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We have been manufacturing quality aluminium floats since 1990. Each float is designed and manufactured to suit the individual customer’s requirements.

We can supply the floats with a trailer, see the Flat Trailer section for details. We produce floats from 4.9m (16ft) in length, for cattle, sheep or pigs. The Stewart livestock float is an all aluminium, welded design, giving a very strong, durable float. The float sides are made from aluminium sheets pressed for extra strength. These sheets are welded to aluminium box section posts positioned at 1150mm intervals, and are welded to the aluminium treadplate floor all round for easy cleaning. The floats are supplied with internal dividing doors and may be fitted with sheep decks.

The floats are secured to the trailer using four high-tensile securing straps; this system means that the float can be lifted off quickly and easily freeing the trailer for other uses. The floats are of a strong, lightweight design and do not require stands, but instead are placed on level ground when not in use.

The internal dividing doors are made entirely from aluminium. The cattle dividing doors are fabricated using pressed aluminium sheets, and are fitted with a wheel at one end for ease of use. The cattle doors can be positioned along the length of the float using the galvanised pins provided. At the most commonly used positions near the centre of the float the holes are reinforced by means of an aluminium bush with a steel insert, and a stop is provided to prevent the door passing the hole when being pushed shut.

The floats may be fitted with sheep decks; however the sheep float is of a slightly different design to the cattle float so it must be made to accommodate the decks. Cattle floats can not be retrospectively fitted with sheep decks. The sheep decks are all aluminium section decks and store in the float when not in use. The decks are fabricated in two feet sections; each section is constructed of an aluminium box section frame sheeted with aluminium treadplate. Each section of deck stores in the roof without the need to slide the sections from back to front and is held in place with one pin, making the process of decking the float quick and simple. The sheep dividing doors are fabricated using pressed aluminium sheets.

please contact us to discuss your requirements.