Jasmine Warranty Manager

Jasmine first joined Clarke and Pulman nearly 3 years ago in June 2015 as our service and warranty administrator. She was originally hired to work in the parts department but then after spending some time in the service department she never left.
Jasmine has recently been promoted to Warranty manager and now
works with retail and PDI , managing the paperwork side of servicing
for both our Burscough and Garstang Depots. In the time Jasmine has
worked at Clarke and Pulman she has gained an unparalleled knowledge
of service and warranty.
She described the role transition as very smooth and now deals with the
complete process of service and warranty from start to finish, additionally
encompassing the Accounts side of the role.
Jasmine is not the only person to be promoted in recent months. With
Chris moving to work at his family farm, James Reed has taken over as
Service Manager, and joins Jasmine in the service department.

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