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GX 20 – 26 S

Model GX 20 – 26 S
Carry Capacity 20,000 KG
Cubic Capacity 26 m3
Maximum Trailer Speed Fast-tow trailer 80kph
Body Dimensions: 7600x2500x1500mm
Hydraulically operated rear door
Full width front view grille with perspex cover
Access ladder outside and inside body
Rope hooks on every body panel
Grain Hatch
Floor Bearers 80×40 steel box section
Body Frame 80×80 steel box section
Top Rail 80×80 steel box section
Floor 5mm steel
Sides 3mm steel
Chassis 300×200 box section
Top Chassis 200×100 box section
Axles Granning 125mm ø 10 stud, 420×180 brakes
Suspension Granning overslung 4 spring suspension
4 leaf springs
Drawbar Sprung drawbar
Heavy duty 40mm hitch eye
Rear heavy duty 40mm tow eyes welded to rear chassis
Wheel Centres 10 stud, fully welded high speed rims
Tyres 560/60Rx22.5 tyres
Mud wings and spray suppression flaps
Braking Hydraulic. Air braking with ABS and LSV
Connection to tractor: Dedicated ABS coil
Ratchet style parking brake
Lighting Full LED commercial road lighting system
Connection to tractor: Removable electric coil
Rear stop/tail/indicator lights with rear light guards
Front marker lights
Three side marker lights each side
High level rear marker lights on door frame
Amber warning light
Tipping Mechanism Single 170mm 5 stage tipping ram
60mm hinge bar with bushes and grease points
Paint Finished with 120 microns of two pack acrylic high gloss paint
Optional Extras Roll over cover
Silage Sides
High level road lights