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Fendt 700 Vario – Highlights

Fendt Efficient Technology

Fendt 700 Vario Power.

The Fendt 700 Vario offers the right features for the requirements. Choose the best solution for your needs from the equipment variants: Power, Profi or ProfiPlus. The 700 Vario Power offers a number of features that will make your everyday work easier. Equipped with a fourth PTO speed, 1000E rpm, you save fuel when working with high speed requirements. The load relief control for the comfort front linkage moves the load from the implement to the tractor and offers better traction and more uniform implement guidance. Thanks to he new front axle suspension with a 100-mm suspension travel, the chassis provides maximum comfort and stability as well as exceptional transmission of pulling power. You can completely control the tractor using the clearly laid out Varioterminal 7“ with touch and key operation.

More power

  • Higher lift capacity of 10,360 daN
  • 14 t perm. overall weight, 6,020 kg payload
  • Comfort front power lift with load relief control
  • Hydraulic system with load-sensing pump with 109 l/min as standard specification, 152 l/min as optional

More functions

  • 4-speed rear PTO 1000E rpm for lowering the engine speed and saving fuel
  • Varioterminal 7“ with touch and key operation
  • Leakage oil container integrated in rear and front linkage

More profitability

  • Emissions standard EURO Stage 4 / Tier 4 final
  • Automatically drives in the most economical range with TMS – Tractor Management System
  • Passive diesel particulate filter CSF (Coated Soot Filter)

Fendt 700 Vario Profi and ProfiPlus.

The Fendt 700 Vario offers additional solutions in the Profi and ProfiPlus equipment levels that provide extra comfort and functionality for demanding working requirements. In combination with the Varioterminal 10.4-B, you get well-thought out, next-generation controls. The terminal convinces through its modern design, intuitive menu navigation and innovative solutions for the perfect coordination of all tractor functions.
Not only the interior of the Fendt 700 Vario Profi and ProfiPlus boasts high-grade equipment, the exterior shines, too. The bright and economical LED lighting illuminates the surroundings in all directions

  • Hydraulic system with load-sensing pump with 152 l/min (standard) and optional with 193 l/min (ProfiPlus) for more hydraulic power
  • Automatic trailer steering axle lock

More functions

  • 300° wiper for a larger wiper field
  • LED headlamps with headlamp levelling
  • New LCD Varioterminal 10.4-B in smartphone look and terminal bracket with ball joint

More profitability

  • Electric hydraulic filter monitoring
  • VarioGuide (ProfiPlus) automated steering system and VarioGuide light (Profi) possible. VarioGuide reduces overlapping and saves fuel and operating materials

Fendt Spotlights

Fendt Spotlights. Our special solutions.

A holistic approach.

The perfect tractor is more than just the sum of its parts. It is the perfect interplay of all the components that complement each other for an optimal result. That is what makes a tractor a Fendt.

Notably Fendt. Simply better in detail.

We have an eye on the whole. And optimise every detail for it. We develop solutions that make sure you can make more happen – easier, faster and simpler. Look for the Fendt Spotlights! They show you what makes a Fendt special.

Engine and transmission: perfect coordination.

Easy access to engine compartment

The engine compartment is very easy to access for inspection and maintenance, even when the front loader mounting parts are attached. The one-piece bonnet with two separate side panels can be opened without tools.

Fuel consumption indicator

The fuel consumption indicator not only monitors the current consumption, but also logs the consumption for different operations. Furthermore, it assists the operator in maintaining an efficient driving style.

Vehicle body: trust begins at the base Vehicle body.

Clever controls

The lighting is easily set and adjusted thanks to its straightforward layout. With the smart one-button system, all previously set work lights can be switched on easily and quickly with just one touch of a button in the membrane keypad.

Powerful lighting concept

With the corner lights, you have the entire wheel arch in view, even at night. The corner lights are also available as extra bright LED lights.

Powerful lighting concept

The arrangement of the lights in the 700 Vario is unique – the work lights are “cross-eyed”. This prevents all shadows and reflections so operators profit from an optimally illuminated field of vision.

Powerful lighting concept

Finish your work safely: The integrated coming home light permits operators to climb down from the tractor safely, even in the dark. The headlights continue to shine a while longer after the tractor is switched off.

The Fendt VisioPlus cab

Wide-angle mirror

The wide-angle mirror is integrated on the main mirror as secondary mirror and expands the field of view considerably.

LED headlamps with headlamp levelling

The LED headlights provide an especially wide and bright light. Furthermore, they save power and have a long lifetime. The light range can be adapted to the situation at hand, for example for driving on the road.

Integral cable lead-through

Cables can be led into the cab from the outside, neatly and through the closed rear window. The cable lead-through prevents dirt and water as well as noises from entering the cab.

Headland turns made easy: Fendt VariotronicTI

Varioterminal 7“

You can operate and monitor all the functions of the Fendt 700 Vario Power in the terminal. Simply touch the corresponding menu item directly on the touchscreen or click a key. With 262,000 colours and a clear resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, all content can be recognised quickly and easily. The display dims automatically at night, without blinding.


The fully automatic section control integrated in the Variotronic operating interface uses GPS signals and is dependent on the desired degree of overlapping. Up to 24 sections can be set when using ISOBUS-capable sprayers, fertiliser spreaders and seed drills. This results in precise work results and saves seeds, fertiliser or pesticides by preventing double applications or treatments of areas outside of the field. And it makes work easier for operators, day and night.

ISOBUS implement control

The functions for the implement control and headland management can be assigned to the multifunction joystick as desired, if the implement supports this feature. Operators can find the perfect operating ergonomics for the operation at hand. In general, settings for up to 25 implements can be saved.

Antenna in roof

The antenna unit can be easily transferred between pre-equipped machines in a matter of minutes. The individual components, such as the antenna, receiver and roll bias compensation unit are accommodated in a compact housing unit and fully integrated in the roof. The antenna is therefore optimally protected against external influences such as blows from branches or theft.

Mounting areas: Full function for front and rear.

Front linkage control

The load relief control for the front linkage is a particular advantage when operating a snow plough or a front mower in grassland operations, since implement guidance can be quickly adjusted to uneven surfaces.

DCUP/CUP couplings

Both the DCUP and CUP couplings permit the hydraulic valves to be coupled under pressure; mounting and removing implements is easy. The self-closing valve flaps offer secure protection against contamination through dirt or water.

External controls rear linkage

The valves can also be operated externally on the rear mudguard, which makes mounting implements much easier.

ISOBUS socket

Connection for the ISOBUS implement control.


Cable lead-through

Cables can be led into the cab from the outside, neatly and through the closed rear window. The cable lead-through protects the inside of the cab against dirt, water and noise.

PTO rear

Rear PTO with 540, 540E, 1,000 and 1000E rpm speeds The external PTO actuation at the rear is especially convenient.

Overall profitability – Leaders drive Fendt

Overall profitability distinguishes the entire product line of the premium brand Fendt. The efficiency of the products guarantees the best cost-effectiveness per hectare. In combination with the extremely high retention of value of a Fendt, you also get an unbeatable resale value at the end of your tractor’s service life. As a trendsetter, Fendt continually sets important new standards and installs technology that continues to be in demand in the future. Add to that the high quality, which stands for operational reliability and a long life. The total is a retention of value that only Fendt can offer you.