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The JCB Fastrac 4190 is a brand new generation of tractor, raising performance and productivity levels to new heights with seamless control, faster operating speeds, multiple implement mounting points and unique all-round self-levelling suspension.

The design draws on 25 years’ experience in developing the unique JCB Fastrac features and capabilities like equal sized wheels, 50:50 weight distribution and 4-wheel disc braking with ABS. With unrivalled productivity, versatility, comfort, safety and serviceability the JCB Fastrac 4190 really is all the tractor you’ll ever need.

Cost-Efficient Productivity

The JCB Fastrac 4190 is perfectly suited to a wide variety of applications in grassland, arable, haulage and livestock operations alike. Look no further for the best return on investment.

Compare Fastrac with conventional tractors and you’ll find that JCB tractors offer faster in-field speeds, greater load carrying capacity, quicker headland turns and faster transfer speeds, potentially saving several working days a year.
Turning at the headland is much faster with four-wheel steering and a minimum turning circle below 10 metres.

Carry an extra 2.25m³ of seed on the rear deck to reduce drill refilling stops to once per day. Put the drill hopper up front for ultimate capacity, 50:50 weight distribution, and scope for using wider power harrow-seed drill combinations.

Use the 4-tonne capacity rear deck to carry 2.5 tonnes of fertiliser for improved weight distribution and an extra 10ha between fills. Combined with faster return-to-base fill-ups, you could achieve an extra hour’s productive work daily.

You can gain two-thirds more spray tank capacity with these tractors by ditching the 1500-litre linkage sprayer for a 2500-litre demount. Or go large with a front-linkage tank for up to 4000-litre capacity.

Powerful Control

A new Sisu 6.6-litre six-cylinder engine provides the JCB Fastrac 4190 with proven fuel efficiency, a maximum 208hp (155kW) of power and 850Nm of torque. The whole driveline offers plenty of grunt at low revs, maximising performance and efficiency.

New CVT transmission ensures optimum use of power and torque, with seamless acceleration and power delivery, ideal speeds for every situation, and ultra-fine speed control for top-quality work with all implements.

Tailor your transmission and engine control strategy using the Fastrac’s touch screen controller – prioritise power and productivity, fuel economy, fixed engine/PTO speed or fuel-efficient road travel.

Active Traction manipulates your tractor’s torque output to keep the tyres gripping for maximum pulling power with minimum wear.

The SCR emissions system used on these tractors is fuel-efficient technology that’s been tried and tested on other models in the JCB Fastrac range.

JCB Fastracs are fast on the road and in the field at low engine revs: cruise at 60km/h at 1600rpm or drive for maximum fuel economy at 50km/h with just 1400rpm on the clock (tyre dependent).

Unique Suspension and Braking

The JCB Fastrac 4190’s unique self-levelling rear axle suspension is now matched by a new hydraulic front system that maintains correct ride height wherever the implement is mounted. Mounted implements are also cushioned from shocks and jolts by this system.

Active suspension quickly responds to coupling a linkage-mounted implement or a de-mount sprayer/spreader, restoring ride height, wheel travel and stability with a stiffer spring rate to support the extra weight.

As the spray tank or seed hopper empties, or a plough or cultivator is lowered to the ground, the suspension on the Fastrac 4190 compensates to keep tractor, driver and implement on the level.

Optional advanced double-acting suspension features larger components with adaptive pressure and damping control; stability, control, ride comfort and handling – setting a new standard for tractors. You can also lower your Fastrac beneath a demount sprayer, spreader or bulk hopper.

A smooth-riding chassis provides a stable platform for spraying and spreading with consistent working heights and high operating speeds. Unique side-to-side active levelling promotes maximum stability, driver confidence and productivity, particularly in difficult terrain.

Because JCB Fastracs can legally travel faster on the road, they boast high performance disc brakes and ABS all-round for consistent, fade-free stopping power.

Multi-Tasking Versatility

The JCB Fastrac 4190 is a real Swiss Army knife of tractors in a small but powerful package. Make use of five implement positions, including the chassis for a front loader, to do more operations in one go.

Maximum Permissible Vehicle Weight is up to 13 or 14 tonnes (depending on territory/configuration) with the ability to mount up to 4 tonnes on the rear deck. So these tractors can carry loads more, with bigger implements and fewer refills.

A new flow-on-demand closed centre hydraulics system ensures there’s plenty of oil for every situation. An axial piston pump provides up to 148 l/min for auxiliary services, while a separate gear pump ensures a dedicated supply to the steering system.

