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JCB 8018 CTS Micro Excavator

If you’re looking for the ultimate mini excavator, look no further than the JCB 8018 CTS. It boasts best-in-class performance, allied to incredible build quality, superlative strength and unbeatable ease of operation.

We’ve used the very latest manufacturing and design processes to create this highly advanced conventional tailswing machine. As such, it boasts everything from a potent engine to a strong dozer blade, durable steel bushes, an extending undercarriage, low weight and a new high-precision hydraulic valve block.


  • Class-leading excavation, lift capacity and tearout
  • Easily transportable between sites
  • High strength box section dozer blade
  • Extending undercarriage for increased stability
  • New hydraulic valve block for smooth, precise operation
  • Short pitched tracks for a smooth ride


The high-strength box section dozer blade can withstand impacts from kerbs and manhole covers, while dozer blade hoses are protected by a steel plate.

All the hoses on the 8018 CTS’ undercarriage are recessed for maximum protection.

JCB’s state-of-the-art manufacturing processes mean this mini excavator benefits from ultimate build quality, reliability, durability, service life and machine uptime. Our in-house paint process is a case in point, guaranteeing quality and lasting protection.

For ultimate rigidity, the extending undercarriage beams on an 8018 CTS are made from 25mm solid steel plate.

Adjustable wear pads on the track extensions provide a long service life and a firm, positive, quiet ride during tracking.


The lower door on an 8018 CTS is made from steel, averting costly glass breakages.

Our top-mounted boom ram is perfectly protected when loading lorries and skips.

The 8018 CTS uses the very latest sealing technology – O-ring face trapezoidal seal hydraulics minimise leaks.

To optimise durability and service life, we’ve fitted replaceable steel bushes to the kingpost, dipper nose and bucket-tipping link. This also provides smooth and accurate operation.

The hydraulic hoses (including the auxiliary) are routed through the boom and dipper for ultimate damage protection.

The 8018 CTS’ latest low-wear steel bushes are highly durable and also reduce wear on pivot pins.


The short pitched tracks engage every tooth on the sprocket, which gives an 8018 CTS less vibration and noise – and a far smoother ride – than most mini excavators.

A large glass area and low bonnet profile provide excellent all-round visibility, including to the front right-hand track. This means the 8018 CTS doesn’t need mirrors to meet EU regulations.

We’ve used a one-piece seat base; this reduces machine vibration and provides high levels of operator comfort in the 8018 CTS.

The 8018 CTS has tinted cab glass as standard to reflect the sun’s energy, increasing operator comfort.

Dozer extensions swing out easily on this mini excavator, which allows operators to quickly and easily shift the dozer wings.


The 8018 CTS boasts class-leading excavation performance courtesy of new dig-end geometry: 2.34m depth, 4.12m reach, 2.62m height. There’s also class-leading lift capacity and a class-leading digging envelope.

Tearout is a class-leading 16.2kN; combined with fast cycle times, you can do more work in less time with this mini excavator.

The 8018 CTS’ new hydraulic valve block allows you to travel in a straight line at the same time as selecting excavator functions, increasing productivity.

Because the 8018 CTS weighs just 1822kg, it can be easily towed to wherever you need it.

A powerful 14.2Kw engine produces high torque at low revs, providing ample power for even the most demanding tasks.

We’ve designed the dozer blade profile of the 8018 CTS for supremely efficient material roll. This means grading performance is improved during dozing.


The 8018 CTS’ new hydraulic valve block provides smooth, controlled, precise and balanced operation of excavator functions.

A two-speed tracking button on the 8018 CTS’ dozer lever is easy and intuitive to use.

By improving the cab tilt angle on our mini excavators by 17%, we’ve increased service access still further (it was already best-in-class). This design eliminates the need for restrictive servicing hatches in the floor.

We’ve grouped all the 8018 CTS’ daily service points to make servicing quick and easy. Wide-opening service access panels are supported with gas struts for excellent access to routine checks.

JCB’s optional impact protection front screen shields the operator from flying debris when using breakers.

The large door opening on an 8018 CTS gives easy entry and exit.