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Fendt 800 Vario – Cab

x5 cab

Details that are a pleasure.

The 800 Vario offers you a workplace that gives you plenty of free space. From the driver seat, you can control all working procedures with the new Variotronic and always have everything in view. Automated functions, automatic air-conditioning and much more keep your performance and concentration at a high level over the entire work day.

3,5 m³ operator paradise with panoramic view

Take your place in the big x5 cab, which offers a generous amount of space and provides exceptional visibility through the large glass areas – a true panoramic view. The automatic air-conditioning system guarantees a pleasant temperature in the workplace at all times, beverages from the air-conditioned cool box provide refreshment. On cold days, the seat heater is a plus in comfort that you would not want to miss. And when you’re not working alone, a comfort seat is available for your passenger.

Unique safety with laminated safety glass

The front windscreen of the 900 Vario is made of laminated safety glass for the first time. Fendt has introduced this ground-breaking innovation in agricultural equipment to increase the safety of both drivers and passengers. The front windscreen cannot shatter, it is always held together by the lamination layer when damaged. Operators and passengers remain protected within the cab.

The perfect workplace

The operating elements on the right-hand armrest – the Varioterminal, multi-function joystick, crossgate lever and membrane keypad – have a well-balanced overall design and form an ergonomic command centre where everything is under control.

The armrest is attached to the seat, which makes it very practical and comfortable for operators. The armrest moves together with the seat. Operators lean their arm on the armrest, where they can conveniently control operations.

Tangible ergonomics

Best visibility thanks to narrow bonnet

The 800 Vario has been trimmed for an optimal overview. The bonnet has been kept as narrow as possible, so drivers have an excellent view to the wheel arches and front-mounted implements.

The new wiper offers a 300° field of vision To keep the view to the wheel arches and the front-mounted implement free when it rains, the wiper field has been nearly doubled and reaches all the way down to the bonnet. The windscreen wiper can be adjusted ideally with the intermittent wipe function.

Better overview with wide-angle mirror

The optional wide-angle mirror expands the field of vision, which greatly enhances safety. You have a better overview of things that are happening on the sides of the tractor. The hazard zone, which is usually located in the blind spot, is easier to see into and unforeseen situations can be avoided.

Powerful air-conditioning system

The air-conditioning in the x5 cab ensures pleasant temperatures inside the cab. It has now been optimised to be more powerful and more fuel efficient.

Reversing driver station – simple and fast

To expand the operating spectrum even further, Fendt offers a factory-installed full-function reversing driver station. It only takes a few steps to turn the driver seat around, including the steering wheel, multi-function armrest and all the control elements, around 180 degrees. In this way you can perform a wide range of tasks with the 800 Vario and fully utilise your Fendt tractor for greater profitability.

Comfortable seats and many practical aids

The pneumatic cab suspension reduces vibrations to a minimum and provides high ride comfort. The absolute highlight in driving comfort is the combination of front axle and cab suspension plus a driver seat with active suspension – unique for standard tractors and only available from Fendt. A number of small details in the cab are simply a joy: a cooling compartment, various storage spaces and much more are your practical daily helpers.

Ride comfort thanks to cab suspension

The cab suspension with air spring elements enables a fully vibration-minimised cab. The great difference in height and the long distance between the spring elements of the x5 cab also prevent bouncing and ensure maximum ride comfort.

Fendt Comfortable seats

Fendt comfort seat

The comfort seat features air suspension and easy armrest adjustment.

Dual motion comfort seat Evolution dynamic/DL

The air-suspended dual motion comfort seat Evolution dynamic is equipped with an adjustable backrest, heating, low frequency suspension, pneumatic lumbar support and easy armrest adjustment.

Fendt Superkomfort-Sitz Evolution active

In addition to the features of the super comfort seat, the premium high-tech version of the seat also offers active suspension. This reduces operator fatigue during long periods of work.

