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JCB 536-70 AGRI

The JCB 536-70 Agri is a hugely efficient EcoMAX-powered telescopic handler. It sits on a Loadall chassis that’s designed for load-bearing and stability.

The side-mounted JCB engine combines with JCB axles and transmission to ensure a reliable drivetrain performance from well-proven components.

For added versatility, high utilisation and extra investment value, we offer a large attachments range.

There’s also instant steering selection between three modes for easy operation, single-lever servo controls, a tight turn radius and great manoeuvrability.

Agri Pro

Introducing the JCB AGRI Pro, the ultimate telehandler for PRODUCTIVITY, EFFICIENCY AND DRIVEABILITY. At its heart is a World’s first 2 in 1 transmission; the DualTech Variable Transmission, combining high-speed efficiency and towing ability of a Powershift with low-speed control advantages of a hydrostatic transmission.

• Finish the job up to 25% quicker with revolutionary productivity.
• Use up to 15% less fuel with revolutionary efficiency.
• 10x LED work light package providing 360 degree illumination
• Power Mode provides an extra boost for arduous applications and provides more responsive direction control, acceleration and deceleration.
• New power brakes cuts off drive for intuitive multi-functioning during loading and rehandling.
• AUTO 2/4WD switches the JCB AGRI Pro from 4WD to 2WD at speeds above 19kph and vice versa when moving down to lower speeds. 2WD is driven to the rear axles for better traction when towing.

Ultimate Performance, Ultimate Productivity

• A JCB AGRI Loadall is extremely manoeuvrable; the compact wheelbase and large steering lock angles save you valuable time on the farm, especially where space is limited.
• Smart Hydraulics help to ensure the very fastest cycle times, keeping farm output high, while our Auto Smooth Ride System (SRS) improves load retention and comfort (and, in turn, productivity) when travelling at speed on roads or fields.
• JCB’s Auto Bucket Control technology makes it easier to meter out or fully empty material from your bucket or manure fork via a feature button on the joystick. Material is ejected quickly and in a controlled way.
• An AGRI telehandler has three selectable steer modes. There’s two-wheel steer, which is ideal for travelling at high speed on the road; four-wheel steer for working in tight spaces; and crab steer for manoeuvring close to walls and farm buildings.
• Joystick-mounted manual or automatic gear change means you can shift gears, speed and direction quickly and easily. A selectable transmission dump on the foot brake provides superb multi-functioning and increased engine speeds during loading or re-handling. Braking has all-wheel servo assistance.
• These Loadalls are fitted with auxiliary spools as standard, ensuring they can be used with a wide range of attachments for maximum versatility. The cab now boasts a pressure release button for the front and rear hydraulic auxiliary services too.
• AGRI telehandlers are 4WD, helping you maintain traction at all times (2WD can be selected at the flick of a switch to minimise tyre wear and fuel use). For improved performance on difficult terrain, opt for a limited slip diff.
• Boom end damping reduces material loss whilst enhancing the smoothness of boom lift and retract.
• The new efficient EcoMAX Tier 4 Final engine produces its power and torque at low engine speeds for great responsiveness, and the wide range of JCB telescopic handler models means you can find the perfect machine for your requirements.
• With a variable geometry turbo for excellent performance at low revs, the JCB EcoMAX Tier 4 Final engine can provide greater fuel efficiency*.
• The JCB Q-Fit carriage makes attachment changing quick and easy.
• The high-flow twin auxiliary option increases the productivity of your attachments with no primary power loss. This feature also helps to keep the hydraulic oil cooler.

* Model-dependent

A Sound Investment

• The 81kW (109hp), 93kW (125hp) and 108kW (145hp) JCB EcoMAX telescopic handler engines are fitted with a variable speed cooling fan that automatically reacts to ambient temperature, adjusting fan speed for maximum economy and minimum noise.
• JCB AGRI Loadalls are products of our Efficient Design programme, the upshot of which is that you can expect up to 18% fuel savings over our Tier 3 models.
• An LED screen on the dash provides Loadall operators with useful information for efficient running, like fuel remaining, fuel used since last fill, and current average fuel consumption figures.
• Innovative all-new smart hydraulic technology helps to make the most of every drop of precious fuel. Gravitational forces are harnessed to make boom lowering and retraction more energy efficient than ever.
• JCB Loadalls enjoy huge global demand due to legendary productivity, build quality and reliability. Your telehandler’s engine can be remapped to run on lower-grade fuels, potentially allowing resale across many different territories and boosting residuals still further.
• High back-off brakes reduce viscous drag during roading and rehandling, which improves fuel economy by up to 2%.
• AGRI Super Loadalls are fitted with TorqueLock in 5th and 6th gears for higher travel speeds, quicker journey times from farm to field, and reduced fuel consumption when roading.
• By producing high levels of power and torque even at engine speeds as low as 1300–1400rpm, EcoMAX can provide fuel-efficient matching of transmission and hydraulics.

