiency, since power to the PTO stub flows through a direct drive line from the Vario transmission. At the same time, the rated speeds 540 and 1,000 rpm are already attained at an engine speed below 2,000 rpm, which has a positive effect on lowering fuel consumption.

External controls

The Fendt Varios have external controls for the linkage and rear PTO. Rear implements are easy to mount. The engine speed can be increased via TMS and the desired PTO speed can be targeted. You save yourself unnecessary steps, for example, when starting suction for the slurry.

Lighting at its best

Best illumination

The light arrangement in the 500 Vario is unique – the work lights are “cross-eyed”. This completely prevents all shadows and reflections so operators profit from an optimally illuminated field of vision.

Corner lights

The corner lights illuminate the entire wheel arch in the front. This gives you an excellent view to the track at night.


Coming home light

Get back home safely: The integrated coming home light permits operators to climb down from the tractor safely, even in the dark. The headlights continue to shine after the tractor has been switched off.

Clever controls

The lighting is easily set and adjusted thanks to its straightforward layout. With the smart one-button system, all previously set work lights can be switched on easily and quickly with just one touch of a button in the membrane keypad.

Optimized interior lighting

The interior lighting in the 500 Vario is perfectly designed for the important areas. An LED light illuminates the entire entry area. The right armrest with the control elements is also illuminated with a suitably positioned LED light. The ambient lighting is ideal, if dimmed light is desired.

Compact vehicle design with the best driving characteristics

Perfect suspension design

The design of the suspension on the 500 Vario enables maximum ride comfort in the field and on the road. The combination of front axle suspension, cab suspension and seat suspension was adopted from the high-horsepower tractors – they provide a driving sensation on par with passenger cars.

VarioActive superimposed steering system

With the VarioActive superimposed steering system, a stronger steering ratio can be activated. It adapts itself to the steering movement and ground speed. This increases operating comfort for front loader work in tight farmyards or at the headlands.

Hinged front window

On the Fendt 500 Vario it is possible to open the front windscreen when the front loader is fully raised.


Engine and transmission: Perfectly coordinated for maximum economy

Individual driving mode

The driving mode can be individually and freely selected depending on the area of application. Operators can select the pedal mode and control the speed of the tractor with their foot. The alternative is joystick control with up to four different acceleration rates.

TMS and automatic load limit control

On a Fendt Vario, automated functions optimize driving. The Tractor Management System TMS controls the engine speed and transmission ratio to ensure as low a fuel consumption as possible. With the automatic maximum output control, the engine load is adapted to the particular operation.

Fuel consumption indicator

The 500 Vario is equipped with a fuel consumption indicator. These not only monitor the current consumption, but also log the consumption for different operations. Furthermore, it assists the operator in maintaining an efficient driving style.

Powerful cooling system

The compact cooler unit is very easy to access and can be easily cleaned thanks to the large spaces between the radiators and the flat floor. The smart heat exchanger design lowers hydraulic and transmission oil temperatures, which has a positive effect on the efficiency and lifetime of the tractor.

Easy access to engine compartment

The engine compartment is very easy to access, even when the front loader mounting parts are attached. The one-piece bonnet with two separate side panels can be opened without tools. Maintenance and inspection are completed quickly.

Overall profitability – Leaders drive Fendt

Overall profitability distinguishes the entire product line of the premium brand Fendt. The efficiency of the products guarantees the best cost-effectiveness per hectare. In combination with the extremely high retention of value of a Fendt, you also get an unbeatable resale value at the end of your tractor’s service life. As a trendsetter, Fendt continually sets important new standards and installs technology that continues to be in demand in the future. Add to that the high quality, which stands for operational reliability and a long life. The total is a retention of value that only Fendt can offer you.

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Award-winning innovations

The 500 Vario is full of ingenious innovations, which have already received international awards.

Machine of the Year 2014

The AGCO/Fendt Team was pleased to receive the “Machine of the Year” award at the official awards ceremony. “When selecting our award winners, we paid special attention to practicability,” explained Detlef Steinert, Editor in Chief of the dlz agrarmagazin, in his welcoming words at the awards ceremony. The 500 Vario is convincing in its overall design concept, with optimal ergonomics and cutting-edge, highly efficient technologies. The Variotronic and Varioterminal, VarioGuide and VarioDoc documentation, are only a few of the features with which Fendt sets standards in the power class from 125 to 165 hp.