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MASSEY FERGUSON – MF 7700 | 140-280 HP



165 – 280






9950 KG






Model Engine Type Transmission Type Max Power
Max Power with EPM
Max Torque @ 1,500 rpm with EPM (hp)
MF 7714 AGCO POWER 6.6 Litre/6 cylinder SCR Dyna-4 140 165 687
MF 7715 AGCO POWER 6.6 Litre/6 cylinder SCR Dyna-4 / 6 / VT 150 175 745
MF 7716 AGCO POWER 6.6 Litre/6 cylinder SCR Dyna-6 / VT 160 185 790
MF 7718 AGCO POWER 6.6 Litre/6 cylinder SCR Dyna-6 / VT 175 200 840
MF 7719 AGCO POWER 6.6 Litre/6 cylinder SCR Dyna-6 / VT 185 210 925
MF 7720 AGCO POWER 6.6 Litre/6 cylinder SCR Dyna-6 / VT 200 225 980
MF 7722 AGCO POWER 7.4 Litre/6 cylinder SCR Dyna-6 / VT 215 240 1050
MF 7724 AGCO POWER 7.4 Litre/6 cylinder SCR Dyna-6 / VT 235 260 1120
MF 7726 AGCO POWER 7.4 Litre/6 cylinder SCR Dyna-6 / VT 255 280 1146



Previously only available on tractors with Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmissions, Engine Power Management (EPM) is now also available on all MF 7700 Dyna-VT models, offering up to 25hp more when it is most needed.

EPM means a tractor that responds automatically to the load imposed on it, and adjusts fuelling accordingly to give you extra power when you need it most. Designed to tackle tough transport and PTO work challenges, advanced electronic engine and transmission management makes more power automatically available under load or at speed.

The Dyna transmissions

Whether your workload demands a semi-powershift or continuously-variable transmission, MF 7700 tractors can be specified with the format that fits your farm. Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 options offer four and six powershifts respectively, in each of four ranges, which can all be controlled from the armrest joystick or transmission control lever (depending on model).

Massey Ferguson’s Dyna-VT Continuously Variable Transmission continues to be one of the most popular transmissions offering maximum productivity, efficiency and operator comfort.


Dyna-4 offers first-rate productivity. The dynamic performance and efficient design behind the Dyna-4 transmission continues to impress with incredibly smooth four-speed, powershift change in each of the four ranges, giving you first-rate productivity, every time.

Dynamic performance comes from the optimised design of the Dyna-4 transmission. Well-known features include Power Control, ‘pedal-free’ operation, four-speed PowerShift, Speedmatching and Autodrive.


Dynamic performance comes as standard with Dyna-6 transmission. Now, this ultra-reliable, semi-powershift gearbox is even more refined.

Dyna-6 Highlights:

  • Six Dynashift powershift) ratios
  • Maximum productivity with 24 forward gears and 24 reverse gears
  • Power Control Lever with three functions on one lever – Forward/Reverse shuttle, declutch, upshift and downshift
  • Pedal-free operation
  • Nine speeds between 4 Km/h and 12 Km/h
  • 40 Km/h or 50 Km/h maximum speed available* at low engine speed (Eco)
  • ECO feature allows top speeds to be achieved at low engine revs, offering a reduction in noise and fuel consumption
  • 40kph Super Eco transmission on MF 7719 to MF 7726 Dyna-6 for reduced engine rpm at 40km/h for lowest fuel consumption and less noise in transport applications.
  • Cruise control speeds (C1/C2)
  • Brake pedal to neutral feature
  • Reverse shuttle aggressiveness adjustment, separate adjustment for forward and reverse
  • Aggressiveness adjustment for Dynashift (powershift) ratios


With the continuously-variable Dyna-VT transmission, we have developed a system of power transfer that surpasses all others for ease of use and precision. The Dyna-VT is a proven and refined transmission delivering seamless strength hour after hour. It’s intuitive to the operator, the easiest of transmissions to understand and get the most from, and new operators will quickly settle into feeling at one with the machine. Combined with Electronic Power Management, Dyna-VT allows you to get the optimum performance, efficiency and economy from your tractor.

Operator Environment

Sometimes it’s the small details that can make a huge change to your workload. The MF 7700 cab is available with numerous comfort and convenience features. These include automatic beacon activation on the road, comfort light delay at end of the day with automatic work lights extinction, extra plug sockets for mobile phones or laptop, radio and MP3 player (USB, Aux and CD), Bluetooth connection, air suspended swivel seat, telescopic side mirrors and electric de-icing, plus automatic air conditioning.

Tractor/Loader Combination

When you purchase your MF 7700 tractor with a loader, it will be specified fully loader-ready to accept the Massey Ferguson MF 900 loader. Your tractor will come complete from the factory with the loader subframe, designed for maximum manoeuvrability and maintenance access, already fitted so that it forms an integral part of the machine.

