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Subsoiler Kverneland CLI

The single-beam subsoiler from Kverneland has all the advantages of the curved tine and can be used in combination.

An oversized beam of 200 x 200 x 10 receives all the tine supports and the front and rear linkages (option). The single-beam concept provides the most robust rational design, allowing an underbeam clearance of 1175mm, to guarantee operation without jamming at depths from 15 to 40cm.

This substantial clearance allows the combination with other tools and the passing of the power take up under the beam.

Depth control wheels are available as option.

The curved tine of the CLI acts by lifting up the soil volume without disrupting the condition of the surface.

The Advantages:

  • High underbeam clearance for optimum operation
  • Curved tines lifting up the soil without producing clods on the surface
  • Shearbolt safety system rocking to the front to avoid soil loosening tines going in the power harrow trough
  • Rear linkage moving up and down to get maximum clearance in work and compact combination in transport
  • Strong one piece main frame to carry heavy drill combinations

Technical Specifications

CLI No. of tines Working width (m) Weight (kg) Power requirement (kW/hp)
4 3.0 800 75/100
6 3.0 1000 100/140
6 4.0 1100 100/140
8 4.0 1300 135/180