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One of the newest additions to our range of skid steer loaders, the small platform JCB 205 (rated operating capacity of 930kg / 2050lb) vertical lift model incorporates our unique single boom and side entry design. Designed for comfort, safety, economy, productivity and durability in the USA (home of skid steers), the 205’s 46kW (62hp) JCB Diesel by Kohler engine is tried, tested and proven.

The 205 has on average 60% better visibility and a 46% larger cab than rival manufacturers’ skid steer loaders, and there are a whole host of other benefits too. Like ergonomic controls, an extremely tough powerful boom and a low cost of ownership.

Operator comfort

Keeping your operators fresh, focused and productive is paramount, which is why we’ve designed our 205 model skid steer with a 46% larger cab than the nearest competitive machine. Our standard seat has mechanical suspension and there’s also a 12V charger, easily readable control panels and an electronic hand throttle.

Electric controls make handling smooth and intuitive; all in all, we like to think that JCB 205 skid steers are a comfortable favourite with operators.


There are no more productive skid steer loaders than the JCB 205. The figures speak for themselves: it has a 16% lower cost of ownership than the top competitor, a better SAE service rating, an annual fuel savings of over 2450 litres* and a heavy-duty crowd ram that’s nearly 3 times the size of the nearest major competition.

There’s a standard mechanical quickhitch and auxiliary couplers on the PowerBoom too. In short, it’s as productive as skid steers get.

* – based on 50 weeks per year and 35 hours per week.

Fast entry and exit speeds

• Side entry makes JCB skid steer loaders 17% quicker in applications requiring multiple entries and exits, such as some agricultural tasks.


We’ve designed our range of skid steer loaders to be extremely serviceable, ensuring minimum downtime. Firstly, we mount our engines longitudinally for easy access to the drive belt and associated components. There are also 30% fewer grease points than average vertical lift twin arm skid steers.

We’ve installed front and rear chassis clean out plates, with a fluid drain point in the rear one, as well as durable O-ring face seals on all hydraulic fittings. There’s excellent service access through the rear service door and gas strut-assisted tilting cooling pack.

So it’s no wonder our small platform skid steer loaders are on average 21% more serviceable than competitors’ machines, based on SAE Service Audit Scores. And there’s more too.

Even more serviceability

• Easy-to-service hydraulically-driven variable speed fan.
• Cab can be easily tilted by one person for hose access.
• Daily check points are grouped and easily accessible.
• Chassis has an integrated fuel tank and drain point.


JCB skid steer loader are more fuel efficient than competitive machines. With a combination of the Perkins engine, a hydraulically driven thermostatically controlled fan and the efficient hydraulic system the JCB skid steer loader provides 16% better fuel economy*. Try out the JCB Fuel Efficiency app to find out how much you could save with one of our skid steers.

*As compared to the leading competition.

Operator options

• Foot throttle – increase engine speed as needed to help minimise fuel consumption.
• Cab is sealed and pressurised to prevent dirt and dust ingress.
• A/C options.
• Keyless start / JCB immobiliser – allows up to 5 different four digit PIN numbers for added security and accountability.
• Lexan front screen – impact protection for heavy-duty applications (i.e. applications using forestry cutting heads).
• Cloth heated air suspension seat – fully adjustable for operator comfort.
• 2″ seatbelt fitted as standard.
2″ 3 point seatbelt – recommended for 2-speed.
3″ seatbelt – retractable seatbelt adjusts to fit all operator types.
3″ 3 point seatbelt – recommended for 2-speed.
• Radio with speakers and aerial – MP3 compatible with auxiliary connector in the control pod storage compartment.
• Canopy wheeled full door with mesh – replaces half mesh door (for added protection in areas with greater amounts of obstructions).
• Right hand mesh to replace glass as standard – we suggest you order right hand mesh when ordering full door mesh.

Machine options

Electrical options

• Roadlight kit with brakelights – includes larger headlights, indicators, brake lights, mirrors, position lights, and flashers / hazard lights.
• Engine block heater – uses an electrical heater to heat the engine easing starting in cold climate conditions.
• Worklights with 2 rear lights for non-A/C machines – adds an additional rear work light to the one standard.

Loader options

• Smooth Ride System (SRS) – cushions the loader arm, reducing spillage and providing a smoother ride.
• Parallel lift (raise only) – helps keep loads level throughout the lift cycle; ideal for handling palletised loads with forks.

Hydraulic options

• 2-speed for wheeled machines – increases speed when roading for quicker travel times.
• Hydraulics are available in both standard flow and optional high flow for increased attachment versatility.
• Biodegradable oils – environmentally friendly alternative.
• Standard auxiliary circuit low flow return – for use with attachments requiring a low flow case drain
• Hydraulic quickhitch – for easy changeover between attachments, ideal for applications that require multiple attachment changeovers.

Further machine options

• Hardide pivot pins – for severe duty applications.
• Spark arrestor exhaust – reduces the risk of sparks being emitted from the exhaust; ideal for forestry and waste/recycling applications.
• Tool kit (basic): grease gun, wheel brace and tommy bar.
• Tool kit (full): grease gun, wheel brace, tommy bar, tool roll and pressure gauge.
• Twine cutter – cuts string, twine, and wire around the axle shaft and flange to prevent damage to axle seals.

Application-specific options

• Waste and recycling protection package – level 2 FOPS guard and front screen guard.
• Demolition package – fire extinguisher, level 2 FOPS guard, front screen guard, twine cutter and heavy-duty rear bars.
• Forestry package – level 2 FOPS guard, front screen guard and heavy-duty rear bars.
• Waste and recycling protection package – level 2 FOPS guard and Lexan front screen.
• Demolition package – fire extinguisher, level 2 FOPS guard, Lexan front screen, twine cutter and heavy-duty rear bars.
• Forestry package – level 2 FOPS guard, lexan front screen and heavy-duty rear bars.
• Enclosed cab additional protection package – level 2 FOPS guard and left and right hand steel mesh to provide protection over laminated cab glass.



Net Engine Power

Loader Specification

Bucket Breakout Force   2149kg (4718lb)
Loader Lift Force   1570kg (3461lb)
Rated Operating Capacity – 50%   930kg (2050lb)
Tipping Load   1859kg (4100lb)

Machine Specification

Engine Model   404D-22T
Gross Horsepower
Gross Torque   189Nm (139lbf)
Lift Path   Vertical Lift
Operating Weight   3237kg (7136lb)
Visibility   270°


Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow   70lpm (18.5gpm)
High Flow   100lpm (26.4gpm)
Main Relief Pressure   230bar (3335psi)
Single Speed   12kph (7.5mph)
Two Speed   9kph (5.6mph) / 18.5kph (11.5mph)