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Kverneland Chopper FM

The Kverneland FM grass chopper is a small, medium-duty machine for use on slightly rough ground and other green areas: in amenity areas, for tidying up pasture and in similar situations. The Kverneland FM is suitable for tractors up to 50 hp. It is available in 0,90m; 1,20m; 1,50m and 1,80m working width.

The hallmark of Kverneland grass and straw choppers is their ability to cope with whatever is required. Whatever the size, every model is built for a variety of different tasks.

However, all models are solidly constructed throughout with a robust gearbox and very strong power transmission to the “V” belts driving the shafts. In addition, they have a strengthened chassis with double plating in the areas subject to highest stress. The combination with Kverneland’s precisely manufactured rotor shafts and hard wearing blades makes them extremely reliable.

The Advantages:

  • Small, light machine
  • Easy to operate
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Universal blades as standard
  • Blades for stony condition on request
  • Cup blades on request

Technical Specifications

Model Working width (m) Weight (kg) No. of universal blades
FM 90 0.9 215 48
FM 120 1.2 247 64
FM 150 1.5 272 80
FM 180 1.8 329 96