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Kverneland a-drill

The Kverneland a-drill has been designed to ensure a rapid implementation of cover crop during stubble operation at minimum costs.

Two a-drill models are available depending on the seed rate/ha and the output of the machine: a-drill 200 and 500 litres.

Both models have 8 outlets which will spread the flow of seeds uniformly over the working width. In addition, they can also be used for establishing rape or a mix of different diameters seeds (leguminous plant, crucifers, …).

The Advantages:

  • Precision and high work output
  • Seed rate can be adjusted from the cab, even during work
  • Economical crop establishment
  • Secure access
  • Two different control boxes (standard and speed regulation)
  • Fans adapted to seeds, working speed and width
  • Seed metering rotors for all conditions

Technical Specifications

Hopper capacity Hopper Weight w/o stairs & guards
a-drill 200 200 litres translucent plastic hopper 60kg
a-drill 500 500 litres strong steel hopper 103kg

Seeders for cover crops

One response to the Nitrate Directive

The nitrate directive adopted in 1991 by the EU aims to protect water resources so-called vulnerable with a rate higher than 50 mg nitrate/l. One of the measures taken into account to avoid leaching, resulting in the generalization of the soil cover in the fall by vegetation cover, which will absorb nitrogen from the soil and air, to convert it into organic nitrogen. The cover crops will then release nitrogen to the next crop (1/3), protect soil against erosion and improve its structure.

a-drill fans

Fans adapted to seeds, working speed and width – the a-drill can be equipped with two types of fan:

  • An electric fan recommended for small seeds and allowing seed rates of 4 kg/min (for a machine 50 kg/ha – 4m working width at 12 km/h)
  • A hydraulic fan (installed systematically on trailed models) for flow rates up to 14 kg/min (100 kg/ha at 12 km/h for a 7m working width)

Seed Metering Rotors

The a-drills are delivered with two types of rotor: one for small seeds (rape, mustard, cabbage, clover, etc …), and a medium rotor for seeds (vetch, grass, sunflower, …). The agitator placed above the rotor ensures a steady stream of seeds. A brush, located at the base of the rotor, will regulate the flow and improve the setting accuracy.

For large seeds (peas, horse beans, etc …), it is strongly advised to choose the Flex rotor option, which is able of deforming with large seed diameter.

Control box

Two control boxes are available:

  • Version 3.2 which allows you to control rotor speed, the calibration test and the fan (on/off)
  • Version 5.2 which allows flow speed regulation, ha and hour counter, self-diagnosis, etc … It can be connected to a radar or 7-pin tractor speed information plug.