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Kverneland u-drill

The u-drill is a trailed seed drill combination available in 3.0m, 4.0m rigid and 6.0m folding working width to carry out seedbed preparation, levelling, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass.The focus in design has been especially given to high speed operation (10-18km/h) whilst ensuring a perfect seed placement.

The hopper can easily be filled using big bags and a front loader or telescopic handler. For the 6m version a filling auger is available. The hopper has a capacity of 3,000l (3/4m) respectively 4,350l (6m).

The u-drill is extremely user-friendly: Being of course fully ISOBUS compatible, the driver is in full control of all data.  The u-drill is ready for GEOcontrol in order to control application rate and half-width shut-off. In addition, only one double-acting valve ensures the fully automatic controlled head-land-management.


  1. High speed operation (10 – 18km/h)
  2. Perfect seed placement
  3. Modular frame concept for flexible adjustment to customers’ requirements
  4. Fully ISOBUS compatible
  5. Easy handling and maintenance
  6. Automatically controlled head-land-management

Technical Specifications

Working Width Hopper Capacity
u-drill rigid 3.0m 3000 litres
u-drill rigid 4.0m 3000 litres
u-drill fold 6.0m 4350 litres

u-drill – Front Wheel Packer

Working zone 1

A large front wheel packer (ø800mm) improves depth guidance throughout the machine and ensures good soil levelling.

u-drill – Disc Harrow

Working zone 2

Two rows of aggressively pitched 18” conical disc harrow – well known from the Kverneland’ “Qualidisc”.

u-drill – Off-set Wheel Packer

Working zone 3

Packing before seeding by a large off-set wheel packer (ø900mm)

u-drill – CD-coulter

Working zone 4

The new CD-coulter from Kverneland for uniform emergence at any seed depth and high speeds

u-drill – Depth Guidance and Press Wheels

Working zone 5

Depth guidance and press wheels 380 x 65mm to guarantee the best “seed–to–soil” contact and establishing a capillary system.

u-drill – Following Harrow

Working zone 6

Combing the soil completes the seeding. A choice of S-type/- or finger following harrow ensure an optimum covering of the seeds.

The intensity can be set via the stepless pressure adjustment and at three different angles. To prevent damage to the harrow when reversing, it is equipped with an effective reversing device.

ELDOS – the new metering device

  • The new metering device is electric driven by e-com and is fully ISOBUS compatible.
  • GEOcontrol by GPS signal is possible which avoids double seeding.
  • Special sensors ensure functionality from the tractor cab.
  • Four standard rotors are delivered for fine and large seeds or fertiliser.
  • A fifth rotor is offered as an option for maize, sunflowers and greening seeds.
  • The exchange of the rotors is quick and easily done without any tools.
  • Application rates from 1 to 400kg/ha are possible.
  • The metering device is always easily accessible.


  • Very simple calibration test due to the separate seed guidance.
  • A remote control allows the driver to operate the calibration process at the metering device.
  • No gear has to be adjusted. The driver simply enters the desired values into the terminal, presses one button to start at the metering device and that’s it.
  • The calibration is done automatically.
  • A calibration flap with an integrated gate prevents any seed from dropping into the hose.