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JCB 527-58 AGRI

The new JCB 527-58 AGRI Loadall is a telehandler that’s designed to meet the unique challenges of the agricultural environment head-on. Compact dimensions, incredible manoeuvrability, unparalleled build quality and all-day operator comfort all come as standard. That means you can take on the very narrowest spaces, slipperiest surfaces and heaviest workloads.

That’s just the beginning, too. As with all JCB AGRI telescopic handlers, the 527-58 is purpose-built to the exact needs of agricultural operators. You can therefore also expect maximum productivity, efficiency, safety and serviceability. With minimal compromise.

Comfort & Ease of use

To make it easier to operate the boom controls, there’s an armrest on the seat providing comfort and support; backlit switches aid recognition and night visibility; and, for intuitive automotive ergonomics, we’ve fitted new instruments and a hi-res TFT screen.

Stepless hydrostatic transmission is fitted as standard to the 527-58 AGRI Loadall. This slick feature provides peerless control, great tractive effort, fast acceleration and a top speed of up to 40km/h.

Overall transmission responsiveness and ease of operation have been improved on this telehandler. What’s more, Tortoise Mode has been increased to 8km/h to improve rehandling performance.

Monitoring your AdBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) level is easily done via the new in-cab TFT display on the 527-58 telescopic handler.

Optional front and rear work lights provide improved all-round visibility (there’s an LED option for ultimate nighttime performance). You can also choose a rear towing hitch work light option to make changeovers easier.

A tilting and optional telescopic steering column provides easy adjustment for maximum comfort.

Our rear-mounted clean air kit option keeps the cab environment as fresh as possible.

The optional deluxe cab trim incorporates rear seat storage and a cubby box mounted on the off-side rear of the seat.


A standard hydraulic variable-speed cooling fan fitted to the JCB 527-58 AGRI Loadall telehandler automatically reacts to ambient temperature and adjusts fan speed for maximum economy and minimal noise. The fan’s superior airflow also reduces dust blow from the ground.

JCB’s innovative Clean Burn technology helps EcoMAX to meet T4F/Stage IV regulations using a sealed-for-life SCR system instead of exhaust after-treatments like DPFs. Benefits include the fact that you don’t have to worry about costly time-consuming DPF regeneration and replacement.

Electronic high-pressure common rail fuel injection improves economy whilst producing huge power and torque at engine speeds as low as 1500–1600rpm; a new electronically managed hydrostatic transmission means you can really make the most of all that power.

JCB telescopic handlers enjoy proven demand supported by legendary productivity and build quality, ensuring high residuals the world over.

EcoMAX can be adapted to run on lower-grade fuels, making AGRI Loadalls easily resalable across different territories, boosting residuals further still.

High back-off brakes reduce viscous drag during roading and rehandling, which improves economy by up to 2%. We’ve reduced the Powershift transmission oil level for an extra 1% efficiency boost.

The latest EcoMAX engines use 13% less fuel than the units in Tier 3-compliant JCB 527-58 Loadall telehandlers, saving you money*. Better still, you receive comprehensive fuel data – including current average fuel consumption – on the dash LED screen.

* – Based on re-handling duty cycle versus Tier 3 units.

Less Servicing, More Service

Fluid filters (engine oil, hydraulic oil and fuel) are centrally located for fast, easy servicing. The air filter is easily accessible too, and its double-element design simplifies cleaning.

All daily checks and greasing can be performed at ground level. It’s also easy to fill the diesel and AdBlue tanks from ground level, with both tanks equipped with pre-filters in the filler necks to guard against dirt and contaminants.

Lengthy 500-hour service intervals help to minimise downtime, yet still keep your Loadall well maintained and in peak condition. A dry boom lubricant system means our telehandler wear pads are extremely durable, with service intervals of 500 hours.

All of our LiveLink-equipped T4F Loadall telescopic handlers (including the 527-58 AGRI) can report fuel economy, idle time and engine load data through the LiveLink web portal.

