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JCB Generators Inteli-Hybrid

JCB Power Products has developed the world’s first Inteli-Hybrid generator, to meet a range of off-grid power requirements from construction sites, telecoms, agriculture, mining and event hire.

Generators are specified to meet the peak load requirement of an application, yet off-grid sites often face significant changes in load requirement throughout the day, leading to inefficient running of the generator and excessive fuel use. JCBs Inteli-Hybrid Generator provides an alternative power solution with the potential to make significant savings.

The JCB Inteli-Hybrid Generator has the potential to deliver significant fuel savings, by enabling the engine to be switched off and batteries to supply power during periods of low load, eliminating generator light loading. This is will significantly save on the cost of fuel as well as the time and cost of refuelling.


  • During periods of light load, the generator will be switched off
  • Switching the engine off means less fuel use and significant cost saving
  • Reduced engine use, reduces maintenance time and costs
  • Zero noise emissions with battery power operation
  • Automatic stop-start technology with fuel savings of up to 60%
  • Single-phase and three-phase output included

Delivering Significant Savings

During periods of low load, the engine can be stopped and the batteries continue to supply the power, increasing efficiency much like an automotive Stop/Start system, reducing fuel consumption and cutting emissions.

The six generators incorporate an intelligent socket box for easy deployment on site, delivering a rapid connection with no requirement for site electricians. With standard CEEFORM connectors for single and three-phase supply. The socket box simplifies installation, saving time and money.

Automatic stop-start technology can result in fuel savings of up to 60%, with a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Hybrid operation also makes the generator set particularly suitable for urban operation, where night time noise levels can be a concern for contractors.

By reducing engine running hours the customer can also extend the regular service period, cutting maintenance costs and achieving a longer product lifetime. The Inteli-Hybrid generator can be connected to renewables, providing a very efficient power solution for off-grid scenarios.

World leading Efficiency

There are two output types available, a seamlessly switched single-phase and a load-sensing three-phase output.

The seamlessly switched sockets are ideal for IT, fire and security systems that require constant power. In full eco mode the generator will sense when a load is applied to the three-phase outputs, starting the generator as required.
While the generator is operating on battery power, potentially through the night time period, there will be no noise emissions, and no carbon making it an ideal solution for urban and city sites.

The First of its Kind

Based on JCB’s market-leading QS generators, the Inteli-Hybrid has a series of high capacity; deep cycle battery cells stored in the base of the unit. These batteries are charged by the generator during periods of higher load, when the engine is running at its most efficient output.

The G65QSi, G90QSi and G115QSi Inteli-Hybrid models will also be available with Stage IIIA compliant diesel engines, to suit customers in EU markets, where they will be badged G66QSi, G91QSi and G116QSi.

Following the successful introduction of the Inteli-Hybrid generator last year, the Inteli-Hybrid generator range is extending to include power outputs of 65kVA, 90kVA and 115kVA.