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Fendt 900 Vario – Technology

Engine technology

The latest technology – the best solution.

Fuel filter for a sure start

When the temperatures outside are icy, the fuel pre-filter guides the pre-heated fuel directly back for injection and not to the tank, until the diesel has reached an adequate temperature. The injection process therefore always runs reliably.

Steel pistons

The cylinder pistons on the 900 Vario are made of durable steel. They are highly stable and have a long lifetime.

High-capacity reversible fan

The reversible fan on the 900 Vario cleans only as much as is required, and as little as possible. The fan can reverse the air stream automatically, so the cooler elements are effectively blown clean. What’s special: Depending on the cooling requirements, the position of the fan blades is adjusted to increase the cooling efficiency. This has a positive effect on fuel efficiency.

Six-cylinder engine with twin-charging

The 900 Vario is equipped with a six-cylinder Deutz engine. The main factor behind the lively and economic engine behaviour is the twin-charging. The set-up consists of a first turbocharger, a charge-air intercooler, a second turbocharger and another intercooler. That ensures that the engine receives plenty of oxygen. And the more oxygen, the more efficient the combustion process.

Three high-pressure injection pumps

Fendt has increased the number of injection pumps from two to three so that 50 percent more power is available. The lower load on the individual pumps ensures a longer lifetime.

Exhaust technology

Optimal solution for Tier 4 Final

The intelligent solution for compliance with the new Tier 4 Final emissions standard is decisive for the economy of the drive train. That is why Fendt has equipped the engine with an exhaust after-treatment that enables the lowest fuel and AdBlue consumption. Exhaust after-treatment is a combination of SCR technology, the passive diesel particulate filter and the AGRex exhaust gas recirculation.

AGRex external exhaust gas recirculation

In the first step, exhaust gas recirculation reduces nitrogen oxides before they enter the exhaust line. Therefore only a small injection of AdBlue is required to reduce nitrogen oxide emission to 0.4 g/kWh. The lower AdBlue consumption has a positive effect on the profitability and efficiency of the tractor.

Passive diesel particulate filter with regeneration

New in the 900 Vario is the passive diesel particulate filter, the coated soot filter (CSF), which has been designed for a long working life. Passive means that the filter is regenerated while driving and does not require additional, or active, injection of fuel into the exhaust line. Fendt chose this system to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. The integrated regeneration management guarantees intelligent control of the regeneration cycles.

Efficient SCR technology

The SCR technology is an extremely fuel-efficient solution and has proven itself on the market. Here AdBlue urea solution is injected into the exhaust line and nitrogen oxides are reduced to a minimum. To optimise the AdBlue consumption, it is injected through a 6-fold injector nozzle, which is map-controlled and achieves very fine atomisation. With this technology, operations with the Fendt Vario are highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Environmentally friendly and intelligent

The high-grade solution for extremely low operating costs: the combination of external exhaust gas recirculation (AGRex), passive diesel particulate filter (CSF) and SCR technology.

Fendt Vario transmission

The Fendt Vario transmission is a hydrostatic-mechanical power split drive. With increasing speed, the share of the mechanical power transmitted through the planetary set increases. The hydrostats can be swung 45 degrees and have a high operating pressure of max. 550 bar – this ensures exceptional efficiency.

Continuously variable Vario transmission ML 260

For years now, continuously variable transmissions have proven their leading efficiency and performance and have become the first choice. Operators are always in the position to work at the optimal speed, which means considerable savings potential. You save valuable working time in different operations through higher area coverage and also profit from low fuel consumption.

Automatically at the optimum

Important automated functions are included with the stepless drive, ones that further optimise the coordination of the engine and transmission and reduce the operator’s workload. This most important function for this is the fully automatic maximum load control. It regulates the engine speed (engine load) dependent on the power requirement, so that the engine works in the optimal range in terms of fuel consumption and the preset driving speed. There are different optimum values that can be set as the load limit for different operations, for example transport, heavy-duty draft work or for work with PTO-driven implements. The tractor sets the ideal load limit automatically. Operators therefore do not need to set the automatic maximum output control when entering or leaving the field. And the interplay between the engine and transmission is just right for every operation. Alternately, operators can also set the maximum output control manually.

