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Fendt 700 Vario – Cab

Comfort at its peak

You are connected directly to the ground through your tractor. The steering wheel, driver seat, suspension and operating elements are finely tuned to each other and are constantly giving you feedback. To allow you to maintain constant control, we have developed the perfect solution: the VisioPlus cab. Comfortable entry, optimal suspension, ergonomic arrangement of the operating elements as well as more visibility and space with the panoramic cab, 300-degree wiper, LED lighting concept, and much more.

Best visibility from inside – a beautiful sight from outside

Everything in view

The windscreen on the VisioPlus cab curves up into the roof and opens the view upwards and downwards. With a 77-degree angle, you have your work in full view, even when the front loader is raised. The large 6.2-m glazed area provides a perfect all-round view without a B-pillar to get in the way. Rain won’t stop you: with a 300-degree wiper field, the wipers provide a clear view over the complete front. Electrically adjustable external rearview mirror with wide-angle mirror expands your view towards the rear. Fogged mirrors are a thing of the past: heated rearview and wide-angle mirrors keep the view towards the rear free in the winter.

Everything in the right light

In the Fendt 700 Vario, you also work safely and effectively in the dark. The lighting on the Fendt 700 Vario is so precise, inside and outside, that everything is very well illuminated 360 degrees around the tractor. The lights on the steps to the cab already provide safety and a sure feeling. Equipped with high-quality LED headlamps, night becomes day. Dipped and main lights in the bi-LED headlamps offer a wide view as well as increased safety on the road. They have especially strong illuminating power with low power consumption and a long lifetime. All pre-selected work lights can be switched together centrally with just one button. The ambient lights provide pleasant interior lighting. After a full day of work, the intelligent coming home light illuminates your way home.

Sight angle

One-piece windscreen with 77° sight angle for a full view upwards and to the wheel arches.

Elimination of B-pillar

One-piece side window and unobstructed all-round visibility without a B-pillar to get in the way.

Wide-angle mirror

The wide-angle mirror is integrated on the main mirror as secondary mirror and expands the field of view considerably.

LED headlamps with headlamp levelling

The LED headlights provide an especially wide and bright light. Furthermore, they save power and have a long lifetime. The light range can be adapted to the situation at hand, for example for driving on the road.

Because the cab is more than just a workplace

The high season can come: The Fendt 700 Vario has pneumatic cab suspension for perfect ride comfort. The four-point pneumatic cab suspension compensates perfectly for uneven terrain. You sit very comfortably and relaxed on the Evolution dynamic super comfort seat, which provides ideal support to the lumbar region. Suspended with compressed air from the vehicle compressor, the seat adapts itself to your weight. The comfort instructor seat features an integral writing table. The height and tilt-adjustable steering column can be quickly adjusted with the foot pedal to provide the perfect sitting position. A radio with CD and MP3 function and four stereo loudspeakers deliver the best sound quality in the cab. The bearings in VisioPlus cab have been optimised to absorb unpleasant noises from outside. Automatic climate control provides ideal ventilation and ensures the temperature is perfect in the cab. The aerosol filter ensures the best breathing air, even during dusty operations.

Overview and comfort

The Fendt VisioPlus cab offers plenty of space for your comfort. This already starts when you climb up into the cab on the wide step treads. With more than six square metres of glazing, the cab is not only a visibility wonder – you also have a greater sense of space thanks to the 2520-litre air space and the well thought-out ergonomic arrangement of all the components. Numerous storage spaces provide practical stowing options.

Roof hatch

The hatch integrated in the roof liner offers additional ventilation on hot days. The roof houses the radio, the controls for the air-conditioning and a bay for a tachograph. An auxiliary device holder, e.g. for additional terminals, is mounted on the right-hand side.


All lights can be easily assigned to illuminated keys on the control console and actuated with a click. The integrated air conditioning ensures optimal cooling and comfort – manually controlled in the Power variant, fully automatic control in the Fendt 700 Vario Profi and ProfiPlus.

Entry steps

Well-designed, wide step treads permit safe and easy entering and exiting.

Steering wheel position

For an optimal sitting position, the steering wheel must be at the right height and tilt angle. The cockpit, including the steering wheel, is individually height-adjustable.

Cooling compartment

You surely would not want to do without the comfort of a cooling compartment for drinks. On hot days, cool refreshments are always well within reach behind the passenger seat.

Fendt VariotronicTI

Electronic assistants

As part of the across-brand AGCO FUSE strategy, the Fendt Variotronic includes electronic automated functions and solutions for individual settings, which make work simpler, faster, more precise and more efficient. Special, innovative solutions permit seamless integration and connection of the entire fleet.

Perfectly controlled

Operating the Fendt 700 Vario Power is straightforward and easy using the fully integrated Variocentre. The ergonomic arrangement and colour coding of the operating elements corresponds to the current Fendt tractors and guarantees across-range, fast and practical operation. The integrated Vario TMS (Tractor Management System) ensures optimal coordination of the engine and transmission. The result is maximum ride comfort and absolute fuel-efficiency.

Being perfect can be so easy – Fendt 700 Vario Power

Firmly under control.

With the multifunction joystick, you can control the tractor easily and precisely. The two-gate lever accelerates and deceleration the Fendt 700 Vario without steps. The joystick lies well in the hand and numerous features can be activated directly on the lever: cruise control, speed memory, the hydraulics and additional automated functions, such as the headland management. The valves can be actuated directly from the joystick and freely assigned in the Varioterminal.

