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Kverneland Exacta CL

The Vibro Seedbed Cultivator

Thanks to its excellent weight distribution, precise depth control and optimum ability to follow ground contours the Kverneland TLC seedbed combination produces a perfect seedbed in all types of soil. The finer soil particles are deposited in the lower level of the tilth to promote rapid and uniform germination and also to prevent loss of moisture whilst the coarser clods are kept on the surface in order to reduce the risk of surface capping. Working widths from 4.5m to 6.1m are available.
The TLCs are designed with a robust three-section foldable chassis, which helps to limit the overall transport height of the machine. Whatever the model, they also offer a transport width of less than 2.5 m

The Advantages:

  • 4 rows of tines for a fine and  levelled seedbed preparation
  • Transport width less than 2.5m
  • Large choice of tines for all conditions
  • Clod Board possibility on the whole range
  • Large offer of rear equipment for a fine seedbed preparation.
  • Working depth controlled by wheels inside the frame

Technical Specifications

Model Working Width (m) Weight (kg) No. of rows/No. of tines
TLC 45 4.5 864 4/45
TLC 51 5.1 921 4/51
TLC 61 6.1 1028 4/61

Robust Chassis

  • The Kverneland TLC and TLD are designed with a robust three section foldable chassis, which helps to limit the overall transport height of the machine. Whatever the model, the transport width is less than 2.50m.
  • Two chassis are available, depending on the working width:
  • 80 x 80 x 8mm chassis on the TLC offering a working width of  4.50m to 6.10m.
  • 100 x 100 x 8mm chassis on the TLD for a working width of 6.10m to 9.10m.
  • A single hydraulic cylinder is used for folding machines up to 6.1m, from 7.1m two cylinders are used.
  • Non-return valves secure the lock in working or transport position.


There is a great variety of tines for all conditions.

Four types of tines are available according to the type of soil or the work required:

1) Tine DK P22

2) Semi-curved tine 32 x 10mm

3) Semi-curved tine 45 x 10mm

4) Straight tine 45 x 10mm

Perfect Depth Control

  • Designed for precise seedbed preparation:
  • An odd number of wheels within the machine frame provide identical pressure on each wheel.
  • A graduated scale on the depth adjusters allows precise individual adjustment for each wheel.
  • The frame side extensions are free floating during operation to allow the machine to follow ground contours.
  • The TLC and TLD are fitted as standard with metal wheels 500×165.
  • The machines with working widths of 4.50m to 6.10m (TLC and TLD) are fitted with 3 wheels as standard equipment.
  • The TLD from 7.10m to 9.10m are equipped with 5 wheels. Pneumatic wheels 600/9.00×10 are available optionally.


Supplementary soil preparation can be carried out by the following accessories

  • Non-stop levelling board adjustable in height and angle for levelling and crumbling.
  • Clod Board: mechanically adjustable or by hydraulics. For perfect crumbling due to vibrating tines. Can be completely lifted if not needed.
  • Track eradicators spring-loaded or protected by Non-stop safety system.
  • Following finger harrow, adjustable in angle and pressure
  • Single crumbler roller, 310mm diameter.
  • Double crumbler roller, 310/280mm diameter,  mounted on a parallelogram.
  • Combi-type harrow to be combined with either single or double crumbler roller.

Exacta Remote Control II

  • With Exacta Remote II, you can operate the spreader from the closed tractor cab!
  • The operating panel provides all the functions to start and stop the spreader, to set the right application rate and to increase and decrease the application rate on the move. The latest settings are retained in the memory function.
  • Both discs can be shut off independently to spread half working width.
  • Specially sealed actuators are used to cope with corrosive conditions.