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The JCB Fastrac 3200 XTRA is a perfect balance of high power, comfort, remarkable efficiency, ultimate versatility and industry-leading safety – this tractor really can help you achieve incredible productivity and increase profitability.

The JCB Fastrac is the world’s only draft tractor with all-round suspension, giving unsurpassed operator comfort, reduced compaction, increased traction with no power hop and greater GPS accuracy at up to 40kph. It also allows transfer speeds of up to 80kph, with ABS truck brakes for safe stopping.

JCB Fastrac 3200 XTRA power and torque is formidable: 195hp (145kW) and 960Nm respectively, for top productivity. Because the 7.4 litre unit generates all of this at low revs, fuel efficiency is excellent and noise levels are reduced too. The JCB P-TRONIC 24-speed semi-powershift transmission has all the gears you need and allows you to fine tune engine speed for optimum performance or fuel economy.

To cap it all, the JCB Fastrac 3200 XTRA has a spacious, quiet, comfortable cab that’s packed with technology to aid productivity.

Unrivalled Productivity

The priority for any tractor is maximum productivity and the JCB Fastrac 3200 XTRA takes that to new levels. JCB’s unique full suspension system provides superlative comfort, traction, ride and safety, right up to a 80 kph top speed.

The new sculpted chassis gives improved manoeuvrability and allows 34” wheels to be fitted as standard, improving traction still further.

The productive Stage 4 / Tier 4 Final Sisu engine provides plenty of power (195hp / 145kW) and torque (960Nm) for all your field operations, while the Headland Turn Assist and GPS autosteer allow maximum automation and accuracy.

The JCB 3200 XTRA’s P-TRONIC transmission can be manually controlled with the joystick or automated via cruise control settings so it always runs at the optimum level, giving maximum output for minimum input.

Supreme Efficiency

To ensure that you get the most out of every drop of fuel, the JCB Fastrac 3200 XTRA is geared for ultimate productivity and efficiency.

The Stage 4 / Tier 4 Final Sisu engine uses efficient combustion and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. There’s still all the high power and torque you need from a heavy draft tractor.

Super-accurate GPS means that this JCB Fastrac can cover a field in the minimum number of passes, slashing input costs by up to 10%.

JCB’s Headland Turn Assist (HTA), together with a range of automatic cruise controls, can help get the most from your 3200 XTRA.

The JCB Fastrac 3200 XTRA’s full suspension system reduces compaction, which lowers establishment costs even more. It also provides ultimate traction, making the most of every bit of power. That means reduced tyre wear and even more fuel efficiency.

Superior Safety

Because the JCB Fastrac 3200 XTRA is an extremely powerful machine, we’ve put some key safety features in place to make sure you and your investment are well-protected.

The 3200 XTRA tractor’s unique full suspension and chassis structures make for safe handling and control in all conditions, including at higher speeds.

We’ve fitted premium EU truck-standard ABS brakes too. They’re mounted outboard to help cooling, eliminate fade and guard against oil contamination. They’re also quick, simple and cost effective to service.

• Direct link power assisted steering with air over hydraulic braking
• Large, comfortable cab with 2 full-sized seats and large glass area for great visibility
• 8 front and 6 rear work lights can be operated simultaneously for near-daylight conditions

Minimised Operating Cost

For such a productive tractor, the JCB Fastrac 3200 XTRA has very low operating costs. The fuel-efficient engine minimises consumption, while super-accurate GPS autosteer makes the most of seed, fertiliser and fuel by covering every centimetre of each field once (and once only).

To make sure you get the most from your 3200 XTRA, we build it to be reliable and easily serviceable with ground level daily checks, a fold-out cooling pack and outboard brakes.

Of course the highly versatile nature of the 3200 XTRA makes for a sound investment. 3 mounting points (front linkage, rear linkage and deck) allow demount sprayers to be used. Trailed sprayers can also be catered for, with extra tanks on the front and deck, maximising in-field time and minimising refilling.

Automotive quality paint processes and component finishes mean your 3200 still looks as good as new after thousands of hours. Coupled with legendary performance, that means healthy residuals.


The JCB Fastrac 3200 XTRA is designed to be highly efficient. The Stage 4 / Tier 4 Final AGCO Power engine with SCR technology, saves fuel by producing maximum power and torque at low revs. The full suspension minimises compaction and lowers establishment costs. What’s more, GPS technology allows the 3200 to cover a field at up to 40kph with minimal overlap, slashing input costs by up to 10%.

General Machine Options

• Front hydraulic linkage (Category II) complete with front mounted controls
• Front PTO, single output
• Four auxiliary spool valves
• Load sensing hydraulic connection
• Front weights
• Rear deck weight
• Heavy-duty suspension cylinders
• Front hydraulic service (‘T’ spool 3) or front hydraulic services (‘T’ spool 3 & 4)
• Front free flow return
• 20 spline (1.75”) PTO stub
• 6 spline (1.75”) PTO stub
• Field Performance package including radar speed meter with wheel slip control and Headland Turn
• Assist system
• 6 front and 4 rear worklights or 8 front and 6 rear worklights
• Xenon worklight package (2 front, 2 rear Xenon with 6 front, 4 rear standard)
• Roof hatch
• Deluxe heated drivers seat
• Auxiliary Audio input
• Automatic rear linkage stabilisers
• 540E/1000 rpm PTO option
• Hook end top link
• Heated windscreen, with heated and electrically adjustable mirrors
• GPS autosteer preparation
• Rear hitch camera
• In-cab fridge
• Solar glass
• Road performance package
• Fender spool control
• 80mm ball option



Maximum Engine Power 145kW

Torque 931Nm


Maximum Travel Speed 80kph