Strength and Durability

• There’s a tough inverted U-shaped boom pressing, fully welded closing plates and large boom overlaps of more than 1m. For extra strength, we’ve reduced the number of joints and stress points across our integrated boom nose and one-piece closing plate.
• Hoses on our AGRI telescopic handlers are routed through the boom for maximum protection; engine bonnets are protected from damage by being side-mounted on the chassis and recessed.
• AGRI Loadalls with a lift height of 7m or more are equipped with fold-up rear lights that can be kept clear and well protected from on-site damage.
• A one-piece fully welded chassis maximises strength and minimises weight, while heavy-duty axle feet help a JCB AGRI telehandler to absorb the immense stresses generated during continuous heavy loading.
• The boom is mounted low in the chassis, providing an extremely rigid structure and maximum over-the-shoulder visibility. Centralised lift, tilt and extension rams eliminate boom twisting and are held in place by centrally-mounted keyhole castings for even greater structural integrity.
• EcoMAX has been tested for over 200,000 hours in 70 different machines across the toughest applications and environments. Our telescopic handlers benefit from JCB-built hydraulic cylinders, cabs, axles, transmissions and engines – all designed to work in perfect harmony for optimum reliability.
• The new AGRI Loadall range’s stringent testing program has included prolonged high stress loading of the chassis, boom and other key components, as well as cold climate testing and repeated transmission use over thousands of cycles.
• To protect our AGRI Loadalls from corrosion over the long term, we dip the cab in electrophoretic alloy before painting it.

A Slick Operation

• A standard-fit fully proportional single lever servo joystick provides fast and precise control. All operators from novices to experts will find AGRI Loadalls easy to use; the cab is intuitive and uncomplicated, with clear instruments and a familiar automotive-style control layout.
• Backlit switches offer crystal clear recognition even in the dark and we now offer front, rear, boom and hitch LED worklight options to optimize visibility whilst operating your telescopic handler at night or in low-light operating areas like outbuildings.
• The 7-speed fan heater creates the most comfortable, productive telehandler operator environment. To tailor your driving position, opt for the easily adjustable tilting telescopic steering column.
• All-round visibility on these telescopic handlers is excellent, courtesy of direct glazing, a large roof screen and a low-profile hood. On bright days, your Loadall’s standard-fit tinted cab glass will reflect 30% of the sun’s energy for enhanced operator comfort.
• Our new aggressively styled telehandler bonnet exterior isn’t purely cosmetic; the cooling fan airflow is now angled upwards, reducing dust build-up. The exterior top door slam latch is also new – you can now close the upper door from outside.
• For comfort and support during boom operation, our Super models come with a seat-mounted joystick.

Safe and Secure

• Cab access on these telehandlers is very safe, with three points of contact and ergonomically positioned grab handles and steps.
• A JCB AGRI Loadall has hose burst check valves (HBCVs) to protect the rams from collapse in the event of a hose failure. For extra safety, bystanders are safeguarded by our standard-fit reversing alarm.
• The low boom profile and pivot means that Loadall operators get excellent all-round visibility.
• Accidental operation is a thing of the past with our operator presence switch; this feature prevents your telescopic handler from moving when the operator leaves the seat.
• Opt for front and top screen roof guards for added protection from falling objects on your telescopic handler.
• Our security system is Thatcham-approved (depending on territory), so you could benefit from reduced insurance premiums.
• JCB LiveLink’s telematic GPS tracking provides invaluable real-time location data on your telehandler. Geofencing alerts help to ensure your machine is only being used in your chosen areas.

Less Servicing, More Service

• JCB’s innovative Clean Burn technology helps our telehandler engines to meet Tier 4 Final regulations without exhaust after-treatments like DPFs. This means, of course, that costly DPF regeneration or replacement is never a worry.
• It’s easy to fill both the diesel and DEF (Adblue) tanks from ground level. Both tanks also have built-in pre-filters in the filler necks to guard against dirt and contaminants as well as separate keys to prevent cross contamination. Housed inside the DEF tank are DEF quality sensors.
• All daily checks and greasing can be carried out at ground level; our centralised greasing system makes for quicker and easier servicing.
• The batteries are protected by a hinged and bolted door for easy yet secure access.
• A dry lubricant system means our wear pads are extremely durable, with service intervals of 500 hours.
• Every fluid filter on this telescopic handler (engine oil, hydraulic oil and fuel) is centrally located for fast, easy servicing. The air filter is easily accessed too, and its double-element design simplifies cleaning.
• We’ve equipped AGRI Loadalls with a large, wide service bay that’s accessed via a gas-assisted bonnet. This setup allows fast and easy inspection around three sides of the engine.


The JCB 536-70 Agri telescopic handler is designed to be highly efficient. Its EcoMAX engine produces high power and torque at low revs. That means more work for less engine exertion, saving fuel. Productivity is also helped by the spacious, comfy cab. Easy maintenance and rugged components come as standard too, which maximises usage.

Every JCB AGRI Loadall is designed to be as productive as possible, with numerous features to make the most out of every drop of fuel you use.

For example, the JCB EcoMAX T4 Final engines are so fuel-efficient that they use 18% less fuel than our Tier 3 units, whilst still producing plenty of peak power and torque at very low revs. What’s more, EcoMAX doesn’t rely on costly, complex after-treatment like DPF, eliminating time-consuming and costly DPF replacement. These popular telescopic handlers boast countless other efficiency-enhancing innovations like long service intervals, high back-off brakes, an Auto Smooth Ride System, variable geometry turbo technology*, accurate onboard machine monitoring and a regenerative hydraulic system.

* Model-dependent.

General Machine Options

• Agri Plus package
• Agri Super package
• Front and rear working lights
• Rotating flashing beacon
• Fire extinguisher
• Radial industrial tyres
• Electrical 2/4WD select
• Limited slip differential in front axle
• Windscreen and roof guard
• Air suspension seat
• Roof and front screen blind
• Radio kit
• Air conditioning
• Reversing fan
• 2 speed and intermittent front wash/wipe
• High flow auxiliary
• Smoothride system
• Towing facility with trailer lighting package
• Seat mounted joystick (standard on Agri Super and optional on Agri Plus)
• Carriage options available – contact your local dealer



Lift Performance

Maximum Lift Capacity 3600kg
Maximum Lift Height 7m


Maximum Engine Power 108kW (145hp)