Fendt Varioterminal

Fendt Varioterminal

Fendt has been consistently following the ONE-terminal strategy. The result is the unique integration of functions in just one terminal. Six applications are found in the Varioterminal: tractor controls, ISOBUS implement control, camera functions, automated steering, documentation and help function. Up to four applications can be shown simultaneously on the 10.4-B screen. Your benefit is that the terminal can provide data from different applications for further functions. That is the lead in integration.


Flat menu hierarchy and everything in view

Thanks to the flat menu hierarchy and the clutter-free display, operators can learn to use the Varioterminal quickly and always have everything in view. The high-resolution scratch-proof screen – featuring a smartphone look in the new generation terminal – as well as all of the indicators adjust their brightness automatically. The anti-glare night mode makes night work no problem. Like the tractors, the components of the Varioterminal are designed with high-grade workmanship in mind, so that you can be sure you are getting high quality, reliable electronics with the best workmanship.

Varioterminal 10.4-B

You can easily change menu settings in the Varioterminal by either touching the screen or pushing the navigation buttons. You can navigate through the menus using either the keys or the touchscreen.

7“ Varioterminal

With a 7-inch (17.7 cm) screen diagonal, the 7” Varioterminal is a handy and functional companion for tractor operations and ISOBUS implement control.

Varioterminal individually adjustable

The position and tilt of the Varioterminal can be adjusted as desired. A ball-head joint in the bracket permits the terminal to be pivoted in all directions. The operator always has an optimal view to the terminal.


Up to four applications can be displayed in the monitor of the Varioterminal. The screen assignment key allows operators to freely select the screen layout. The home key is practical. You can always call up the last state of the display with the touch of a button.

Customised setting of terminal views

Fendt VariotronicTI and ISOBUS implement control

The last turning manoeuvre is as precise as the first

The 800 Vario is equipped with the VariotronicTI headland management system as standard, which ensures that the last turning manoeuvre is as precise as the first. The VariotronicTI is clearly displayed in the Varioterminal.

That saves you time at the headlands and prevents possible operating errors on long work days.

Headland management

With VariotronicTI headland management, operators can create operating sequences for turns, while driving or standing still, and save them. Settings for the engine and transmission control, the hydraulic valves and the front and rear linkage, the front and rear PTO as well as the automated steering system along with their individual functions are made via the headland management system and can be called up easily.

The 900 Vario is equipped with the VariotronicTI headland management system as standard, which ensures that the last turning manoeuvre is as precise as the first. The VariotronicTI is clearly displayed in the Varioterminal. That saves you time at the headlands and prevents possible operating errors on long work days.

Edit offline

To optimise the progression of the steps, these can be created at a standstill, so there is no rush. If necessary, operators can adjust and optimise the operating sequence while working.

Customisable joystick buttons

It is practical that four sequences of the headland management can be activated with the joystick – two when driving into the track and two when driving out.

Front and rear linkage automatic mode

The easiest, but very helpful automated function, is automated control for the front and rear linkage and the PTO automatic mode using the “clover leaf” on the multi-function joystick. These can be activated with the Go and End keys without having to program the headland management beforehand.

ISOBUS implement control

For the Fendt Variotronic, the ISOBUS interface is the decisive link to the implements. The ISOBUS implement control permits all implements that are compatible with ISO 11783 to be operated easily and quickly via the Fendt Varioterminal.

Furthermore, the Variotronic offers different possibilities to adapt the controls to the particular operation. For example, to control functions with the multi-function joystick or to call up pre-programmed settings.

The ISOBUS implement control is perfectly integrated in the Varioterminal 7 and Varioterminal 10.4 (not on Power version). The implement is controlled with the terminal and joystick, an additional terminal is not required. In full screen view, the Varioterminal becomes a fully fledged ISOBUS terminal.


SectionControl function enables fully automatic section control via GPS signal, dependent on the desired degree of overlapping. Up to 36 sections can be set when using ISOBUS-capable sprayers, fertiliser spreaders and seed drills.

