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Kverneland GS

Simple and effective – In a class of its own

The Kverneland GS range of high performance and multi purpose rotary tillers is built to last and give you peace of mind. They are ideally suited to meet most requirements within primary as well as secondary tillage purposes. The robust design together with the unique rotor concept puts the Kverneland GS rotary tillers in a class of its own in terms of versatility and longevity. Furthermore with the best possible fuel consumption/tillage ratio in most conditions. 

The GS-Range consists of 3 different models:

GS 60  – for light to medium conditions and tractors up to 60 hp

GS 81 – for medium to heavy conditions and tractors up to 80 hp

GS 121 – for heavy conditions and for tractors up to 120 hp

The Advantages:

  • Heavy-duty, multi-purpose tiller Modulo rotor system
  • High performance
  • Working depth: 0 – 23cm
  • High clearance under the frame
  • Reliable and durable
  • Professional tillers and limited maintenance

Technical Specifications

Model Working width (m) Blade thickness (mm) Power requirement HP
GS  60 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.0 8 40/60
GS  81 1.55 / 1.75 /  2.0 8 40/80
GS 121 2.35 / 2.85 8 or 12 60/120