Tractor/Loader combination highlights:

  • A flexible range for a wide variety of applications
  • Optional multifunction joystick comes with forward/reverse and speed change for added versatility
  • Highest visibility thanks to the smart design of the bonnet and the slim dashboard

Hydraulic energy

Modern implements are placing more and more demands upon the tractors that power them, which are asked to perform faster and respond better. The MF 7700 comes with immense capability to easily handle heavy-duty applications with outstanding lift and drive capacities for the very latest implements.

Heavy duty rear linkages

The upgraded rear linkage now offers lift capacity up to 9950kg. Rear couplers are equipped with an hydraulic decompression system for easy uncoupling of implements and a total of up to five spool valves are available.

Automatic stabiliser installation has also been improved with a shorter chain for the simplest installation. A one way stabilizer each side offers extra reliability.

Integrated Front Linkage System

A heavy duty Integrated Front Linkage System (IFLS) is available as an option and is designed to match the front suspension. Offering up to 4000kg lift with dedicated front valve control, the IFLS features two spool valves and a free return line.

Ultimate Draft Control

Massey Ferguson continues to lead the way in electronic linkage control (ELC). Massey Ferguson’s digital ELC system gives the highest standards of draft control with more accurate depth settings and better ground contour following. The result is more weight transfer, better traction, less wheelslip, reduced tyre wear and reduced fuel consumption whilst still maintaining greater output.

Auxiliary spool valves

Between two and four electro-hydraulic valves are fitted as standard and up to five rear spool valves may be available if required. The Fingertip Spool Valve Management System enables complex equipment to be controlled with ease and precision.

Active Transport Control

When driving across the headland or transporting heavy mounted equipment, implement ‘bounce’ can occur.

Active Transport Control is a shock absorbing system which minimises the ‘pitching’ action – automatically adjusting for different implement weights.

This gives smoother, safer, faster transport and, by reducing shock loads through the lift rams and hydraulic circuits, also minimizes the risk of damage to the rear linkage and the implement.

Power take off

A wide choice of PTO options are available with standard PTO speeds at 2,000 rpm, where maximum power is achieved. With the benefit of a ‘constant power’ band of up to 1500 rpm and the ability to precisely select any ground speed at the chosen engine speed, you can always achieve a perfect match of

PTO speed, forward speed and power – with optimum economy. MF 7700 Efficient and Exclusive versions are equipped with electrical PTO speed selection for convenience.

An additional fender-mounted engagement PTO start/stop button allows the PTO to be engaged from outside the cab linked to a memorised engine rpm activation. This offers a convenient and safe way to handle applications such as filling a slurry tanker where the operator needs to be outside the cab.

Fuse Technologies

The on- and off-board technology solutions incorporated into the MF 7700 Series are a clear indication of the pace of progress and innovation setting by Massey Ferguson. Information is power when it comes to get the job done more efficiently and more productively. This is the reason why, Massey Ferguson delivers straightforward and dependable technology solutions resulting in unbeatable ease of use, improved productivity and profitability through higher yields, lower inputs costs and greater profits.

Datatronic CCD console

Auto-GuideTM 3000 can be displayed through the Datatronic CCD for those who need a simple and integrated guidance terminal, rather than through a separate screen, this allows increased visibility for the driver. The optional C3000 terminal, available via AGCO Parts, offers advanced capabilities and allows you to achieve more. It’s the ideal solution for anyone wanting to keep a constant record of job and tasks.

C3000 console

The C3000 offers advanced capabilities and allows you to achieve more. It’s the ideal solution for anyone wanting to keep a constant record of jobs and tasks. C3000 allows you to create fields to measure the total area, store and export all the data collected. You can recall this vital information for future tasks. The C3000 interface is straightforward to operate and easy to navigate around with simple menu structures. It has a 12.1” colour, touch screen for easy recognition plus an excellent view of fields and applications. The touch screen allows for quick menu selection and general operation and can be split into 3 smaller screens for more efficient monitoring of tasks.

Go Mode funtion

A Go Mode function allows the operator to begin working with auto-guidance/steering for the first time within a five-minute set-up time, making the system easy to work with and the benefits faster to reap. This is the easiest way to start auto-guidance without going into any settings, and suits those looking for a simple system to use that does not require advanced settings. This unique function allows Auto-Guide™ 3000 start-up within 5 minutes to allow even inexperienced drivers to step seamlessly into working with the system after just a few implement and wayline settings.

Section control

When using ISOBUS compatible equipment, you can benefit from the new AEF certified section control function that switches automatically ON/OFF each individual section of sprayers or spreaders. In addition to the increased comfort, you will also achieve important savings on your farm inputs.


AgCommand® is the perfect fleet management and monitoring tool for large businesses, contractors or anybody who needs to keep a close eye on equipment out working – at all times. Part of the Fuse Technologies, it can be fitted to a wide range of equipment to create a comprehensive, universal system.

Operating data is collected automatically, transferred wirelessly and displayed in near real time on a secure webpage – there’s no need to install any special software.