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JCB Generators 140-220 kVA IVECO

This engine range offers the flexibility to meet a variety of customers’ needs to provide power to multiple applications.

Where performance is crucial, the Iveco range provides excellent load response and high engine power density.  The engine layout is compact lending itself as a small model to keep site footprints minimal.

Each generator is fitted with world class components to complement the Iveco engine to deliver efficient power and low fuel consumption. Maintenance intervals are low and access for service and maintenance is easily accessible to maintain uptime.


  • Available at 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Designed to withstand extreme environments and elements
  • Open or canopied to suit any application
  • At the heart of the machine is a 6-cylinder IVECO engine
  • Over 12 hours running on a single tank of fuel at 75% load
  • Easy generator operation with a simple intuitive control panel


Robust and powerful with effective silencing for industrial or commercial use.

Well known for reliability, IVECO engines deliver efficient high performance.

Quiet engines delivering less than 64dbA enable these units to be fitted in a range of applications including built up areas which also require high performance and reliability.

Easy Manoeuvrability

This range delivers high performance in a compact package – great for positioning on site.

Compact design means these units can be used for permanent or temporary applications.

Each canopy unit is fitted with a single point lift and fork pockets for easy manoeuvrability.

Performance Driven

This range is powered by the IVECO 6-Cylinder high performance engine.

IVECO boasts great fuel consumption, therefore improving the environmental impact of these products.

A robust engine, these IVECO units deliver unravelled performance even in extreme environments.