Perfect settings and driving strategies

Thanks to intelligent pre-settings, it is easy to perform work. For example, engine speed and cruise control speeds can be pre-programmed in the Varioterminal and easily activated during operation using the multi-function joystick – especially practical for PTO work, for example. The different driving strategies are also adapted to operations and individual preferences. Drivers can control the speed with either the accelerator pedal with two acceleration rates or the joystick with four acceleration rates.

Steplessly efficient

Vario transmission with 4 planetary gears

The transmission on the top models over 330 hp have been designed for the highest loads. It has a set of four planetary gears, which optimises power transfer and results in high robustness.

Interior housing strengthened

The inner housing of the Vario-transmission ML 260 has been strengthened. It stands up to higher pressure and is designed for increasing demands.

Automatic maximum output control

The tractor regulates the load limit fully automatically and adjusts the engine speed to the prevailing working conditions within a predefined speed range. In this way, the engine and transmission are perfectly coordinated, which means extremely low fuel consumption.

Vehicle body

Speed is a must for transport work – exactly the right thing for the new 900 Vario with a top speed of 60 km/h. With the 900 Vario, you will reach your destination safely: equipped with the latest safety systems for tractors, such as ABS or the tyre pressure regulation system VarioGrip, driving the 900 Vario is now even safer. You reach your destination faster and can simply move more.

Haul 37 tonnes more a day

The 900 Vario has a top speed of 60 km/h at an engine speed of only 1750 rpm, which gives it an up to 16 percent higher transport capacity* and lower fuel consumption. Those are advantages that make the difference at the end of the day: for example, an 900 Vario with a transport capacity of a total of 230 tonnes in ten hours moves 37 tonnes more thanks to the higher speed. And when the 900 Vario is driven at 50 km/h and an engine speed of 1.450 U/min rpm, it enables even greater fuel efficiency.

*in-house measurement

ABS – for the highest level of braking safety

Operator safety has the highest priority at Fendt. That is why the 900 Vario now has the anti-lock braking system ABS. It guarantees better steerability and control of the tractor on wet and dry roads, even when braking sharply. The 900 Vario with ABS brakes reliably on unpaved roads – for example, gravel or snow.

Maximum on-road and in-field driving safety

The chassis guarantees optimum operability on the road and in the field. With the unique Fendt Stability Control (FSC) you always have a safe feeling when driving, even when negotiating curves. At the same time, the practically maintenance-free braking system, comprising wet multi-disc brakes for the front and rear wheels, offers high driving safety and excellent deceleration.

Seven features for your comfort

The chassis design provides the best ride comfort as well as optimum ergonomics. Seven features ensure an exceptional driving sensation:

  • the self-levelling front axle suspension
  • the anti-roll control
  • the Fendt Reaction steering system
  • the shock load stabilising
  • the cab suspension
  • the seat suspension
  • the automatic steering axle lock

Does it safer.


The ABS module measures the speed on each individual wheel using four speed sensors. If the speed on one wheel is too slow, the ABS automatically opens the corresponding brake to prevent the wheel from locking. Since the wheels on tractors have a high inertia, due to their size and weight, the ABS module also communicates with the tractor control unit. The control unit can then drive the affected wheel via the Vario transmission, if opening the brake is not enough to maintain the required speed. Both front wheels are controlled together to maintain the stability of the 900 Vario, even if there are different surfaces under each wheel. The rear wheels are controlled individually by the ABS module.

VarioActive superimposed steering system

With the VarioActive superimposed steering system, a stronger steering ratio can be activated. It adapts itself to the steering movement and ground speed. This is especially convenient at the headlands.

