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MF 5700 | 100-110 HP



100 – 110


12 x 12




4,300 KG






Model Max power hp* Max Torque** Transmission Engine Standard PTO speeds
MF 5710 100 410 Mechanical synchronised – 12 x 12 AGCO Power 4.4 Litre, 4 cylinders 540 / 540 Eco
MF 5711 110 417 Mechanical synchronised – 12 x 12 AGCO Power 4.4 Litre, 4 cylinders 540 / 540 Eco

@ 2,000 rpm | **@ 1500 rpm



Understated and yet probably the single most important part of any Massey Ferguson tractor is its driveline. Every component of the chassis has been designed from a blank sheet of paper to boast immense strength, a major factor in an agricultural tractor’s overall performance. This modern design provides versatility, power, durability and outstanding capability to the MF 5700 Series.


Renowned for reliability, ruggedness and fuel economy, the 4.4-litre AGCO Power four-cylinder engine provides the heart of the MF 5700 Series, delivering 100 to 110 hp. With both tractor and engine coming from the same manufacturer, you can be sure that product quality is on exactly the same level, while compatibility and efficiency cannot be bettered.

The engines used in MF 5700 Series tractors are all of a long stroke design that provides high levels of torque across a broad speed range. Maximum torque is achieved at low engine speeds : 1500 revs/min on the MF 5700 models. Not only is diesel use minimized, but so too are noise and wear and tear, resulting in lower fuel bills and a more pleasant operator experience.


Since 2008, Massey Ferguson, together with AGCO Power, has pioneered SCR Technology as the most straightforward, maintenance free solution to comply with the toughest emissions legislation without compromising on power and productivity. This is now the industry standard, but we are still leading the way with 25,000 equipped tractors globally! – The impact on your business is a positive one; reduced fuel bills.

SCR is fitted on both the MF 5710 and MF 5711 models.


The Massey Ferguson 5700 Series tractors feature an all-new synchronised transmission, already proven on the MF 4700 series, which provides a total of twelve forward and twelve reverse speeds courtesy of two ranges. Six gears are within the 4-12km/hr typical fieldwork range, while maximum speed is 40km/hr.

The right speed for each job is easily selected using gear levers that are within easy reach, yet positioned neatly to hand of the driver, ensuring an unimpeded passage when mounting/dismounting. A single-plate, dry-type clutch is easy to operate and simple to service. The optional Power Shuttle provides fingertip forward/reverse shifts without using the clutch as well as a button on the gear lever to also shift gears.

Super Creeper option is also available when the lowest speeds, down to 140m/hr*, are required for the job in hand.

* at 1400 rev/min with 16.9R34 tyres and 12×12, 40 kph transmission

Hydraulics and PTO

A simple open-centre hydraulic system, powered by two gear pumps, the 32 litres/min pump provides all the internal services, whist the 58 litres/min pump allows the electronically-controlled rear linkage to lift 4,300kg. In addition, this oil flow is also available via the two standard auxiliary spool valves to operate implement hydraulic functions while the other pump operates the steering operation of the 4WD clutch reverse shuttle and the PTO. A must to have when turning on the headland.

For those requiring extra flow – to boost loader performance – the MF 5700 series can be specified with a 98 litre/min combined flow system. Two double acting spool valves are fitted as standard and a third spool is an option.

Direct drive PTO

Each model is fitted with a 35mm six-spline PTO shaft providing 540, 540E or 1000 PTO speeds and protected by an independent PTO clutch (IPTO). The electronics control the rate of engagement for more reliability; smoother, regulated and adjusted for the optimum rate of engagement to provide a reliable engagement of the PTO whatever the engine speed and the size of the implement.

Three-point linkage with ELC

The rear linkage has been optimised specifically to complement this size of tractor. It boasts an impressive lift capacity of 4,300 kg, in order that heavy-mounted equipment can be lifted with ease.

It comes with the industry leading Electronic Linkage Control (ELC) as standard. The system provides precise and responsive control of linkage functions ensuring accurate management of working depth for soil engaging implements plus working height for other implements. It brings more responsiveness and accuracy because the electrics operate immediately – this means that the draft reacts accurately to ensure maximum traction at all times to minimise wheel slip and fuel consumption.

Operator environment

A tractor that has been designed with simplicity of operation at its heart doesn’t have to have a basic operator environment. Designed from the outset with an emphasis on comfort and ease of use, the MF 5700 Series tractors make hard work a pleasure.

Grab rails mounted on the large opening doors provide easy access to the steps, mounted directly to the machine, while a completely flat floor creates the most accessible and spacious operator environment on the market.

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