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Kverneland Actiroll and Actiroll HD Rollers

More than just a roller

Trailed Kverneland Actiroll and Actiroll HD rollers have been designed to ensure efficient compaction of the soil, good seed-soil contact (after seeding…) and roots-soil (after winter frost…). They will also reduce the soil porosity and limit evaporation in dry conditions. Due to the ”Contoura” System, the Actiroll and Actiroll HD wings can follow the ground contours: the slotted holes in the ends of the hydraulic cylinders ensure constant contact of the wings with the soil. Moreover, most importantly the central frame weight is transferred onto the wings by two strong springs (on Actiroll) and two hydraulic cylinders on Actiroll HD. Thus the weight of the complete roller is equal across the whole working width, whatever the working width.

The Advantages:

  • Seed bed preparation from 6.3 to 12.3m
  • Hydraulic weight transfer system Contoura
  • Strong frame concept
  • Safe road transport  due to a working width up to 3m
  • Wide range of rings available
  • Additional levelling equipment like Clod  Board

Technical Specifications

Load Capacity to DIN 11741 Load Capcaity, Medium Compression Gross weight
10040 R 23.1-29.2m³ 40m³ 14000kg
10045 RD 29.4m³ 45m³ 17000kg
10045 R 32.6m³ 48m³ 17000kg
10055 RD 32.4m³ 52m³ 20000kg
10055 R 35.6m³ 55m³ 20000kg

A well-designed frame

  • The strong and robust frame provides for high weight per meter.
  • The compact design allows short manoeuvres on headlands.
  • The rear position of the central gang ensures short turns without damaging the crop.
  • The heavy-duty frame of the Actiroll HDC is ready to be equipped with the levelling Clod Board.
  • Due to the heavy weight applied by this roller (758 kg/m compared to 524 kg of the Actiroll HD 1230), the Actiroll HDC has an additional hydraulic 3D safety system in front/rear to allow each section to avoid any obstacle.
  • In order to increase the roller weight and to pick-up stones in the field, stone boxes can be added on the lateral sections. Each box holds 150kg of stones. During folding, the boxes are emptied automatically
  • Strong hitch for a safety transport.
  • Robust frame on Actiroll:
    Central frame: 100x100x10 mm
    Wing frame : 150x100x6 mm
  • Heavy duty frame on Actiroll-HD
    Central frame : 100x100x10 mm + 80 x 80 x 10 mm
    Wing frame : 150x100x10 mm
  • The central disc gang is at the back to avoid digging out the young crop

Contoura System

  • Mechanical weight distribution system ‘’Contoura’’on Actiroll and hydraulic one on Actiroll HD.
  • Homogeneous weight transfer on the whole working width  (33% on each disc gang instead of 25%/50%/25%).
  • Each roller section works independently ensuring optimal soil contact  along the whole working width .
  • Two springs located on each extension equally transfer the load onto the wings (for Actiroll 6.30m to 8.30m). With the Actiroll 9.30m as well as with the Actiroll HD/HDC (9.50m, 10.30m and 12.30m) the load is transferred by two hydraulic cylinders and one accumulator.

Wide Range of Rings

  • The exceptional steel quality used for the rings allows us to extend the warranty time to 3 years. They are assembled onto a heat treated shaft (ø 60mm), maintained on each side by strong bearings.
  • The adjustment of the rings gap is made by simple end stops located on each side of the gang. This adjustment can be made without any dismantling

Cambridge ø 500/530 mm
Ideal for ballasting young plants (for a better contact between the roots and the soil and increase the sucking). Can be used after ploughing as well (with Clod Board)  or after a prepared field good auto-cleaning

Cambridge ø 550/570 mm (from 7.60 m to 12.30 m):
same function with more used for heavy duty soils

Crosskill ø 480 mm/530 mm (whole range) and heavy Crosskill ø 550/600 mm on Actiroll HD only
For tough clods and stony conditions, good auto-cleaning effect in wet conditions because of the ring diameter difference

Waves ø 500 mm
Ideal for ballasting young plants (for a better contact between the roots and the soil and increase the sucking)
Plants preserved due to the same diameter on the whole working width and less aggressive shape
Less sensible to the speed than a Cambridge roller

Smooth ø500 mm
Ideal for ballasting young plants (for a better contact between the roots and the soil and increase the sucking), for wheatear soils, ideal for regeneration of meadows

Clod Board

  • With the Clod Board, the Actiroll is an active soil preparation tool, able to combine levelling and cracking in one pass, due to the high vibrations of the cracker tines.
  • The position of the Clod Board can be hydraulically adjusted from the cab. For rolling winter crops or grass fields, the Clod Board can be easily set into off position.

Safe Road Transport

  • The wing sections are mechanically locked. They also lock the cylinder of the transport carriage for utmost security. Moreover the Actiroll HD and HDC run very smoothly due to their low centre of gravity.
  • Transport width in between 2.50m and 3 m depending on the diameter of the rings
  • Compact machine and good maneuverability