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Kverneland Accord i-drill PRO

The Kverneland Accord i-drill PRO is part of a fully integrated power harrow / seed drill combination. Despite the integrated concept, the coulter bar can be coupled or uncoupled quickly, allowing the power harrow also to be used solo.The seed hopper is mounted directly on the three-point linkage of the Kverneland NG power harrow. The distribution head is mounted directly on the coulter bar, allowing the hopper capacity to be increased to up to 1800 litres with use of an optional hopper extension.
The Advantages:

  • Large hopper capacity yet low lifting requirement
  • Easy calibration due to patented placement of the metering device
  • High versatility due to quick attachment of the coulter bar enabling the power harrow to be used in solo operation
  • Exceptional view of the toolbar due to the unique hopper design and linkage to the power harrow

Technical Specifications

Working Width
Hopper Capacity
i-drill PRO 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 1200 740 – 870

Central Metering Device

  • The central metering device accurately metres any desired volume of seed from 2kg per hectare to 380kg per hectare
  • For the sowing of fine seeds, e.g. rape or grass, the metering device can be infinitely adjusted to fine seed/micro-metering by means of a spindle, without any need for tools.
  • The metering system is mechanically driven via the spiked landwheel running in the tilled soil.
  • The metering device is centrally positioned and easily accessible under the hopper.

Electronic Control

  • Apart from the well-known tramline control FGS and the Signus, the pneumatic seed drills can be equipped with the Tellus GO and the IsoMatch Tellus.
  • IsoMatch Tellus – the next generation universal ISOBUS Terminal
  • Two ISOBUS interfaces in one terminal
  • Multifunctional ergonomic design
  • ISOBUS Shortcut Button (ICB)
  • The IsoMatch Tellus is the first ISOBUS terminal in the world with the capability to operate two different (machine) screens through one terminal, without the need to constantly toggle between screens.
  • Via the ISOBUS connection, IsoMatch Tellus automatically identifies the job control unit, which is located on the machine.

Pneumatic System

  • The central, totally enclosed cell wheel of the metering device accurately measures the required volume of seed and discharges it into the venturi cone where it is mixed with the air stream and then conveyed through the diffuser tube and the seed delivery hoses to the coulters.
  • The distribution head is mounted in a protected position inside the seed hopper.

Various Coulters for Optimum Seed Placement

According to the individual requirements and soil conditions, the pneumatic seed drills can be equipped with Suffolk Coulter or the CX-disc coulter.

  • The Suffolk Coulter of Kverneland Accord is especially suitable for sowing after plough and offers coulter distances between 9.4 and 15cm.
  • The coulter tip of special cast can be exchanged when worn.
  • The CX-disc coulter ensures exact seed placement under both wet and dry conditions
  • Due to the combination of convex steel disc and flexible plastic disc, there is no need for independent scrapers saving the costs for expensive wearing parts.
  • The convex steel disc forms a clean and clear furrow with light recompaction. The narrow profile allows higher working speed and the convex form of the disc ensures good depth control.
  • The flexible plastic disc keeps the furrow open for exact seed placement. It cleans the steel disc and helps prevent sticking and blocking.
  • Narrow and wide press wheels are available for special seeding conditions. These press wheels can be fully lifted in case of changing weather conditions.

Precise Depth Control

  • The packer roller of the power harrow is mounted on a newly developed parallelogram
  • The exact seeding depth of the coulter bar running behind the roller frame can be set independently of the working depth and tine wear of the power harrow.
  • The parallelogram can be adjusted in 2.5 cm steps, easily and without the need for tools.
  • The adjustment is made on both sides of the power harrow, thus ensuring constant seeding depth.

CX-II coulter

  • The new CX-II disc coulter from Kverneland not only guarantees smoother running but also exact seed placement.
  • The flatter cutting angle of only 5.4° of the steel disc requires less pulling power to reach a constant seeding depth of up to 6cm.
  • Due to the combination of the steel disc with a diameter of 325 mm and the flexible plastic disc, there is no need for independent scrapers, saving the cost for expensive wearing parts. In addition the coulter is completely maintenance-free!
  • Up to 35 kg coulter pressure can be achieved by a pre-loaded spring. Safe operation is ensured when working with high working speeds and high quantities of plant residues on the soil surface.
  • An inter-row coulter spacing of 445 mm for maximum clearance and the following press wheel (standard equipment) ensure an optimum seed/soil contact in all conditions.
  • The press wheels can be set in fixed or floating position in order to be able to adapt quickly to changing weather, soil or working conditions.