Husqvarna Robot Mower

How it works: There are three parts to the robot lawn mower, the mower; its charging station; and the boundary wire. Working inside an electric fence created by a loop signal sent from the charging station, the mower works fully automatically – when its batteries run low it will always ensure that it returns to the charging station. In order to do this the mower can follow a radio signal sent from the charging station; follow a guide wire; or follow the boundary fence. Once it is fully charged it will return back to work, never going outside of this area.

With a collision sensor built in, if the robot mower hits an object such as a tree or rockery it will stop and change direction with out causing any damage. Or, in the case of smaller objects, its safety blades will retract on contact meaning that the mower can pass over the object without breaking or damaging its blades before
continuing on its route.

Throughout any time of day or night, the mower can continue to work, cutting grass millimeters at a time, making it much more gentle and causing less damage to the grass. An app can be downloaded so that the user can program the mower to work between selected hours – perhaps working only at night so that the garden is freed up during the day.
Unlike conventional lawn mowers, grass clippings are not collected but rather clipped off and fall back down onto the soil providing extra nutrients and improving the quality of the lawn. This is also aided by the sharper, thinner blades, which cause less damage to the grass during cutting and help to improve its quality.

Protection from Theft: A PIN code is required for any intervention, and without it an alarm will sound. The mower will be useless when stolen as it cannot connect with any other charging station, and when reported stolen it will be red-listed in all support.

Husqvarna has a wide range of mowers to suit small – large gardens.

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