Headland turns made easy: Fendt VariotronicTI

Electronic assistance is a real benefit, especially for headland management. With our VariotronicTI you save up to 1,920 hand movements in 160 turns. You can program up to 20 settings into the terminal for each turning manoeuvre, both when stationary and when driving. Later all it takes is a touch of a button to activate the automated procedures at the headland – you can therefore drive without have to reposition your hand

Straightforward operation on the multifunction armrest

Provides an overview: Fendt 700 Vario Profi/ProfiPlus

Centrally controlled

The Varioterminal is the central control unit for all tractor and implement settings. Furthermore, you can operate and keep track of the Variotronic features directly in the terminal. The components in the Varioterminal meet the highest demands for quality, reliability and the best workmanship. ISOBUS-capable implements can also be controlled directly with the Varioterminal. No additional implement terminals are necessary, so you gain more space in the cab and have a better overview.

The newest generation Varioterminal

The Varioterminal 10.4-B on the new Fendt 700 Vario sets standards for modern touch control. The borderless LCD display with a full glass front is the central control element and a real eye-catcher with its smartphone look. The high-grade touch display made of scratch-proof glass has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and 16 million colours for crisp images. Touch operation reacts sensitively and quickly. Key operation is also available.

Precise application

The implement control features automatic SectionControl. SectionControl switches sections on and off at the headlands or in the field and at the edge of the field, to prevent overlapping. When working with sprayers, fertiliser spreaders, precision air seeders and seed drills, SectionControl provides further savings potential for inputs.

Drive once, use forever

Transferring your field settings to other tractors is child’s play. The Varioterminal saves your field and implement settings, such as waylines, obstacles, field boundaries, worked area or markers. This data can easily be saved to a USB stick and imported to the Varioterminal of other tractors. The data can be saved on the PC and checked with a map view.


The fully automatic section control integrated in the Variotronic operating interface uses GPS signals and is dependent on the desired degree of overlapping. Up to 24 sections can be set when using ISOBUS-capable sprayers, fertiliser spreaders and seed drills. This results in precise work results and saves seeds, fertiliser or pesticides by preventing double applications or treatments of areas outside of the field. And it makes work easier for operators, day and night.

The new Fendt VarioGuide guidance system

With the new Fendt guidance system, you are always ready to receive – because with the new version of Fendt VarioGuide, you can choose between GNSS receivers from NovAtel® and Trimble®. A number of correction signals are supported, depending on the receiver, for example, EGNOS/WAAS or also RangePointTM RTX, CenterpointTM RTX, Ntrip. Existing Trimble® RTK structures, such as NTRIP and radio, can continue to be used. Even if a signal is lost due to unfavourable reception conditions, Fendt VarioGuide continues to work reliably up to 20 minutes with high accuracy via the Trimble® xFill technology.

With the new Fendt VarioGuide, you can always choose the solution that best meets your requirements. Ease of operation remains unchanged, thanks to the familiar operating interface integrated in the Varioterminal. The menu structure is always identical and straightforward, independent of the receiver being used.

NovAtel® receiver

  • Entry-level variant with EGNOS/WAAS correction service
  • Upgrade to RTK possible (radio or NTRIP)
  • Up to 1 minute of fill-in time for RTK signal outages.

Trimble® receiver

  • Receiver with expanded range of functions
  • Entry-level version with EGNOS/WAAS correction services and RangePoint™ RTX™
  • Upgrade to Trimble® correction service CenterPoint™ RTX™
  • Upgrade to RTK possible (radio, NTRIP & Trimble® RTK services)
  • Fill-in time for RTK signal outage: up to 20 minutes (Trimble® xFill technology)

Always on the right track

VarioGuide – even more profitable

VarioGuide enables the highest possible utilisation of the machine, since you can even work at night or when visibility is poor, due to dust or fog, and still achieve an optimum result. At the same time, area coverage is significantly increased, since the number of skips and overlaps is reduced. The highly efficient use of crop inputs with VarioGuide provides savings of up to three to ten percent, depending on the working procedure.

Enhanced driving comfort

With VarioGuide you not only work more economically, but also benefit from significantly improved operator comfort. The tractor automatically drives in the right track, so operators can fully focus their attention on the actual work with the implement. The VariotronicTI automatic headland management can also automatically trigger the headland sequences at the ideal position.

Always the same operating philosophy

No matter which Fendt machine you are working with, you will always find the same operating philosophy in the Varioterminal. The functionality, however, is adapted and expanded for the specific requirements of the forage harvesters, combines and tractors.

Fendt VarioGuide: A step ahead

VarioDoc and AgCommandTM: Documented, analysed, informed

Effective fleet and job management is the basis for maximum operating transparency and optimised machine operations. The legal and social requirements for recording data are also growing ever more. With VarioDoc, VarioDoc Pro and AgCommand™, all relevant data can be logged with a minimum of effort and time, processed in real-time, documented in the field record and analysed.

VarioDoc for modern job management for data logging for field databases. Bluetook interface enables data transfer.

The starter kit (not included in the scope of delivery of the tractor) provides data exchange between the tractor and the office PC via radio.

AgCommand™ is the across-brand telemetry solution in the AGCO Corporation. When a Fendt tractor is connected with AgCommand™, the following data is automatically logged:

  • Fuel consumption l/ha
  • Speed km/h
  • Engine speed rpm
  • Pulling power requirement N
  • Rear linkage position in %
  • Front linkage position in %
  • PTO speed rear
  • Status operating hour counter
  • Outside temperature in °C