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Kverneland Access+

Seedbed harrow for combination with heavy seed drills

The Access+ is an alternative to standard combinations offering high-output performance at a limited price. With its strong design it can be combined with the heaviest seed drills of Kverneland Accord such as the i-drill pro or Optima HD.

The seed drills Kverneland Accord i-drill and s-drill PRO are directly integrated on the headstock of the Access+ in order to reduce the power requirement for lifting even with large hopper capacities (1800 litres).

Precision seed drills can be mounted by hitch to enable easy disconnection if requested.

The Advantages:

  • 2 or 3 rows of tines
  • 3.0 to 4.0m rigid
  • Quick tines change support for easy and safe maintenance
  • Combination with all Kverneland Accord drills
  • Perfectly adapted for operation in light to medium soil.
  • Can match with all heavy rollers in Kverneland range
  • With little wear and high output performance, the Access+ is a real alternative

Technical Specifications

Model Access+
Working Width (m) 3.00 3.50 4.00
Number of tines on 2 or 3 rows 19 22 25
Weight (kg) 858 956 1054
Max. Power requirement (HP) 160 200 220

Access+ Tines

  • The Kverneland Access+ is equipped with 2 or 3 rows of straight tines 45x10mm for a well-crumbled and levelled seedbed.
  • 2 rows of tines: the distance between the rows is 200mm to ensure a smooth soil flow.
  • 3 rows of tines: the last tine row has an additional row staggering of 60mm in the centre section
  • The average tine spacing is 150mm
  • As an option, the models with 2 rows can be equipped with a hydraulic Clod Board.

Access+ Working Depth

Working depth

The working depth is adjusted by means of a pin and hole system or by parallelogram. This system is used when the coulter bar is mounted on the roller (as for example with the i-drill) for a constant depth control regardless any unevenness of the field.

Access+ Accessories

A wide choice of accessories and rollers are available for perfect adjustment to the various seed drills and soil.

  • Clod Board: mechanically adjustable or by hydraulics. For perfect crumbling due to vibrating tines. Can be completely lifted if not needed.
  • Track eradicators spring-loaded or protected by Non-stop safety system.
  • Hydro-Lift
  • Transmission