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MF 6600 | 120-185 HP















Model ISO Rated hp ISO Max. hp* ISO Max. hp (EPM)** Transmission
MF 6612 110 120 135 Dyna-4
MF 6613 120 / 120 130 / 130 145 / 145 Dyna-4 / 6
MF 6614 130 / 130 140 / 140 165 / – Dyna-6 / VT
MF 6615 135 / 140 / 140 145 / 150 / 150 160 / 175 / – Dyna-4 / 6 / VT
MF 6616 150 / 150 160 / 160 185 / – Dyna-6 / VT

*@ 1950 rpm (ISO 14396) | ** Engine Power Management



The 4.9 litre 2nd generation stage 3B AGCO POWER SCR engine, produces masses of torque. The maintenance-free Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system reduces harmful emissions and improves fuel economy.

Engine Power Management (EPM) allows for the continuous delivery of power under varying conditions and applications, for increased productivity and lower fuel consumption.

Variable extra power delivery in demanding PTO, field and transport applications and rigorous hydraulic operations mean you automatically get power when you need it.

High power and torque at low rpm ensures high performance, excellent fuel economy and low engine noise.


The MF 6600 Series cab is designed to reduce fatigue, improve comfort and boost productivity.

Controls are integrated into the console and armrest, with transmission, hydraulic and PTO instruments within easy reach.

A slim dashboard and wide expanse of curved glass allows an unrestricted view, ideal for loader operations. A digital display on the dashboard offers clear, operational and functional information and an ergomonic seat provides extra comfort. This cab will give you smooth stability even in tough driving conditions.

Choose from either mechanical or OptiRide Plus hydraulic suspension.


This base specification package combines simplicity, usability and tough versatility. You can specify either Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmission. So, if you simply want power and performance without all the high-level extras, then this is the package for you.


Efficient is the medium specification package. Choose from Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT transmissions, a Command Control Armrest and both mechanical and electronic spool valves. Dedicated to delivering increased productivity thanks to key features, the Efficient specification will enable faster work to a higher standard and with more accuracy, with high levels of comfort, ergonomics and reliability.


The Exclusive package is a combination of high-spec versatility and refinement. With Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT transmissions, a Command Control Armrest with Multipad lever and electronic spool valves, the Exclusive offers the best, world-renowned characteristics as well as a few new innovations. Dedicated to customers looking for a tractor with advanced features and functions, including the latest ergonomics and comfort.


Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmissions with Engine Power Management (EPM) are simple to operate. All functions can be controlled without using the clutch pedal and information on range selection and powershift ratios is displayed on the dashboard.

Speedmatching is standard to ensure the most appropriate powershift ratio is automatically selected, and Autodrive, Supercreep and Comfort Control are also standard.

Dyna-6 models come with ‘ECO Mode’ for maximum fuel and engine efficiency. Dyna-4 and 6 come with Engine Power Management (EPM) for continuous power delivery in various conditions and applications, increasing productivity whilst lowering fuel consumption.

In ECO Mode the tractor reaches maximum speed with lower engine revs, using less fuel and reducing noise levels.

‘Clutch effect’ allows the operator to brake and clutch at the same time with one foot, making loader operation easier, more comfortable and safer.


Dyna-VT is designed to ensure maximum productivity, reduce operator strain and optimise fuel efficiency. Power control lever allows hassle-free forward/reverse shuttling and speed change. By using SV1 and SV2 and ‘pre-setting’, the speed will be maintained automatically and memorised at engine shutdown.

‘Supervisor’ activates when the engine load increases and engine speed drops. The transmission will reduce forward speed to maintain power and the tractor will operate at maximum output as load fluctuates.

For control and comfort Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) works with Dyna-VT and automatically controls engine and transmission when activated.DTM handles engine speed to maintain forward speed and minimise engine revs without losing power.

Dyna-VT and DTM work at maximum efficiency whilst maintaining a smoother drive quality and a reduction in fuel consumption.


AgCommand™ telemetry system from AGCO is a leading edge data recording and transmission tool that allows you to optimise fleet performance by monitoring and reporting vehicle position, history and status. Also, monitor operating costs and enhance productivity.

Every ten seconds AgCommand™ Advanced collects machine performance data and GPS location, this is then transmitted to the storage server and is then viewable on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

The AgCommand™ app* allows on-the-go access to the system so you can monitor machinery wherever you are and whenever you want, as well as use the history and report function to run analysis on the field.

*Available for iPad and iPhone

Auto-Guide tm 3000

Available on Efficient and Exclusive models, Auto-Guide™ 3000 is a full featured, hands free steering system capable of delivering sub-metre, decimetre, and centimetre accuracy.

Guidance systems are proven to offer an average of 12% in fuel savings, as well as time spent on resources, time spent in the field and much more.

The Auto-Guide™ 3000 TopDock receiver comes factory-fitted with submeter accuracy as standard.

Auto-Guide™ 3000 can be viewed via the Datatronic CCD for increased visibility. The guidance application offers a simple way of operation called ‘Go mode‘, so even an operator with no knowledge or experience can be up and running in minutes.

Hydraulics, Linkage, PTO

The MF 6600 Series has a muscular lift and loader capability with outstanding hydraulic potential for implements that needs hydraulic drive.

58 ltr/min of oil is available for linkage and external hydraulic functions. Plenty of flow and pressure for lifting heavy equipment or powering ancillary accessories.

100 ltr/min oil flow is achieved at the press of a button, for extra speed and power for hydraulic operation such as loader work.

The Closed Centre Load-Sensing (CCLS)* hydraulic system instantaneously provides up to 110 l/min oil flow for linkage and external services with no wasted power or fuel.

The MF 6600 is highly manoeuvrable in all farm operations, and the shape of the chassis and bonnet provides easy access to service areas.

These tractors can be specified with a fully integrated front linkage system and a wide choice of PTO options. Additional fender-mounted engagement PTO start/stop buttons allow the use of the PTO from outside the cab.

*Not available on Dyna-VT versions

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