There’s a new three-point linkage system on the Fastrac 4190, featuring up to 8,000kg lift capacity with new geometry ensuring plenty of muscle and lift for large implements. Front linkage capacity is now boosted to 3,500kg.

Extend your productive day with the optional LED work light package, comprising up to 18 lamps to provide near-daylight visibility even at night. LEDs also minimise power consumption for maximum light output, and there’s even an auto switch-off feature.

Another way of increasing the working envelope is to opt for fully-integrated high definition GPS guidance. This will boost precision, output, bout matching and operator energy levels, as well as allowing work to continue at night or in low-visibility conditions.

All-New CommandPlus Cab

Space, comfort, practicality – three words that sum up the JCB Fastrac 4190’s all-new Command Plus cab. There’s 10% more room than in the leading competitor’s cab, and a full-size instruction seat means both driver and instructor enjoy safety and comfort.

Get the perfect driving position with our new supportive suspension seat. It’s fully adjustable (likewise the steering column) and can now swivel 50° right and 20° left; so checking rear-mounted and trailed equipment needn’t be a pain in the neck.

There are many innovative little flourishes on these tractors, like optional MP3 player compatibility and Bluetooth hands-free communications. The optional coolbox is ideal for long days, and the instruction seat can even fold flat to create a picnic table.

With deep door glass and side windows, as well as wide lower windscreen glazing, you enjoy great forward and over-the-shoulder visibility on a Fastrac for faster, safer, more comfortable working. There’s also excellent sun protection.

Climate control keeps the operator comfortable in all weathers and quickly clears the windows of condensation. In addition, opening rear quarter windows provide natural ventilation while an optional fixed roof window allows more light and improves visibility for loader work.

The JCB Fastrac 4190’s slimline instrument panel provides all the information and alerts you need without impeding forward visibility.

Control and Maneuvability

A colour touch-screen terminal is standard equipment on a JCB Fastrac 4000 series, handling key tractor functions in the most intuitive and clearest way possible.

You can easily programme the Headland Turn Assist (HTA) feature using the touch screen – set up and store control sequences for five different implements (with up to 15 steps in each) for simpler headland turns.

Our new RapidSteer option reduces arm twirling for headland turns and loader work to just two turns lock-to-lock.
The JCB Fastrac 4190’s new compact chassis is narrower where it counts, making turns tighter than ever. Tyre sizes now include 600/70R30 and 540/65R34 to complement the tractor’s 50:50 weight distribution.

Opt for JCB’s four-wheel-steering option and enjoy the choice of five steer modes, potentially reducing your tractor’s turning circle to less than 10m (tyre dependent). 2WS, 4WS and a fully user-programmable setting are selected via a three-position switch.


The new JCB Fastrac 4190 is designed to offer ultimate productivity first and foremost; in order to do that, it has to be incredibly efficient.

For starters, it’s efficient in terms of its versatility: here’s a tractor you can use to great effect on grassland, arable, haulage and livestock operations alike. Not only that but new 4000-series JCB Fastracs are fitted with an extremely efficient AGCO Power engine that makes the most of every drop of fuel to produce power and torque aplenty at low revs. The engine also boasts fuel-efficient SCR technology to meet emissions legislation.

Out and about, you’ll find that optional four-wheel steering makes headland turns up to 40% quicker, reducing wear and tear into the bargain. These tractors can also be fitted with GPS guidance, helping you to maximise the efficiency of your operation still further.

An all-new CVT transmission, meanwhile, provides smoother and more efficient gear changes, and the Active Traction feature helps to minimise tyre wear.

Finally, you can tailor your JCB Fastrac 4190’s performance via the in-cab touchscreen to provide you with optimum efficiency.


Depending on model and territory:

850kg front weight, 1000kg rear deck weight, 20 spline 1 13⁄4 PTO shaft, 6 spline 1 13⁄4 PTO shaft, Headland Turn Assist with radar and performance monitor, Deluxe seating options, Heated front and rear screens, Electric heated mirrors with additional wide angle lens, Auxiliary audio input, Halogen and LED worklights options, External rear fender control buttons, 7 pin front power socket, 3 pin front power socket, Interior rear view mirror, Automatic rear linkage stabilisers, Hookend/hydraulic top link, Electric cool box, Rear hitch camera, Roof window, Rear window blind, Rear deck sub-mounting frame.



Maximum Engine Power   141kW
Torque   850Nm


Maximum Travel Speed   60kph