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Kverneland Taarup 8055 – 8068 – 8090

Extremely Reliable Performance

Kverneland Taarup 8055, 8068 and 8090 are high-quality tedders with working widths ranging from 5.5 – 9.0 m. All tedders are supplied with a pivoting 3-point headstock, ensuring very stable and strong performance. The strong construction and oil bath gearbox makes the machines reliable and efficient, and suitable for long working days.

The Advantages:

  • Maintenance-free ProLine gearbox.
  • Central adjustment for border tedding – all set from the tractor cab.
  • Box type frame composed of two U-sections for an extremely solid construction.
  • Strong design of the central unit allows high transport speed.
  • Largely dimensioned oscillation dampers for excellent running characteristics.
  • 10mm strong tines with 80mm coil diameter.
  • XXL rotor plate with a diameter of no less than 500mm.
  • Fast adjustment of spreading angle without the use of tools.

Technical Specifications

Working Width Rotors/tines Weight
8055 5.50m 4/7 620kg
8068 6.80m 6/6 835kg
8090 9.00m 8/6 1100kg

ProLine Gearbox

  • The ProLine gearbox is a strong and reliable construction, and is not fitted to the main frame.
  • Shock-protected: The enclosed system is not affected by chassis or tine arm vibrations.
  • Constant lubrication: Enclosed and oil-immersed, the gearbox components enjoy extended longevity over systems that require manual lubrication.
  • Reduced maintenance: There is no need for daily lubrication.
  • Environmental protection: No lubrication means no leakage – hence higher-quality forage.
  • No corrosion: No ingress of dust and water, not even during pressure washing. 

Oscillation Dampers

  • Kverneland Taarup oscillation dampers ensure excellent ground contour following and tedder flotation.
  • The construction of the oscillation dampers results in a smooth and even distribution of the grass, thanks to the constant tine distance from the ground.
  • Widely spaced mounting points – no risk of ‘hunting’.
  • Excellent running characteristics.
  • Low-positioned linkage on the headstock, for more effective damping action during transport.
  • No risk of the tedder running under the tractor on downhill work, excellent tedding at all times through constant tine spacing to the ground.

Border Tedding

  • Border tedding is operated mechanically from the tractor cabin and is supplied as standard.
  • It only takes a few seconds to place the tedder in the right position.
  • On 8090 C, 80110 C and 85140 C hydraulic adjustment of border tedding is standard.
  • For 80110 C and 85140 C border tedding is set by moving the outer arm at the correct angle.

Large Dimensions

  • The box type frame of the Kverneland Taarup 8000 series is an extremely solid construction. It is composed of two U-sections fitted into each other and securely welded together. The frame is totally enclosed at the top for maximum strength.
  • All tedders have greasable pivoting points with an extra large diameter, making it a very strong and reliable construction.
  • Made from flat steel, the tine arms form a very compact unit with the rotor plate. This makes the tedders by far more resistant to any type of load.

Super-C Tines

  • The Super-C tine can be locked in three positions to customize the pickup angle to different conditions. For heavy silages the angle can be set more aggressive and for fragile crop a gentler angle can be chosen.
  • Made from flat steel, the tine arms form a very compact unit with the rotor plate and utilize the force of the rotor plate for higher durability of the time arm. This makes a Kverneland tine arm by far more resistant to any type of load.
  • Super-C tine with symmetric spring tines ensures efficient pick-up and turning of the crop. Tines with same lengths has the added advantage that load is spread evenly on both tines, providing longer life time.
  • Made from 10mm shot-peened spring steel and a coil diameter of 80mm, Super-C tines add up to the most durable and flexible tine in the market.

Spreading Angle

  • High-quality forage allows the optimum spreading angle to be achieved according to crop conditions, helping you to produce high quality forage.
  • Setting the rotors to the right spreading angle will considerably improve the spreading action, and speed up the drying process.
  • The mower swaths are neatly lifted by the tines and evenly spread over the full width.
  • Tines glide in a more uniform frequency over the stubble, so the risk of dirt being lifted by the tines is minimized.