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Kverneland 4.0 Duo 1814 – 2218 – 3022

The New Generation Duo mixers from Siloking Kverneland offers you more productivity and efficiency than ever before. The new Duo mixers are stronger than ever and designed to handle the harshest conditions. Central to the New Generation Duo mixers is the new conical chamber design and the Turbo Augers, perfectly matched to each other. This new design boosts mixing performance by optimizing the flow of material in the hopper, increasing productivity by reducing mixing time and power and fuel consumption.

The Advantages:

  • 12-30 m³ versions with 2 augers.
  • Wireless control system.
  • Feeding management software.
  • Planetary gearbox with more power and torque.
  • Highly accurate weigh bars.
  • Conical hopper shape for improved feed flow and reduced power consumption.
  • Perfect auger-hopper ratio for precise and quick mix.
  • FlowPlus hopper ring for blockage-free mixing.
  • Wide choice of discharge options.
  • TwinLift disharge option for narrow buildings.

Technical Specifications

Model Capacity (m³) Length (m) Width (m) Height (m)
Duo 1814-14 14 6.65 2.33 2.72
Duo 1814-16 16 6.65 2.33 2.87
Duo 1814-18 18 6.65 2.33 3.02
Duo 2218-18 18 7.10 2.53 2.73
Duo 2218-20 20 7.10 2.53 2.90
Duo 2218-22 22 7.10 2.53 3.07
Duo 3022-22 22 7.45 2.71 2.82
Duo 3022-26 26 7.45 2.71
Duo 3022-30 30 7.45 2.7

Siloking Kverneland Wireless

  • All information available at a glance.
  • Weighing system controlled from the tractor cabin.
  • Wireless – no disturbance of hydraulic functions.
  • All information is stored centrally in the machine box.
  • Weight information is always available – even in the silo.
  • Control your weighing system from the loading vehicle.
  • Feeding Management Software gives you full control over loading precision and feed consumption.
  • The SWT package includes adding weighing system.
  • The SWE Package combines programmable weighing system with electro-hydraulic control.

Heavy Duty Frame

  • The chassis is designed from a strong and torsion-resistant box frame, using a heavy duty 1.000mm wide frame increasing driving stability and strength of the total machine.
  • Tandem axle version with wider tracks and parabolic springs for more stability.
  • Available with steered axles for improved maneuverability.

Accurate Weigh Bars

  • The New Generation DUO mixers are fitted with a highly accurate weighing system as standard.
  • This means that exact quantities of materials can be loaded – essential for the preparation of accurate feed rations.
  • Featuring multiple weigh bars mounted between hopper and separate chassis, this quality system offers very accurate control of even small components during the loading of the machine.
  • The special casing enables the load cell to be supported only on one point, ensuring highest weighing accuracy.

Planetary Gearbox

  • Planetary gearbox with efficient power transmission.
  • 100% oil-immersed gearbox with very easy maintenance.
  • Straight driveline for efficient power transmission and long lifetime.
  • Optional two speed gearbox for accurate control of auger speed.
  • Hydraulic gear shift conveniently through the Wireless Control terminals.
  • Gearbox is adapted for all PTO speed (540, 750 and 1000 rpm).

Conical Hopper Shape

  • The conical hopper shape optimizes feed flow and reduces power consumption.
  • Edged shape prevents ‘over processing’ by guiding the material back to the augers.
  • FlowPlus hopper ring continually moves material from top to hopper bottom, providing faster mixing of especially round bales and long fibre feed.
  • Silonox, wear and corrosion resistant high quality steel is added to the middle section of the hopper.
  • Flat bottom plate ensures that small components like concentrates can be added at any time during mixing.

Two Turbo Augers

  • The Turbo Auger height is adjusted to the hopper height providing perfect auger-hopper ratio for accurate and quick mix.
  • Turbo Auger with slow revolutions provide a gentle mix with very low power consumption.
  • Adjustable Turbo Auger speed.
  • The conical hopper shape optimizes feed flow back from top to hopper bottom, providing fast processing and reduced power consumption.
  • Robust load cells ensure accurate weighing – only what is in the mixing hopper is weighed.
  • Multiple adjustable hard-coated XS knives.
  • For longer durability Siloking Kverneland has developed SILONOX lining as an option for the mixing augers and hopper walls, where most wearing occurs.

Discharge Doors

  • Simple discharge doors – single or multiple per machine.
  • Cross conveyor for discharge to either side of the machine onto the floor.
  • Alternatively the cross conveyor can be fitted with a sideways moveable conveyor.
  • Discharge elevator for direct feed into troughs.
  • New belt design for more even distribution of feed material.
  • New smooth door design closing up with inner hopper wall.
  • Electronic door indicator monitored via the Wireless Control System.

Straw Blower

  • The straw blower option is available on models Compact 10-T–14m³, Duo 16-18m³, Duo Avant 14-20 and Duo New Generation.
  • The straw blower option offers a precise discharge of the straw inside the animal buildings.
  • The 1.55m diameter front mounted flywheel comes from the Kverneland 850 series Bale Choppers – known for its´ robust design and quality distribution of straw.
  • This system is mechanically driven from the tractor and located direct on the front of the machine, without the need for feed drums or conveyors.
  • Drive to the flywheel is independent of the drive to the augers, supporting each phase of the process – loading, cutting, mixing and discharge.
  • Straw is distributed by the side chute, offering straw blow up to 20m