Self-levelling front axle suspension

The hydropneumatic individual wheel suspension is fitted with a double wishbone axle, which optimises the steering angle. The fully automatic levelling control ensures that both sides have the same suspension travel (up to eight tonnes front axle load). Moreover, the entire suspension range can be run through manually. The joints and bearings do not have any lubrication points and are therefore maintenance-free.

Stability control (FSC)

At speeds above 20 km/h, Fendt Stability Control (FSC) locks the compensation between the right and left sides and takes steering precision, driving stability and braking safety to a completely new level. When the driving speed drops below 15 km/h, compensation between the left and right side is possible again, which guarantees the best ground contact.

Driving dynamics with safety and comfort

Fully integrated – that is VarioGrip

Fendt offers VarioGrip, the first factory-installed tyre pressure regulation system that is fully integrated in the vehicle concept. The system, which was developed in-house at Fendt, allows air pressure to be controlled while driving. Until now, the air pressure was always a compromise between what was required for the field and road, those times are gone forever. The air pressure can be regulated quickly and easily with a push of a button on the Varioterminal.

Optimum tyre pressure

The benefits of optimum tyre pressure are clear: Lowering tyre pressure in the field increases the contact area between the tyre and ground, which improves traction and reduces wheel slip. According to neutral tests, that saves ten percent fuel.* Furthermore, it reduces soil compaction and therefore keeps yield losses at a minimum. When driving on the road, a higher air pressure ensures more stable handling and also lowers roll resistance, which reduces fuel consumption and tyre wear.

*South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Agriculture Soest


The tyre pressure regulation system allows pressure to be controlled while driving. This is accomplished via the integral rotary union, which is designed to last the lifetime of the tractor. Air is supplied via a modified vehicle compressor as well as the vehicle’s own valve equipment. The tyre pressure can be increased by one bar within ten minutes. Reducing pressure by one bar takes only two minutes.

Pulls more.

VarioGrip operation

Operation of the tyre pressure regulation system is integrated in the overall vehicle concept. Using the Varioterminal, the tyre pressure of the tractor can be controlled with just a push of a button. The assistance system informs drivers about too low or too high tyre pressure.

VarioGrip function

The lines for the VarioGrip tyre pressure regulation system run through a radial rotary union. The air in the tyres is pumped in and out quickly through a control (green) and air line (blue).

VarioGrip for tillage and application work

With VarioGrip, you can optimally regulate the tyre pressure for operations in the field and on the road. The pressure increase for driving on the road can be initiated shortly before completing work in the field, for example, when putting the implement into transport position. Then the tractor has the higher tyre pressure when starting to drive on the road. While driving, VarioGrip increases the tyre pressure to the optimum level for the road, which minimises tyre wear and guarantees the best driving stability. Before beginning work in the field, the tyre pressure is lowered again within just two minutes. The great advantage of VarioGrip is that air pressure can be built up and released while driving.

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The lighting design concept on the Fendt 900 Vario has been perfected and is state-of-the-art. The dipped and main beams have the newest Bi-LED lamps with headlamp levelling. The work lights and corner lights are also fitted with LED lamps. This permits precise control of the illumination and the visibility to the implements and the wheel arches is outstanding, even in the dark. The LED lamps consume very little electricity and have a very long lifetime.

LED headlamps with headlamp levelling

The light range of the LED headlights can be adapted to the situation at hand, for example for driving on the road.

Most modern lighting

Coming home light and entry step light

Get back home safely: The light range of the LED headlights can be adapted to the situation at hand, for example for driving on the road. The integrated coming home light permits operators to climb down from the tractor safely, even in the dark. The headlights continue to shine a while longer after the tractor is switched off.

The entry steps on the 900 Vario have practical lights. They are positioned on the tank so that the steps are perfectly illuminated and drivers can climb in and out safely.

Easy and clear operation

The lighting is easily set and adjusted thanks to its straightforward layout. With the smart one-button system, all previously set work lights can be switched on easily and quickly with just one touch of a button in the membrane keypad.

Technical Specifications

Here you will find an overview of the technical specifications available for downloading. To download the file, click on “Download – technical specifications”.