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Kverneland Accord Optima TFprofi

The Optima TFprofi is the perfect combination of high performance and low tractor power requirement. The trailed, foldable frame with either six or eight rows can be equipped with a 1340L fertiliser hopper.

The Optima TFprofi can be pulled by an 80hp tractor – and requires no lifting capacity. Equipped with either a hydraulic drive or with a hydraulic pump for the PTO, this machine can als be used with tractors that have little hydraulic power.

The fertiliser hopper can easily be filled with a front end loader – different fertiliser coulters are available. A micro granular spreader is available as an option.

The Advantages:

  • Compact and clear design
  • Easy access to fertiliser hopper
  • Land wheel in different specifications
  • Optional with external hydraulic drive
  • Very compact in transport position

Technical Specifications

Working width (m) 4.5 6
Number of rows 6 8
Row width (cm) 70/75 70/75