Variable dosing with VariableRateControl

The new variable rate control function is now available in combination with VarioDoc Pro. The seed, fertiliser and pesticide requirement is stored in application maps, dependent on the composition of the soil, then uploaded to the terminal and called up during operation. The application rate can be controlled automatically. The next time, the required operating inputs can be reproduced precisely and adjusted for the future.

The new Fendt VarioGuide guidance system

With the new Fendt guidance system, you are always ready to receive – because with the new version of Fendt VarioGuide, you can choose between GNSS receivers from NovAtel® and Trimble®. A number of correction signals are supported, depending on the receiver, for example, EGNOS/WAAS or also RangePointTM RTX, CenterpointTM RTX, Ntrip. Existing Trimble® RTK structures, such as NTRIP and radio, can continue to be used. Even if a signal is lost due to unfavourable reception conditions, Fendt VarioGuide continues to work reliably up to 20 minutes with high accuracy via the Trimble® xFill technology.

With the new Fendt VarioGuide, you can always choose the solution that best meets your requirements. Ease of operation remains unchanged, thanks to the familiar operating interface integrated in the Varioterminal. The menu structure is always identical and straightforward, independent of the receiver being used.

NovAtel® receiver

  • Entry-level variant with EGNOS/WAAS correction service
  • Upgrade to RTK possible (radio or NTRIP)
  • Up to 1 minute of fill-in time for RTK signal outages.

Trimble® receiver

  • Receiver with expanded range of functions
  • Entry-level version with EGNOS/WAAS correction services and RangePoint™ RTX™
  • Upgrade to Trimble® correction service CenterPoint™ RTX™
  • Upgrade to RTK possible (radio, NTRIP & Trimble® RTK services)
  • Fill-in time for RTK signal outage: up to 20 minutes (Trimble® xFill technology)

Always on the right track

VarioGuide – even more profitable

VarioGuide enables the highest possible utilisation of the machine, since you can even work at night or when visibility is poor, due to dust or fog, and still achieve an optimum result. At the same time, area coverage is significantly increased, since the number of skips and overlaps is reduced. The highly efficient use of crop inputs with VarioGuide provides savings of up to three to ten percent, depending on the working procedure.

Enhanced driving comfort

With VarioGuide you not only work more economically, but also benefit from significantly improved operator comfort. The tractor automatically drives in the right track, so operators can fully focus their attention on the actual work with the implement. The VariotronicTI automatic headland management can also automatically trigger the headland sequences at the ideal position.

Always the same operating philosophy

No matter which Fendt machine you are working with, you will always find the same operating philosophy in the Varioterminal. The functionality, however, is adapted and expanded for the specific requirements of the forage harvesters, combines and tractors.

Fendt VarioGuide: A step ahead

Modern job management with VarioDoc and AgCommandTM

Documentation is the most important basis for farm management for agricultural businesses. With VarioDoc, relevant data can be recorded with a minimum of effort, documented in the field record and analysed in the shortest amount of time. Using the Varioterminal, all important information can already be entered in the field so that follow-up work in the office is reduced to a minimum. And it works the other way around, too – jobs can be created using the PC and transferred to the terminal.

AgCommand™ telemetry

AgCommand™ is the across-brand telemetry solution in the AGCO Corporation. When a Fendt tractor is connected with AgCommand™, the following data is automatically logged:

  • Fuel consumption l/ha
  • Speed km/h
  • Engine speed rpm
  • Pulling power requirement N
  • Rear linkage position in %
  • Front linkage position in %
  • PTO speed rear
  • Status operating hour counter
  • Outside temperature in °C

Documentation VarioDoc

VarioDoc enables wireless data transfer from the Varioterminal to the field database. There is no need to read out data, such as field name and current crop, inputs used and quantity, operator, etc., onto a storage medium. VarioDoc Pro continually records position and machine data and data transfer is possible via mobile network.