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JCB Generators

JCB Generators 8-20kVA

When you need reliable power and a compact solution, JCB’s 8-20 kVA models offer a versatile power generator.

JCB Generators 20-45 kVA

Designed to deliver high performance in the most compact packages.

JCB Generators 65-140 kVA

The JCB 4-Cylinder Dieselmax engine powers world-class performance for the most demanding environments and applications, making it an ideal engine to fit our QS generators.

JCB Generators 165-220 kVA

The most powerful models in the QS range are powered by JCB’s six-cylinder Dieselmax engine, delivering significant fuel saving and as much as 8% less fuel than competitive generators.

JCB Generators 140-220 kVA

This engine range offers the flexibility to meet a variety of customers’ needs to provide power to multiple applications.

JCB Generators 275-600 kVA

JCB’s 275-600kVA power range uses the superior Scania engine to provide both fuel optimised and Stage IIIA models. If you need a reliable power source to deliver maximum uptime and optimised operating efficiency then a Scania engine is a great choice.

JCB Generators 306-726 kVA

The 109, 125 or 145hp (81, 93 or 108kW) EcoMAX-powered 535-95 Agri 3-stage telescopic handler has a huge reach and a…

JCB Generators 700–2360kVA Cummins

At the heart of the 700 – 2360 kVA JCB generator range is the fuel efficient Cummins engine range, providing a reliable power solution.

JCB Generators 730-2500 kVA Mitsubishi

When productivity it key, the Mitsubishi engine provides high efficiency and stability to support all your power requirements.

JCB Generators 800-2500 kVA Perkins

The Perkins 800 – 2500 kVA range provides a reliable and heavy duty engine range suitable for a variety of applications across 50Hz territories.

JCB Generators 860-3300kVA MTU

When power is critical, the 830-3300kVA range provides high reliability and maximum performance you can count on.

JCB Generators B40 Battery Box

The Battery Box provides an alternative power storage solution that can be positioned with any generator to significantly improve generator efficiency.

JCB Generators Inteli-Hybrid

JCB Power Products has developed the world’s first Inteli-Hybrid generator, to meet a range of off-grid power requirements from construction sites, telecoms, agriculture, mining and event hire.