This telehandler doesn’t use DPF technology, so there’s none of the extreme heat production you’d normally associate with DPF regeneration. This, in turn, reduces risks of fire.

Most T4F engines use a DPF or DOC, with all the additional maintenance that entails. The SCR system employed on EcoMAX units eliminates the need to replace or clean these expensive elements; this keeps residual values high.

Performance and Productivity

The JCB 527-58 AGRI Loadall telehandler boasts excellent maneuverability and rapid travel speeds, courtesy of a compact wheelbase and large steering lock angles.

With limited slip diffs and 4WD as standard, you get plenty of traction and performance even in soft, muddy areas.

A separate transmission dump foot pedal provides superb multi-functioning and increased power during loading or rehandling.

You can switch between three steering modes – two-wheel steer, four-wheel and crab steer.

The JCB EcoMAX T4F engine with variable geometry turbo delivers an increased 109hp (81kW) of power and 516Nm of torque. This is produced at low engine speeds, offering you optimum response, as well as improved cycle times and tractive effort.

JCB’s Smoothride System (SRS) improves load retention and increases operator comfort (and therefore productivity) when travelling at speed on the road, tracks or fields. You can now also engage SRS manually with the boom in any position.

This AGRI Loadall telescopic handler is fitted with class-leading single lever controls, as well as flow sharing hydraulics. This ensures fatigue-free operation, optimum cycle times and precise operation.

Quality, Reliability, Durability

There’s a tough U-shaped boom pressing with fully welded closing plates. For extra strength, there are large boom overlaps of up to 1.0m; we’ve also reduced joints and stress points across our integrated boom nose and one-piece closing plate.

Hydraulic hoses are intelligently routed through the boom for maximum protection; the side engine bonnet is recessed to guard against site damage; and rear lights fold up to keep them clear and well protected from damage.

The JCB 527-58’s T4F/Stage IV engine builds on the tried-and-proven success of the JCB EcoMAX platform. Since its launch, we’ve achieved over 200,000 hours of testing across the toughest applications and environments.

Because we make our own hydraulic rams, cabs, axles, transmissions and engines, every element of JCB telescopic handlers works in perfect harmony. From your point of view, that means optimum reliability and performance.

To meet European demand, JCB is introducing a range of Rockinger Hitches.

The new AGRI Loadall range’s stringent testing programme has included prolonged high stress loading of the chassis, boom and other key components, as well as repeated transmission use over thousands of cycles.

We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes like robot machining, precision paint technology and innovative assembly techniques to achieve the very highest levels of quality.

Safety and Security

Our factory-fit immobilisers can result in reduced insurance premiums. You can choose whether your immobiliser is operated by a key or a 4-digit code keypad that automatically arms itself after a set period of time following engine shutdown.

Cesar is a simple and effective method of machine identification and registration that’s operated by police across the UK and Ireland. JCB fully supports this initiative and we fit it as standard to all UK market machines.

JCB Adaptive Load Control automatically prevents your telehandler from overturning forwards during heavy load handling.

Our Loadalls all carry a Thatcham 3-star security rating, which can help to reduce your insurance premiums.

Hose burst check valves (HBCVs) are fitted as standard to the rams, preventing a collapse in the event of hose failure.

Opt for our load guard on your Q-fit carriage and you’ll be more protected from falling loads/debris.

General Machine Options

• Low cab
• 20″ tyres
• Variable speed control with hand throttle
• Front and rear working lights
• Rotating flashing beacon
• Fire extinguisher
• Front and roof screen guard
• Air conditioning
• Radial tyres
• 2 boom end auxiliary services
• Sunblind
• Radio kit
• Carriage hydraulic locking
• Limited slip differential in front axle
• Air suspension seat
• Reversing fan
• 2-speed and intermittent front wash/wipers
• Smoothride system
• Towing facility with trailer lighting package
• Carriage options available – contact your local dealer


Lift Performance

Maximum Lift Capacity 2700kg
Maximum Lift Height 5.8m


Maximum Engine Power 81kW (109hp)