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The Folding Deck range is a tractor drawn livestock float built for the high volume user. We have been manufacturing quality aluminium floats since 1990. Each float is designed and manufactured to suit the individual customer’s requirements.

Externally the float looks the same as the standard Stewart float with pressed side sheets welded to aluminium posts at 1150mm intervals. Inside however the design is the same as our commercial livestock floats with folding aluminium sheep decks, fixed position doors and a hydraulically operated run up ramp to the second sheep deck.

The folding decks are pressed to minimise leakage and are supported by aluminium deck bars. The sheep doors are incorporated in the cattle doors; the cattle doors are fitted with slam shut catches. Use the links below to see videos showing the operation of the decks and ramp.

Please refer to the ‘Flat Trailers’ section for detailed information about the flat trailers to carry the float bodies.